Saturday, April 30, 2011

They just think I'm weird...I'm STILL (im)patiently waiting for them to GROW UP!

LOL, who am I talking about? My Generation of course. THE EXTENDED ADOLESCENTS, lol I just came across this term recently and I think it aptly describes my entire generation.

In any case I was telling another old soul type around my age about my make three friends within 5 years of me either side this year goal-project and he didn't even say "Good Luck!" He just very matter of factly stated: "You need a Miracle."

LOL!!! Initially, as the ever hopeful optimist I took this as negative defeatism, however now I start to think maybe he was just being completely, realistically honest(which is most welcome in this era of Neptune in Pisces affliction ;)

So anyway yep. Still a huge chasm I feel with people vaguely my own age but maybe it is my geography since Oz is such a baby and young soul hot pot and the nearest metropolis is the worst offender. Maybe this chasm with my generation will never go away...maybe those NICE, OLD men I seem to meet and get chatting with so often that feel so natural to me, well...maybe in a few years I might consider them LOL...right now though the thought of being a stepmother to humans remotely close in age to me is really quite horrifying...

As my mother recently conceded "you need an OLD man." (if any :-p, her idea is always that women do). She advises 10 years MAX. Around 20 is what seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of true mental compatibility&connection though...but until I grow a few more white hairs, wrinkles and get some extra KGs it still looks terribly SUS being seen alone with them! :p

At the end of the day though, to be quite frank, I really do like my life the way it is right now(although a career again would be really nice too)....

Maybe I will never relate to people my own age? And maybe that's the way it's meant to be. Which is why my life has never EVER been boring!! :)

I can already guess it now-just cos this is how hilarious my life has always been...ironic... I'm going to end up with the complete reverse...a toyboy 10-20 years younger. You saw it here first!!! LOL of course I was just imagining the most amusing outcome...Young things suit my many planets in Libra though *wink*

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More City Slicker Firsts

I was going to hang my washing despite the wet (I didn't have much choice as I am about to run out of essential undergarments and enough warm clothing)...I didn't think to check my fake hot pink Crocs (garden shoes which I would never wear out in public and can't believe people that do)....I ended up stepping on a SLUG which had taken shelter in them for the 2 minutes I had left them my bare feet...a squeal was emitted then a bit of comical hopping around- it took about 10s to recompose including the cracking up at my own pathetic-ness...

What was my revelation with this new First?
BOY do slugs live up the their hype!!! The trail of SLIME still left on my Croc after I had removed the offending invertebrate was seriously gooey...and I had to change shoes. I still have the offending dried slime on the bottom of my foot though...I guess it's all about repeated exposure and time I hope to not take 10s to recover, lol, can't promise I'm not going to squeal like a girl though :P

p.s HO, do you see I am starting to desensitize to Hot Pink? I still am not a fan of baby pink though. One day I may get a bright pink hoodie to match my Crocs LOL slowly but surely I am becoming a Girl, maybe it's all the desensitization from you keeping on sending me all those PINK CARDS! *Sheesh...Good grief Charlie Brown!

p.p.s It's fantastic PIE favourite! Too bad my chief pie makers have left to 1. England and 2. Africa respectively. I guess I'm going to have to bring out the big guns and learn to make them on my rude!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being English...

Q. And how is the weather?

A. cold. cold. cold. WET. WET. WET.

I hate this English weather. Day in Day Out.
...I'm utterly HANGING OUT to do my laundry!

On another note, I am feeling DAMN CIVILISED as of tonight LOL...for example, tonight I cooked dinner IN A KITCHEN, ate at a TABLE sitting ON A CHAIR, then had tea sitting at a LOUNGE with a COFFEE TABLE. Now I am typing AT A DESK and later I will SLEEP ON A BED! LOL, it was fun being a bohemian gypsie dero for...4 months but boy is it a relief to have FURNITURE, APPLIANCES and a bit of all round modern convenience...too bad the weather's been so crap but hey when I have so much luxury indoors it's not so bad after all...I'm looking forward to a TV's been 4 months since I had one! I need to catch up on what ol' Meredith's been up to!!! ;)

Easily Amused, Yet again.

...CHUFFED!!! My little Zhen bits were cracking up and jumping up and down with *excitement* when I read about Black Sheep that could actually sing Ba Ba Black Sheep in Richard Branson's autobiography!

