Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ye of Little Faith: On True Friends

Having undergone so many scintillating trials and tribulations proportionate to my years worthy of a trash serial equivalent of a mystery novella, I realize this is probably why I have retained so few friends…Troubles are THE best “test” for whether a friend is real - a keeper or not- sorts the wheat from the chaff…and at the end of the day what I find is that most of your “friends” will dissolve into oblivion as soon as there is any sign of trouble to them by association because suddenly you are no longer in any position to be the entertaining arm accessory, impressive conversation piece or refreshing zing to a party.

What I find most “friends” fall into is that of those people who like you as “social padding” eg: you equal social glorification eg the more people to attend farewell drinks or birthday parties the better they look. The more people to validate them with internet postings the better they look. The more “cool” people they are connected to the better they look. All about “face”:rather like why Facebook has made it big- at the end of the day most people only care for most others as much as it validates their own existence on stage, something which seems so shallow and ingenuine and self-centred, none of which are qualities I dignify.

Real friends stand by you through thick and thin:

They are the ones to cry with you when you cry. To give you an arm to lean on when you hobble around.

They have your best interests at heart and are not armed with sus ulterior motives. (Yes there are two other famous categories of friend I seem to encounter: the one that you are “useful” to and as soon as you stop being useful there ends the “friendship” or the one who just wants to get down your pants and bails as soon as they realize that road’s a dead end).

Real friends are the first to respond and volunteer help whether it be needing an ear vent in the midst of crisis, dirty hard labour on moving day, meal deliveries when you are sick or ensuring you shelter when you have no place to go.

Fake friends typically remember to get in touch once or twice a year typically on their birthdays, their farewell drinks or their weddings. These are the people I dump without regret and am grateful for the wasted space in my life that I can claim back for more worthwhile endeavours. Maybe I am idealistic and I have too high expectations but at the end of the day I stand my ground:

I have no time of day for fake or lesser friends – they don’t deserve friends as good as me.

It never ceases to surprise how selfish and thoughtless of others the average person is. Which is probably why I’m starting to really appreciate people of faith and religion. At least on the whole we are a bunch of people who still nurture and practice values which makes us much more decent human beings.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wacky Murakami

I've been engaging in light hearted and trivial, banal conversation on the rare occasion I am up to it-it's a welcome distraction and alternative right now. Supplemented this withmuch needed mental stimulation(there is only so much TV one can take before their brain starts to feel like mush!) from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. It's a pretty wacky and totally inventive original storyline- I think that is what I resonate most with the Japanese- they sure are eccentric and bizarre and original. I think this is something Murakami in particular does well. I can see though why alot of people probably can't stand his writing either. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend and tell me about it so I can have exciting times vicariously!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paston is my Hero!!!

I'm not well enough for long winded revelations so I'll keep it at that. Who is Paston? Why the NZ goalie of course! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Refining my Alien Look

LOL talk about the consquences of having so much idle time in daily life! This is something so damn foreign to me- I actually found myself getting Bored! On the upside though I notice so much difference in the mirror having moved back to clean air, actually having slept etc etc- I could barely recognise myself as the same face!

So anyway what does one do with so much idle time in daily life and no agenda?

To celebrate the alien-ness of this situation I got working on my neglected eyebrows...(yep, I wasn't exaggerating when I used the "B" word)...I figured my eyes are pretty wideset and I've heard your eyebrows should line up with your eyes so I tried to neaten the borders so they lined up...

cool the wide set alien look is a nice addition to the already "alien" pointy ears -now I just need green face paint! ^^

I remember asking my conventional minded makeup artist friend to make me blue for a fancy dress party. She was a really bad sport though she wouldn't do it because it made HER feel too uncomfortable vicariously to not have "pretty girl" makeup! Why do people have to be so boring?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mad about Football!

One upside of being sick is you have the liberty to watch a lot of TV and just my luck...it's WORLD CUP TIME!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^

Truly in life one of my favourite events of all time is The World Cup. I could seriously just watch football matches for all my waking hours- it is truly addictive. Actually four years ago I also got grounded in a big way- falling down a manhole after waking up at 4am to watch that legendary Australia V Italy match.

