Monday, May 30, 2011

Country Ain't Cool!!

Okay I'm more of a city slicker than I realised. hair got butchered. Very not cool. My sister always maintained that only asians know how to cut asian hair...I never thought it made a difference...until today! arghhhh. After several months in the country...ever more and more the messy deadbeat...I NEEDED to get a hair cut(HATE long hair, except I'm keeping it overlong while the weather stays so freezing).

LOL I think it's hilarious that I even care...but seriously, it's pretty shocking. I guess I'll wait 6-8 weeks and then brave the city to go get it fixed. Lesson learnt: need an asian to cut my hair! I wonder how I will ever live rural rural where asian hairdressers don't exist at this rate?

Apart from that I am still getting over having to buy generic clothes at generic places where they don't even carry my size. So maybe I'm a bit of a city girl after all...well at least I prefer one quality sort of designer piece to many cheap generic pieces that everyone else has!

How embarrassing...I never knew I had any higher maintenance city girl in me...until my hair got butchered...oh well that's what ponytails are good for- hiding really bad hair!!! LOL

ick...Vanity. I guess 30 is the magic age for it to hit if it's going to hit at all! >.<

laugh HO, that's what I'm here for ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to Spatial Progression :)

Often when caught in times of STASIS I look around and wonder how others seem to make so much PROGRESS. They start at Point A and travel nicely along Point B, C, D, E, F, G....etc occasionally they might do something a bit exciting and skip H and I altogether while getting to K, but it's still incredibly neat...

Me however, it's like a tangled and chaotic web: I guess like everyone I started at Point A (Birth) but after B through E it all got a bit confused...I seemed to skip to Point M then back to C then onto W (a point most people only experience decades on)...anyway now I seem stuck back to D: WHY IS THAT?

Then I realise, while most people are making neat linear progress...although it seems like stasis at Point D for the umpteenth return trip, there's a reason...there's always a reason for everything that happens :)

I finally worked it multiple visits to Point D amount to what is essentially SPATIAL progress...while everybody is travelling along nicely through M/N/O I am incredibly privileged to be peeking behind the hidden doors that few notice at point D: that is Point D squared, D cubed and whatever you call D to the is my inner numbers nerd that never peeped its head finally making a fashionable appearance?

So my concluding thoughts on this particular topic, wow. Exploring D squared and D cubed etc are a privilege that only few are made aware of...

MY life has never been and is NEVER boring!!!

Welcome to Spatial Progression :)

The Root of Greed?

A certain incident got me wondering...from where does greed stem? At first I thought it's a result of life experience eg people who had to struggle to survive and make ends meet can leave a residue of a greedy and grabbing disposition.

But then again, you have VERY rich people who perhaps if not greedy can be incredibly selfish and stingy...which doesn't make sense again!

So to conclude this circular wondering...I have no idea from where GREED stems from...perhaps it has nothing to do with social economic backgrounds as opposed to INSECURITY. Yup I think that's the root of it mostly. Great, I love writing and thinking to myself, things that were not apparent until I physically wrote them out suddenly resolve themselves without me needing to ask anybody-yay! LOL

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Personal Taxi Driver?

So I met this wonderfully exotic Saudi Arabian cabbie about my age tonight, also new in town....he gave me his direct contact so I could have him as my regular cabbie if I want, which is kinda convenient now that I need to use one quite a bit...(I gave up on the idea of driving and have worked through my paranoia about taking cabs...but only cos I'm not in the big city...)

Too bad the exotic multicultured dude SMOKES...why must people SMOKE!? Grrrrr...

Smokers are non negotiables for me. I don't care how cool the person is, I won't associate with a smoker, not even if you paid me, and not even if I could really use a local friend let alone a friend anywhere in my own decade.

Smokers are more disgusting than the scum you find on keyboards at public libraries...

LOL people are so polite these days that it's so boring and dishonest. Which is why I still air my too honest blatant opinions on's almost cruel to subject people to really boring reading otherwise which being P.C and overly polite often makes for...

But I guess being polite and holding back criticism and too much honesty is how you can win popularity contests...for me though with my aspie tendencies...I only really care when it's regarding aside-my latest revelation- before you couldn't separate ME from WHAT I DID. My profession= my identity. Now that I have no it's an interesting time finding an identity(!!!) I guess I like the freedom of it being open... I'm trying to figure out how to mould this formless lump of clay...