So anyway I tracked down the clip which apparently made it to No4 in the Top 20(if I recall correctly)...Hilarious!! (To Me, Anyway :)


Monday, April 25, 2011


LOL okay maybe the title is more fun than the actual post...cos let's face it without chocolate this flower is fading after a busy day...

so anyway I found myself surrounded by people my age...and I felt myself feeling rather wigged out. Just cos it's so unfamiliar-the squirm factor induced was reminiscent of how I used to feel being around females. Until I spent a GOOD DEAL OF EFFORT over a period of two years learning and trying to understand the fairer sex and how to relate to them...

But seriously people my own age may as well be from another galaxy after my past few months of near exclusive 50s and up associations...if bonafide green faced aliens dropped from the sky I'd probably find I had even more in common with them than people my own age! lol.

So anyway I realised I've got a bit of an "issue" that needs addressing. Enter PROJECT: Make Age appropriate friends! Make a concerted effort to get to know and understand some and hopefully by the end of the year emerge a bit more clued in about typical people my age and with 3 new friends...the limiting criteria 10 years diameter or 5 years either side of me eg must fall in age bracket 25-35 and the tricky twist just for a bit of added IMpossibility, HAS to be a local aussie...not travellers, exotic foreigners...

I have three targets in I just need to wait till I find those rare moments where I feel up to being THAT social...LOL! Should be fun...haha, maybe I will even learn how to be more NORMAL...ha! As they say, fake it until you make it...but do I really want to? :P

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Gift Of Faith

I grew up unaware if there really existed such a thing as “God”. Probably the term God didn’t even enter my conscious mind until perhaps the age of 11 or so when my aunt started going to church or when my brother’s best friend suddenly declared himself a Christian. All I remember was that both events were met with derision and ridicule and a further distancing from such “silliness”. Blindness had been thrust upon me since birth as well as a heart that increasingly became stone. Knowledge was power so therefore if it was any God I grew up with, it was Knowledge. Fallacies typical of being a child of struggling migrants were drummed into my head such as “if you work hard, good things will come to you”, and the most educated humans were the ones to look up to since they knew best about everything and hence were revered with an admiration fit for divinity.

For me growing up, my idea of God was just a nice fuzzy ideal that people with no thinking brains imagined for themselves so they could live in a happy fantasy world that was always rosey. A few attempts to bring me out of the darkness met with a closed, rigid “scientific” mind with more questions than could be answered, ready to dig a hole in everything, always ready to apply that "trusty" human rationale. A Big Ego, Arrogance, the only way I’d ever seen to be….your parents and people further up the food chain were your role models- the absolute authority and hierarchy- what they said you must do, all their truths became your truths…to question was insolence, obedience was a matter of respect…I was the last person to want to cause or be able to tolerate conflict.

Possibly three major life crises passed and I was none the wiser…my rock was my family. Exploration of various religions courtesy of a curious mind and an insatiable appetite to know more and more including some intriguing and respectful participation in dubious rituals was an interesting cultural appreciation and awareness expansion…more sweet mind candy –yum!

It had to be something BIG & relentless to open my eyes and wake me from my complacent slumber, and keep me awake long enough to acknowledge and recognize that perhaps these irrational and “wishy washy” faith believer type people sparsely dotted around me really were onto something…

It came in the form of 2010 – the Big Daddy of Annus Horribilis-es!

It started with crisis after crisis until I reached the end of my and everyone else’s resources…then, a sincere request. And like He says: those who seek, they find…

Spiritual warfare broke out as soon as the suspicion of there being just one true God & not some ambiguous overarching governor of the universe like my new age roots had endowed me with dawned …the praying started in earnest: friends, family, me...even all night 10 nights in a row-exhaustion-not giving in as would have seemed the easiest way out. The silencing crescendo came and peaked when Jesus came to me in a dream...touched me and I felt instantly spiritually healed to the point I woke up and felt it even in the conscious flesh and was left with 100% conviction along with a single spoken sentence from the figure in the dream that had touched me "I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life"(pretty amazing for a non church goer who had barely opened a bible!): I finally HAD and finally UNDERSTOOD “faith”, that it was NOT religion and true faith involved a relationship with God, and that intellectual debates were completely irrelevant…Ever since then every day has been an amazing journey!

This Easter I’ve come full circle and I finally have the complete gift of 100% faith, with the revelation that God is No1. And everything and everybody else comes second!!!

That’s all…not my best piece of writing by any means, but you get the picture!

Happy Easter :)

HAPPY EASTER! With...Orgasmic Chocolate...

OMG HO this stuff is soooo goood...thank you :DDD!!! I had to take pictures: (too bad they're all overexposed cos I forgot to adjust the setting).