In any case just one rant: This year's world cup football is truly the UGLIEST damn thing I ever saw. I don't understand why for such a truly huge global event they could let such an ugly designed ball through!!! Oops I guess that is my superficial libra bits talking ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ooh I guess I should be excited?

"Invariably, Ms Cheery, a sudden disappointment, a bit of "bad" news, or a flock of butterflies gathering in your stomach, are all omens that a fabulous adventure is fast approaching."

Hehe today's message. Sorry been AWOL but been seriously sick and have to rest. I've accepted with some peace that I have kiss things I had been looking forward to like the three continent globetrot-"ciao". It's funny how life unravels...suddenly all my intricate and ambitious plans etc are on hold indefinitely/not possible but on the upside I guess like the message says, this opens up to new and unexpected surprises which don't always have to be bad I guess.

It looks like there are a few lifestyle changes in store...I am still a little surprised...for one, I was totally unexpecting to still be in this city!

Anyway I firmly believe "everything happens for a reason"...perhaps it's all a Blessing in Disguise! Anyway appreciate your continued prayers. Love, Z

p.s i was scheduled to be with whales and swinging in hammocks this weekend but I guess not- i didn't know whether I'm supposed to call the airline or just not turn up for my flight? eh, suck.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow the last week has been an immense rollercoaster with some serious dips and near heart stoppers and we're not quite off the dangerous bits yet. But in any case I think it's funny that the universe is sending me a clear loud message...first I was offered Corinthians Chapter 13 last night. And then I got this message in my email...

Everyone gets to take as long as they want before waking up to the realization that life, Ms Cheery, is a love game.

and this one too actually...
Be with someone that makes you laugh…

Yep when push comes to shove...that's all that's left really. Okay, no more school of hard knocks please...my heart can't take any more racing and my nerves can't take any more shocks and scares! This chick still has so many pressing responsibilities to attend! But first all I look forward to is a nice looooong sleep with no rude alarms to jolt me into consciousness....swaying in hammocks reading and looking at whales... but damn I have to fill in all the planks of the bridge to get to that point and still not out of the woods yet!

God sent me an Angel of Salvation today and hopefully that's the plug on anymore spilt blood. I feel I need to learn the appropriate prayer of Thanksgiving. Anyone? P.S please keep praying! Not out of woods yet, by any means...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A small confession...

I'm getting by on organic lollipops.

Post the chocoholic phase I have now moved into the new realm of organic fruity lollipops! I just picked up a bag for the first time last night...and I've already eaten though a third of it!

My small confession is that I left the empty stick in the shower(gross I know). Yes, I eat them on all occasions and have no shame to have a stick poking out of my mouth when I'm walking on the street.

I did say I was getting by on lollipops didn't I? Well like you should know by know, I tell it like it is!!!!

I guess I should give them a plug- they're pretty good :) Well at least while my current fad lasts!

I can't wait to get my hands (or tongue) around those Grrrowling Grrrape ones in the Gone Wild Version... okay should stop procrastinating.

Distracting with Trivia

So while lots of "stuff" is brewing, one way to deal is to distract with trivial transiently amusing stuff...and LOTS of it!

So it's been flooding cats and dogs and tornadoes (my pants, socks and shoes are still drenched through from yesterday) recently and it really seems like in the past month alone all the rain that didn't come throughout several drought years has just decided its about time to it paid a visit!

So anyway there really is cause to go invest in a pair of GUMBOOTS...the latest thing here seems to be the advent of Designer Gumboots!

If I didn't think I'd need so much fuel for globetrotting I probably would go out and get a pair...but I think I'd feel self conscious with such standing out attire.

But anyway in true stereotypical Scorpio girl style...a brief look and I might have got something like this:

I think the Humble Gumboot has come a long way!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes I think my life has been so strange...

I should write a book!

I guess that is why they offer you to publish your blog...

I wanted to take a photo of what I noticed in the shower today which was perhaps a quirky little message of hope from the universe but alas no idea where the camera is...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If I was God

...all joy, happiness, suffering and sorrow would be spread evenly amongst everyone.

Reminder to self: Clouds do not always have to be sad.

my thoughts are with you.