Friday, May 27, 2011

City Life...Oh the TRAUMA.

So like a piece of lichen stuck to a rock my better self yanked me from my sanctuary confines to a necessary appointment in the big per usual it didn't disappoint on the *gross* (absolument!) front...

My bus ride in the city was absolutely chockers packed in like sardines bathed in a sea of non stop activity of wireless devices so that I could feel myself burning up. As it crawled along I was so uncomfortable I got off as distant as time could afford and walked the remaining four stops to my destination. Not to be outdone, my bus ride from that destination: as soon as I sat down a pile of pink projectile puke was emitted from a child's cough and thank goodness for my nervy reflexes that I managed to whisk my feet to the side just in the time...the loud bang alerted the driver to the fact a kid had just vomited on the bus (to their credit, the mother and friend did a great job of cleaning up after the mess)...In any case with nothing around but peak gridlock there was nothing to be done but be bathed in projectile pink vomit germs for the next 15 minutes...

On the next bus I found myself thinking "God, why must people ALWAYS sit next to me, even when there are SPARE seats to be found?" I kind of felt a sense of how every single tradesperson etc seems to need to GO in MY bathroom...I'm starting to think it's cos I must give a sense of being clean and hygenic and not offputting enough...maybe I need to get some tatts, a bad smell and a scary face full of piercings? Just once I'd love to be able to go for an empty corner of ANYWHERE and not have ANYBODY have to want to share that space...uninvited.

At the train station I found myself really needing to pee...there was nothing to be done I had to I lined up in yet another ridiculous sized queue I had a bad was the front of the queue a door opened-the toilet I was supposed to go to since I was next...the oversized lady came out with a shamed look on her face...this can't be good I remember thinking to myself...but I had to go as it was my turn in the queue... As soon as I entered the cubicle a putrid smell met me...and the cover of the seat had been turned to hide what lay inside...I flushed the toilet as a preventative no avail...a big stinking fresh POO stuck to the side greeted me on opening sesame-arghhh!!!...I glanced outside watching the next girl in the queue go to another much cleaner (I suspected) cubicle...another glance at the long queue and I was just like Steel your nerves and just I did but spent extra long washing my hands with a heck of a lot of soap and warm water.

What did I conclude by the end of the time in the city? THE CITY is a bloody disgusting HEALTH HAZARD! No wonder I got soooo sick.

In any case I was SOOOOOO FILLED WITH GRATITUDE when I saw my usual bus in my nice clean FRESH smelling town, and the cheery hot regular bus driver, the spick and span shining gleaming bus with ample seats and with no offensive odours...

I love being a country bumpkin. I'll say it again...I can never. ever ever EVER. live in a big city AGAIN. ...ick!
...ick! ...ick!

THE END(...lots of LAUNDRY to do tomorrow!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well I AM a Water Girl after all ;)

I saw WATER FOR ELEPHANTS tonight...and I think, my old age...I'm getting mushier and more sentimental. I especially really have a heart for animals these days...(but not dogs, I am so getting over my love affair with dogs- they seriously don't chain them up in this area and they are terrifying monsters!)

In any case another interesting development is that I am SO OVER my Venus in Aquarius obsession...I'm even over fire signs...yup I think this girl has grown up and out of OPPOSITES ATTRACT. These days I finally see my fellow water signs for the absolutely thoughtful, darling, kind, giving, compassionate, sensitive and caring, intuitive and understanding beings that they are...FINALLY I am in touch with what traditional astrological wisdom has always said!

I'm going to get THE CAT tomorrow...any name suggestions? LOL, some times love really is at first sight...I just need that cat!

The Jehovah's Witness that knocked on my door came AGAIN this time showing up with reinforcements...luckily it is easy for me to be blunt...I just said "LOOK I REALLY DON'T CARE" and I didn't even feel a tad rude or guilty about it, I love it, I love my aspie tendencies :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it Sad to buy yourself Soft Toys?

LOL I saw this on the weekend and maybe cos my nickname is "Cat" I don't know I really liked it...and there is something kooky-quirky about this cat...maybe cos it is a doorstop and not really a soft toy per se...So anyway I managed to walk out the store without it but I'm thinking it would be right at home on my sofa...