Chocomail by Chocolove courtesy of HO...

Freeze Dried Raspberries in Belgian 55% cocoa dark chocolate...Read it and WEEP! (if you don't have any now)

I think the Americans had to radiate the chocolate as part of their counterterrorism measures...either that or BOY is it HOT in Utah!!! ;)

The Perfect Chocolate Bar into a Girl's Heart...Complete with (Cheesey) Love Poem, LOL!!

Oh I was going to stick these on your envelope HO but in between where I was and your envelope I passed my worn nature themed lime green water that is where they ended up ;)


I think the older I get the more wacky I come across to normal society. Perhaps cos I am more self-assured and confident as an adult so reserve less of it, or maybe I take joy in subversion of norms and entertainmment from causing shock *evil grin*

The weirdest part though is that perhaps I am taking my parents to the dark side with me...strangely after thinking for the most part of my life that I am utterly insane, they're actually starting to believe in alot of the unusual stuff I maintain...probably cos there is only so much as ongoing coincidence, but also cos alot of the weirder things I maintain...some "new discovery" comes along to add weight to some of the things I've observed and maintained all along. In any case it's always nice to have parental validation :D

P.S yet another of my friends makes for The Big Apple - Best of luck matey and keep in touch, so excited for you Zx :)!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


LOL that one line had me grinning all evening and probably will do for the entire week if not month for that matter! :D

In that one line, that girl who had the GUTS to say what I've been feeling the entire month, lol, totally won my respect and admiration. Of course though I just couldn't yell that in public-just not my style- in my imagination though that one line wouldn't be half as satisfying as what I would REALLY like to do...which is to DAK these losers in public-LOL, who said I wasn't an Aussie! ;)

So anyway to backtrack a bit- I was at the train station when this bleach blonde hair almost down to ass chick in hot pink 3 inch stilettos and ginormous boobs falling out of her top walked past with two friends...right in front of me they passed two local lout boys walking in the opposite direction who obviously gave them some lewd comment...the hot pink chick's friend turned around and said that magic line of which this post gets it's beaut title :)

Like Oprah(?) would say..."You Go Girl!" I thought...hehehehe

After she said that you heard a low oooouch emitted by the lout boys probably thinking "Bitch slap!" Well they deserved it :p There you have it: To the vast majority of the Australian male population between the ages of 25-40, local women across the entire spectrum...from the cultured intellectuals who don't want your attention to the boob popping ones that do: the Message is LOUD AND CLEAR...Go Get some Basic Manners!

So that was very satisfying moment no1, courtesy of a stranger. Second great moment courtesy of a stranger was a little boy I overheard complaining in accordance with the season..."That CHOCOLATE is Giving me a HOT Belly!"...just the way he said it...was sooo funny and pretty cute I admit, LOL.

Had some pretty satisfying and interesting conversations with random peeps today actually...I'm actually not bad at having conversations with randoms I realised ^^, actually quite enjoy these one off chats :)

One chick I randomly started chatting with on the train was really cool and the twist we found out right when we parted was that her family friend was actually my very next door neighbour which was pretty coincidental! Also had great chats with two more old men, eg: above 50. From all the random old men I manage to have encountered in real life the past few months I conclude Pisceans are the Scorpio Girl's Natural-est Soulmate :D however I never ever meet them in my normal social circle...actually I rarely ever meet the TRULY interesting people in my normal social circle, lol....wonder why is that!

The other fun part of my day was visiting an ALDI for just about the first time. Inspired by my German girlfriend who thought it was absolutely scandalous I was not well acquainted with German chocolate, I went on a mission and carefully inspected just about every single German chocolate they had there and bought one product from each different label to try...HAPPY sickeningly sweet Easter to ME! *LOL

Okay that's about all folks, have a great holiday break and don't forget the True significance of the season(And if you have no idea go watch The Passion of The Christ-trust me you CAN'T forget after that(!!!)

God Bless :)

Shit testing

I learnt this term off THE GAME. LOL I realised I do it all the time in such a multitude of ways...basically it is to test people's true character as to whether they are really worth knowing in the long term. 95% of people fail but to the remaining 5% if they are willing to invest near equally they end up with a REALLY GOOD FRIEND. More social types have often wondered why do I self-sabotage by making my net so small from the beginning. To be honest, I really don't have the energy or time, I have high standards, and as a super introvert, Ms Popularity is not my cup of tea anyway...I would rather have a teeny tiny stable of QUALITY Forever Friends...