1. It is sad to buy yourself soft toys?
2. Are you ever too old to justify buying yourself a soft toy?

LOL...I think I want...need it. For whatever reason, I really like Cats at the moment(ironically I am actually allergic to them!) Maybe it is the first stage of my b'day twin's foresight..."you're going to turn into a crazy cat lady!" heheheheh

Thursday, May 19, 2011


...I ever bothered with people my own age...I guess it was cos it was a non negotiable compulsory burden of having to go to school where there are grades. Not sure whether it's a case of Grew Up or Just Grew Old especially in the past year...I've reached a point where there is just absolutely no meaningful overlap I have with any normal typical person of my age vintage...yet with the 15-20 years and up...Bingo!*Natural resonance*...and it's happened so many times now over and over for such a protracted period I've realised it's not just a lucky strike...I've discovered that part of society where I should really belong cos my thoughts my values my interests gel with this generation... Yup I was meant to grow up during the Hippie era...

..."Modern Civilised Society" is so F*ck*n Crazy...Having children is now treated like some kind of rightful entitlement where you can just place your order like fast food, but for a bit more dosh...I'm referring to the rise and rise of artificial birth, most worryingly by single women who decided they can't find a man but they want a kid...someone I know recently confided in me that she'd asked a friend to be a sperm donor...has our generation REALLY got so cynical and jaded that we're prepared to rear a whole generation of test tube babie who have not the luxury of ever knowing two parents? I don't know about you, but my opinionated opinion is that in all our power obsessed material wealth my crazy generation has gotten a bit out of hand thinking how much they can buy...and to be honest...I think it's completely selfish...Okay I'm also ranting about this cos a friend said to me that when he gets back he wants kids and if I'm desperate to give him a yell...he wants two kids 1 girl 1 duh. This mentality and approach to unnatural reproduction just disgusts me...well I did say that I was meant to be born a Hippie!!! And just to let you know I STILL feel absolutely no sense of clucky...I actually feel sorry for kids being brought into the society I live in as it stands today.

...I go absolutely NUTS whenever there is a Big Cheese a.k.a Full Moon...
I was wondering why everything felt so WEIRD more so than a usual Full Moon...and then I was chuffed to find out the Full Moon was in Scorpio a Scorpio I guess I must have been a lot more affected than usual...but really so many strange things happened last night, particularly had issues with normally genial dogs barking and acting very aggressively and wanting to make zhen mince...last night was an extreme mixture of scary-creepy...and I literally felt a huge sense of relief when it ticked over into the wee hours of today.

...It's News when...
My most famous birthday twin, Delta Goodrem, made the front page of our newspapers the other day just because she was seen holding hands with an 18 year old...I pity myself when I live in a country and culture where something SO TRIVIAL is considered "news". At the same time though, it made me grin cos as much as I like much OLDER people and find my own generation incredibly grating and exasperating to my psyche, I DO agree with her... I really like that much younger generation that starts at 8 years my junior too- they are pretty cool... Hiya Robe :) Hiya 007! :D

So anyway it's really quite an exciting new era for me on so many fronts... I had another big major life revelation which many would find shocking...but we'll see what happens...and where God leads me :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surreal Sunday

It's been a really tiring couple of weeks. So I was so grateful today to just take a lazy Sunday...cos literally I was too tired to prioritise anything more chore-ish(despite having the best intentions to...sheesh takes a while to lose that city- slicker- deadlines -are -biting- you- on-the -butt mentality!)

So's been a bit surreal this afternoon and the past day or so...I remember thinking yesterday that the last few months/year have been so extraordinary that they would warrant not just a very interesting novella but a full blown novel! And that maybe I could/should write one...

Oh well perfect surrounds to be a writer I in a nature reserve is such a paradise- there are so many exotic looking birds which I have no idea what the names of favourite of course is a kooky-quirky looking one that has taupe wings a black top of head a bright yellow beak, a slightly disproportionate body and a white breast. I think it dives for fish but I couldn't be sure. (If anyone can identify likely candidates based on that description I would be grateful...)

People are also so friendly...with my ingrained city slicker conditioning it still takes me rather aback when people all around offer friendly greetings as you walk by...the good thing is they aren't pushy and in your face about it (especially when my response is timid and restrained at best)!...Although I have to admit a very athletic and friendly dog did bound over a 1 metre high fence to stick it's head up at me in greeting appearing out of nowehere which just left me speechless and in shock for quite a protracted few seconds!