At the end of the day it's my choice :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Milo & Otis

Sometimes, it's strange WHO and WHAT God gives you a ♡ for!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dehumanization of a Species

So as I'm coming to the tail end of that boy bible THE GAME I reflect on how times have particular noticeable on my recent jaunts through the country with my German friend. This kind of exchange took place at least once each of the times we were together.

Her: Oh my gosh!(or however the Germans express it) I can't believe how RUDE the men here are...don't they have any MANNERS??

Me: Nup. (I said matter of factly, as I HAD given her a heads up, along with some tired qualitative statement about how neither I nor any of my friends are attracted to Australian men, evident that none of us that I can recall has ever dated an Australian born Australian blooded local.)

Her: (some kind of aggravated complaint about how rude Australian men are)
Me: Yep, we're not in Germany, remember?

Lol, it's a sad state of affairs, but I have to say...I really do notice it compared to say 10 years ago. And in light of reading THE GAME I realize it's a cultural phenomenon of "game training" that has happened largely in that time infiltrating us from the states while I was blissfully ignorant of the spiralling degradation of our society by being a married homebody, which may explain why all my close single girlfriends left the country in our early twenties...and never returned.

Definitely there is a real Juvenile Pick Up Artist kind of mentality (let alone cheap hookup culture in our most famous city) about many of the local men here in my age vicinity (which perhaps explains why I exhibit a strange pattern of getting on so well with the fifty somethings and up men but have absolutely no ability to relate with anyone below around 40 bar those few friends I've had since time immemorial...)

Women are seen and treated as sex objects or even animals(yes I have been barked at before :p), there is no basic human respect or interest in meaningful connection, it is all about reaching that end point of being nice enough just to get a number and hopefully get down one's pants. That's seriously as shallow as it has become for many...

No wonder there are an increasing number of single independent women. It's a pretty sick culture and the more I am exposed to it the more even IIIII start to feel a touch misanderly(is that a word)...and I've always been a male lover given that they are that half of the species that I inherently get along with more easily and naturally with. However this abominal behavioru it's just gotten too rampant and deeply entrenched into the psyche...that once amusing seemingly innocuous puerile mentality of the locals is no longer charming but really quite disgraceful when it's permeated our culture so deeply that whole generations of men are now founded on it.

Given the fact that I am permanently based in this country now there is a real possibility of becoming an old spinster which I actually never considered an option before. Compared to what I have seen out here though, it's a preferable one!(Sadly). My b'day twin notes (to my amusement) WELL... at least you've had the diamond ring! (LOL who said we scorpio women couldn't be totally shallow...haha)

It is with some envy from me and to her relief my German girlfriend returns back to her born and bred DECENT German boyfriend and a country where there are still a high percentage of still civilised and courteous men that can connect with females above the bust line.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Absolutely Bawling...

I spent the past three nights absolutely bawling (okay maybe not quite BAWLING- I AM an intj after all)

...watching The Passion of the Christ...I don't usually cry in films! Most intense, horrific and moving film I ever saw...maybe cos I know it's not JUST a film...any novels or films that are based on fact...are just so much more affecting.

Something else funny/noteworthy happened, but it slipped my grandma-ly short term memory...

So much been happening...busy, intense, hectic, exhausted.

I miss my German friend who left yesterday. I think I'm going to have to get Skype.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Damsel in Distress :P

Okay so this morning I woke up to a plethora of "handy" problems and felt completely CITILY STRESSED and out of my depth and OVERWHELMED and underqualified as to how to rectify them as a very small sized city slicker girl with no handy type of knowledge whatsoever...

So I was having a bit of a "Damsel in Distress" moment like...GEEZ I NEED a (HANDY) MAN!

anyway I am so relieved that it was just a fleeting moment of weakness...I managed to fix my handy problem MYSELF ^^(well just one of many but a big one, LOL) anyway yes I am feeling very independent and self-capable again, so THANK GOD FOR THAT!

I hate relying on others, and my Male Ego especially hates relying on MEN!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tall, Dark, Handsome...


About two weeks ago I had a dream about a very good looking dark brown haired male. So I wasn't surprised when some turned up...Thing is I just don't know which one it is yet! Or whether it's one I haven't met yet! LOL

Patience is a Virtue, Z! LOL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Okay maybe I'm biased but...

This is my favourite song for 2011 so far. Have a listen :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Independence and Laughing Inappropriately

Two separate matters but I'm going to conflate them into the one post just cos I am lazy and amidst so much cleaning and organizing I feel like some controlled chaos, lol

So the first thing is who said there can't be order in chaos?


I am feeling *proud* of myself for
1. being able to handle and dispose of bugs and creepy crawlies alone...well so far my limit is something about the diameter of 5cm (more so cockroaches than spiders) anycase, PROGRESS! Less yelping and squealing and jumping too! LOL...GIRRRRRLs *roll eyes*

2. That I managed to work out half of my seemingly complex technological issues and get things working so far...BY NO RELYING ON MEN!!! Wooohoooooo... for the LUDDITE! (how sad though that even luddites need technology to SURVIVE these days and we're so dependent on it in the modern world...)


This used to really bother me cos I thought it meant you lack compassion for other's suffering...WELL now I have joined the crowd! I was sitting on the bus-lol public transport in this city is ALWAYS an adventure (and usually an unpleasant one at that) anyway I was sitting on THE BUS. And the driver had left his CB? Radio on for all to hear but he had meanwhile gone for a there is a panicked page over the radio...a driver has just been attacked- after the operator at head office had ascertained there were no injuries to any on board he asked for the details of the "incident"...can't exactly remember how he described it but in brief it involved the details re an escapade of a drunken lout...the casual terms he used were just sooo hilarious combined with the panicked tone in his anyway the woman down the bus busted first- she just cracked up...and after that I thought "okay I can too" so I let loose and burst out laughing. In any was one of those YOU HAD TO BE THERE moments.

The other two crazy public transport moments that make the top3 and also perhaps illustrate what an uncouth lout country we live in... some guy actually climbed up a pole and on to the top of the bus...bus surfing...then must have climbed down like a monkey after when we reached another pole or transferred to the rooftop of a neighbouring bus! Hmm that must have been FUN if not DANGEROUS and inconsiderate to the surrounding traffic.

Bus adventure no3 would have to be the time some bus driver kept playing that really dramatic da da da dum and then perhaps funeral music...maybe Beethoven and Mozart's requiem? Whatever the case it was really MORBID, morose and sombre- it was just so...out of place that that was another time I was having to try very hard to hold in my laughter...I think I cracked a grin.

Ahh didn't you miss my trivial posts? ;) Yeah I know they're always the more interesting ones...

Anyway enough idle procrastination, this butterfly has to flit!

Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So anyway it's the wee hours and my belly decided it was cold and hungry...So like a good Goldilocks bear I am brewing some porridge- asian style - RICE - of course -yum :)

So in the meantime I shall distract from my impatience to eat with the blog :)

So anyway, at a time when I am just completely overawed :p by the charms and conversation of local men, just wanted to share with you one of the FUNNIEST things I have come across in a long time.

THE GAME is a book that first came to my attention in the tangible world when Toyboy got given it for his birthday last year. In any case this ever psychologist and cheap thrills amusante begged and begged if she could borrow it preempting that it would make for some great laughs. He said "after me" and then promptly left the country, anyway then I forgot about it...

More recently I was in the car driving with my mate and noticed it on the seat. He said he was about half way through- somehow I pestered him enough into lending it to me even though he was only half way through so I that I could read it NOW, lol whoever called me demanding was probably RIGHT heheh

So anyway I haven't had that much time but I have read a couple of chapters...and it's the FUNNIEST most hilarious hysterical stuff! For those who are completely not up with pop culture it's a fascinating insight into the world of the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) complete with strategies and a completely impressively original specialist lexicon for which the book helpfully provides a detailed glossary...

I think between my hermit antisocial lifestyle, the circles I mix in, the fact I don't hang out in groups of GIRLS, the places I AVOID with a vengeance and let's face it the fact that I'm nowhere near that 10 in the looks department- I have never met a Pick up artist- except accident, a born natural...although I think he must have read some of these books despite being born a completely smooth player flirt PUA with an impressive haul of conquests both in quality and quantity... So anyway I'm not sure if it was intentional but I was cracking up when there were a couple of things I recognised as clever openings, LINES and whatnot but to the unassuming "uneducated" ignoramus you would never have known...

In any case I am proud to say even though perhaps the creativity and intelligence behind the strategy is admirable...I am completely PUA resistant. Although I may fall for the charms temporarily, never long enough for them to ever get very much out of me...maybe it's also cos at the end of the day I finally admit I am masculinely-rationally...superficial, lol and the reason PUAs become PUAs is cos they aren't that attractive to start with...I'm also resistant cos as a intuituve empathic- I can see right through people's BS almost instantly, but also cos I'm an unpredictable alien that has a unique skew in almost how I think and what attracts me compared to the average person my age.