It also occurred to me that if I had a very rich friend, the easiest and quickest way to viisit me would be by aquaplane...I don't think you'd have to prebook a landing or anything...but yeah that thought was pretty surreal!

Apart from that an amusing excerpt of conversation yesterday:

somewhat random stranger: "you're such an interesting person, I could talk to you for hours!"
me: "yeah I get that alot...."

"...I have to have SOMETHING going for me!!!"

*chuckles all round*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zhen Makes A MESS.

LOL that title reminds me of one of those Mr Men kid's storybook series...I reckon I should start my OWN series...LOL *Narcissism*! hahahaha

So anyway, THIS is what I am talking about....


So how did I get myself into such a MESSY predicament? WELL. If you know me super duper well you will know that my very favourite food EVER is Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!! ^^ ^^ ^^

Like seriously, I love Pies so much I have in fact even been called "Pie" as an alternative name(!)

So ANYWAY. What happens is that these past few years I managed to get through Winter cos I had two friends in town that would make me Pies however one has since deserted to Africa and the other the UK. So that left me Cold & PIE-less!!! Which meant I needed to take matters into my own two hands!!...*shakes head sadly*

Ah what the heck, for PIE it's WORTH IT! But Boy did I exert so much energy having to make and clean up after the Pie can you blame that I almost ate the entire dish all by myself?? To be perfectly honest I am used to being waited on hand and foot- TB usually makes the entire pie let's me eat more of it and cleans up afterward, all the while while I just sit there curled in a couch sipping tea or muching chocolates... Yep, I don't mind Men waiting on me like royalty...LOL..feminist "independent and capable" is sooo passe! ;)

Anyway back to the important part...the Pie specifications...
Cos I was feeling a bit lazy I made an Organic Pizza/Pasta Sauce pie...with beef mince, onion, carrots and quinoa(all beef is just too heavy), baby corn and peas, and potato and pumpkin mash....covered with a butter puff pastry top...YUUUUUUM!!! :D...however being lazy I would usually wrap the entire thing in a a kind of pillow case-but seeing as it's butter pastry I thought I should keep it to a single I just used a ceramic dish and stuck a sheet over the top- who knew it would get SO SO STUCK and MESSY! Never again...It's not so fun when there's no TB or L to clean up after funny they are both Venus in Cancers...if you want someone who loves to cook for you and look after you I highly recommend a Venus in Cancer-I've had four cook and clean for me in total so trust me on this one :)

Apart from that I had a great time chatting with a 44yo man I met today. LOL I'm starting to work up some impressive numbers with this pattern here- is the universe trying to tell me something? Like maybe they are the people I most naturally get along with and relate to without even trying? LOL

Anyway I felt a bit guilty at the elitism that is starting to creep in to my psyche...I can't get myself to associate with people my own age-basically unless they have gained maturity through being married or having kids or some other traumatic life experience (LOL) I can't help but think of them as little children that are a waste of effort to talk an annoying little sister or brother. Basically after all the many random people I have talked to I worked out that never married childless boys do not become men until say about the age of FORTY on average. Women are kind of's cos of this generation of Extended Adolescents...anyway I need to work up the nerve to try and get along with someone-anyone within 10 years of my own age. I think I'm making myself just cos it seems so undo-able LOL! P.S Nine+ years still qualifies! ;)

Oh and these are the two sets of cheapo uggs that I add to my ever burgeoninig but TOTALLY practically necessary shoe collection! :D

And one final confession...I'm kind of addicted to GREEN&BLACKS organic dark 60% chocolate with organic crystallized it did cross my mind that maybe I should be a chococlate reviewer and get companies to send me free samples LOL...and that No H.O, unfortunately the bar just reviewed CANNOT be sent in the post and irradiated- that would just be doing it total injustice...I'm pretty sure you can get it in the states though...or else you'll just have to visit Down Under when the Munchkins are old enough...LOL

Succumbing to DAG(dom)!

So I caved.

Although I think UGGS are the most daggy looking shoes that should not be worn around in public after CROCS...I finally gave in to practicality...well at least I bought two pairs of dirt cheap ones...and considering wearing them around out in public(at least locally) cos it is just SO.DAMN.COLD!

Anyway to make the offensive look less offensive in my mind...I realised DAG can also stand for D.A.G=Deadly Attractive Girl! hahahahahah...

I'd post a pic of the offending footwear but I'm too lazy...

Still. So. Busy. And VERY TIRED :P

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrown in the Towel

I've TRIED tried TRIED so. so. HARD to get. along. with. and relate. to. and LIKE the local monocultured aussies in my age vicinity but it's like dead in the water -a sinking anchor everytime of IMPOSSIBLE TO RELATE-there is a total lack of understanding on both sides.

So I've thrown in the towel and only bothering to invest in the rare-as-hen's-teeth-here Real Europeans from Europe now (even if they always do go home and leave)'s still so much more rewarding- I actually feel like as a species they hail from my same's a really fantastic sense of not feel like such an alien in this country! And for CONVERSATION to just flow...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Woah, woah, woooah...arghhhhhhhhh!!!

*....sounds of a zhen trying to ride a bike*


(like the asian face? yeah asians are cuties ;)

It's raining again though I guess I'll get to try in another two weeks :p or so!

On another note of daily highlights I heard an exciting sizzle nearby much like a sausage on the barbie for the first time today...

t'was my hair burning...

wow what an efficient way to shorten one's hair! ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brantdner? Yes Please!

My mum was pretty hip and fashionable in her time. (Yeah well so would I be if I personally had my clothes designed by me and made by a tailor!) LOL but no mum's coolest thing in her later years has been to get me into watching INSPECTOR REX.

My German friend keeps telling me everytime I whinge of living in an uncivilised cultural vacuum to
"Come Live in Germany!"

My latest response was along the lines of "Find & send over a Brandtner then we'll see". LOL!

I also looooove the Rex dog(s) in that particular series!!

So anyway since I made my Please Santa, Send me a German post, lo and behold in my daily business I actually found a bonafide one so I've enjoyed the non brain dead chats! Not only that but a Bonafide Dutch too- what a relief from the locals(except my neighbour-my neighbour is cooool)! I looooove REAL Europeans, conversations with Europeans keep me sane cos they remind me that humans yield from my same galaxy...having said that I'm still optimistically hoping to find a cool local apart from my neighbour...

Apart from the excitement of having had two REAL & Australian based Europeans to talk to, I'm completely bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am in the morning and felt awake all night-Yikes! I guess that's what you get when you consume 7 X 63% dark chocolate covered Macadamias right before bed...Practitioners don't always practise what they advise patients....shhhhh!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Grown Up!!!

WOW. It makes me feel about a hundred years old when I heard one of my highschool contemporaries is actually engaged. This is the girl who was so immature that she would bounce me insinuatingly obvious looks whenever I was in even vague near proximity of an XY chromosome pair. Any Male/female relations were always such a big deal...well I did attend an all girls school, but still!!

So anyway! I really do feel about a hundred years old when I see people I found so childish and babyish finally progressed to being a bit more grown up- for me it feels like 4 lifetimes ago already LOL! No wonder I can't relate to people my age especially with people from my typically professional career ambitious backgrounds...cos stuff like that doesn't help you get any more mature but MARRIAGE and MARRIED LIFE (& BABIES) sure does!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Having spent the last few months with foreigners and increasingly intense exposure to much older generations, it's a serious culture shock to be exposed to the local lacking in manners...What uncivilised DEROS...Sheesh!

A bit of respect, courtesy and consideration, properly formed words and sentences without the use of swearing wouldn't go astray...who knew I'd become so prim and proper in my old age...but SERIOUSLY...standards could definitely be lifted!!!

Interactions with local youth and I think...geez didn't your mother bring you up any better? What do they TEACH you in school these days? LOL am I starting to sound like an out of date Grandma yet? LOL well I don't get that nickname for nothing! ;)

Culture and refinement here are non-existent, but hey, I like the kookaburras...-so pudgy and fluffy and cheeky, very very cute :) sorry too lazy to take a pic to post. There's a couple that sit and watch the world go by on my neighbour's laundry line. I enjoy sneak peeking at them through the chink in the curtain in my window :)

Thanks God :)

So I put out the distress call in the Please Santa Post just under 2 days ago...

And it's always amazing how God delivers :D

In that short time period it's pretty impressive what he managed to rustle up for me without seemingly a whole lot of effort on my part!...

2 New Actual Introvert^^ Connections E.g relate, share interests and have an understanding and dynamic beyond the "hi how are you, yeah I'm cold too" verbal diarrhoea.