I actually recall a conversation with the token PUA I have met about how utterly unattractive I find the locals...But Euros...completely different story! ;)

And he said very matter of factly...something along the lines of well yeah the Europeans are the naturals...the world's GREATEST lovers and wooers... it's part of the culture. And that is the sad truth...PUA communities are just for all the sadly charmless cultures...And the only reason PUAs exist is because they're the more unattractive in society and would be completely like a barren conquestless desert without these fake charms...

So yeah places like here I think have a fairly rich PUA density...however Aussies are lucky they at least have something going for them in the looks department thanks to our great environment and healthy outdoor lifestyles...

My German gf currently touring concedes this as well, but it's the ONLY thing she concedes where her country and continentmen may come off second best in general...

The interesting part is I noticed that this discrimination is not just me...ALL my girlfriends are the same...I don't think any have ever dated a through and through born and bred monocultured Aussie. And what is the underlying theme?

...VERY SMART girls :) It's like *yaaaaawn* after a few minutes of brain dead may-as-well-be--eating-cardboard conversations...

Actually I did that a lot as a kid, and even that was more exciting ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Missing my Euros

Okay this might come across blatantly racist, but I'm really missing Euro company. Bar the white and silver haired ones, Aussies my own age are just the most DULL conversationalists and maybe it's a cultural thing cos even if they aren't DUMB they talk it! I guess it's a learned cultural behaviour cos this makes people like you more here...if you're dumb or at least act it. More so with men, lol.

Outside of academia, it's really hard to find a decent stimulating and satisfying conversation with people anwhere in my age vicinity in Australia...I think we grew up on too much dumb American TV or something so have learnt to communicate in shallow, equally dumb abbreviations rather than actually be able to form comversant and substantial paragraphs of thought.

This is my only gripe withOz. But hey I'm not here for the people, I'm here for the nature! :D

And THANK GOD for the internet- or I'd shrivel up from the diet full of dumb conversations I'm subjected to with the locals...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Love Boat

It seems like everyday lately I get little "presents" :D

Today for example, I discovered a SIX LEAF CLOVER, Butterflies, Flowers and exciting things growing in the compost heap.

I also got...a TAPE MEASURE LOL!!! Yes HO your package finally arrived- ONE WHOLE MONTH geez, not sure whether it's the mail workers on your side or mine but somebody is definitely slacking off!!!

In any case if you have been visiting this blog for some time you might know about the evolving "love" story ;) between me and HO...

So anyway she sends me this package with a bracelet, a TAPE MEASURE cos she wants my wrist measurements and some LOLLIES. So anyway there were three innocent looking Lifesaver Mints...fairly innocuous I surmised...I opened the package to pop one in my mouth.....ewwwwwwwwwww! Worse than medicine- it's not a mint it's some chemical concoction that tastes like a really medicinal version of sarsparilla- VERY FUNNY HO...was so gross I ended up having to spit it out immediately with the end result being a big glob of SPIT on my floor. VERY FUNNY HO!!! I have honestly never tasted anything so disgusting- Shan this thing was like 100x worse than the Chinese herbal surprises I sent you ages ago.

But ANYWAY, all is not lost...cos Z gets the final bat this episode...HO with the slim wrist pride.......

You're fatter than me!!! Your WRIST fits my ANKLE.

Small Asian Girls...Love it :) Til next time my love! ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

The International Contingent

WOoooW how lucky am I! The Universe (God)...probably highly umimpressed with my socially retarded virtual attempts to find local friends is sending me my friends from all the far corners! So exciting!!! THREE friends from THREE separate continents here within the WEEK(!) ...with another from a fourth continent pondering on RELOCATION here! WOW how cool would that be!!!

So anyway...with so many jetsetter friends you can't help but make a few boo boos every now and again- I thought Toyboy was still in the southern hemisphere but ended up waking him up at 4:30am in PARIS! Oops.

Anyway OF COURSE not MY fault lol...told him off for being so sad to leave his phone on through the night during sleep..."SHEESH! All those cute girls can wait till morning y'know??!" HAHA. *LOL

Funny freshie bigtime jetsetters-not being able to send me a postcard from deep dark Africa he sent it to me when he got Couriered Express Post! The dumbest part is that the normal mail is next day delivery I guess that's how silly and clueless people get when they hit the bigtime and do everything through their business via secretaries!

okay I'm just jealous...