A new Christian penpal I can relate to.

1 Very old friend- my best friend from year 9 who has been lost in an exotic country for the last 5 years just contacted me out of the blue!

A postcard from my German friend- actually apart from the exotic handwriting the part I got really excited about was P.P.S Probiotics seem to Work!!! (LOL once a health practitioner, always one...)

And of course my usual stable of loyal online friends from the wrong hemisphere :P

yup, although I rant and rave about my isolated predicament in the wrong country and culture, I have some pretty good company around, even if they are rather remote! ^^

Now maybe I should just put in some prayers about all those Swiss Alpine issues I referred to!

An aside, I just got a brand spanking new TV....OMG...LOOOove!!! don't blame me if I never want to leave the house again...right now though it's been hard to find enough time to sit through an entire show(!) Can't wait to test out those foreign subtitled films on the BIG more eye strain-woooo!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


God, Me, Rocks, Germans, INTJs, Virgos, Family...

Just a few of my favourite things :)

In the Swiss Alps...

I feel like I'm surrounded by very tall&towering icey snowcapped mountains all around all hissing at me to be conquered....Stress! My instinct is to dig an icecave and roll up and go to sleep until someone finds me and drags me out...and finds a whole heap of empty chocolate bar wrappers left behind...LOL

I can't wait to look back to see the view after I've climbed all those mountains...going to take TIME though!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Please Santa...

Send me a German for Christmas! :)
Send me a German for Christmas! :)
Send me a German for Christmas! :)

Or send some of my old Aussie friends BACK from the wrong hemisphere already! Pleeeeease...

p.s you notice I didn't ask God...cos I know God delivers and boy do I never know what I really want or what is really good for me, lol!

While I'm at it, Santa, please send my blogger friend and b'day twin James a hot Swedish boy! ;)

Seemingly futile sense of accomplishment :P

So I've gotten real HIGHS from being so self sufficient and being able to do handy country bumpkin-esque things for myself and learning about such things which I and my entire social circle as typically desk professionals know ZILCH about and have no talent for...

In any case everytime I achieve something it seems like the next day I'm at square one again with a new insurmountable "handy" challenge-arghhhhhh! It's almost like that company HIRE A HUBBY was made for me!!! I guess that's what you get when you were born petite and fragile with uncoordinated fingers and toes! It's so amazing what tradey types can do-my neighbour was just showing me a steam train he built entirely from scratch wheels and all-wwwwwooooowwww.

Anyway I think the initial lesson of moving to a town I know noone in was: learn to be independent and self sufficient, and now the lesson has evolved to be a reminder that one still needs other the moral at the end of the day is, as always...BALANCE!!!

Of course though if I was filthy rich I would just get a personal assistant and could employ people to do all the most basic of things for me...maybe that should be an aspiration, a useful if not shallow one...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dead Weights

I feel like possibly the first 29 years of my life I was like a lone sailor in a small dinghy that just kept on taking in water until it finally capsized. In 2011 I feel like the dinghy righted itself and I've been scooping out the water with a little bucket. In short I really feel a bit like I'm now in a big balloon basket and I keep flying higher and higher the more and more little dead weights I drop down below into eternal nothingness^^!

So I've never really known what it's like to all be about ME (in practice, cos talk alone is cheap) since last week I started indulging my very favourite personal activities...I saw an arthouse film INCENDIES which was excellent, or felt extremely good probably cos I haven't had any access to any non mainstream culture for a good 4 months or so, was surprised at how much joy I derived from such a simple activity. Today I was sitting at my favourite ocean pool licking gelato...watching the HUGE waves pound two local lads and for some reason like a small child so easily amused I couldn't stop giggling even though I knew what was going to happen again and again...and it was quite addictive I was sitting there at least a half hour eyes glued...I just didn't get sick of them get up to standing to be hit by a pounding wave so hard that they either fell or had to dive in to prevent injury...this cycle repeated many many times...maybe I found it so funny because it reminded me of a three stooge or abbott&costello comedy like...they just don't learn!!! (and hence keep suffering physical hurt)...But actually, they were just having their version of FUN!

Oh well I got plenty of laughs, all in all another very enjoyable ME time indulgence :)

p.s I just had to dedicate this song to people my age in the city LOL, it's a great song!!! :)