Friday, February 11, 2011

A Time for Progress...

Time to move on...when you have outgrown things. How will you know? Repeated bashing of head against the same walls until you initiate change! Lots of exciting changes, wow, so much to digest! Perfectly suited to "Time Outs"! :)

p.s sorry boring post but not in the mood for sharing so much anymore and got lazy with the desire to post.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Apologies for AWOL-ness

But I'm totally settled into "holiday" mode now- eg tending a blog is like a chore...cos I have way more fun and mentally stimulating things I can preoccupy with!

Off the top of my head some fun things I did this week:

I ended up hanging out in a random town where I found a random lawn bowling club having an international tournament so I hung out with the oldies in a very relaxing "club setting" where there was cool Hawaii type hula music playing and I thought I should be sipping a pina colada with a pink umbrella sticking out...I had the big sunhat and dark glasses too, lol...evidenced by the fact that I bumped into someone from many years ago who said he didn't recognise me cos he couldn't even see me behind said hat and dark glasses-LOL! I digress...back to the lawn bowls...of course an old man asked what am I doing in said random town "are you here to visit a boyfriend?" I responded indignantly: "Of course not! I'm here because I LOVE lawn bowls...Duhhhhh." People are too presumptious. How many times have I had love of lawnbowling misunderstandings... :P I swear it is such an ageist past-time LOL!

This morning I hung out in an art gallery...this is the third I've frequented on my trip...I could so do this for a living...I did find myself saying of this particular one though re: the odd piece "I HATE that!" and wondering who the gallery director was and that I'd like to have a word or two with them for several misfires of misdirected(read:wasted) funds! Saw a really good exhibition of something pretty unique but I can't say cos it is so unique that would just pinpoint my location which would be an invasion of privacy on par with the evils of facebook.

A funny moment this week was feeling so idiotic and sheepish that I let out a sheepish grin- which elicited a "you have a lovely face and a lovely character" -HILARIOUS! I know INTJs should smile more's a major social advantage however unfortunately I can only do it when I am embarrassed about being stupid-the sheepish grin, or if I find something so funny I am cracking myself up or laughing at someone! Other than that it's the stern and serious penetrating glare of a scorpio gal with x-ray vision seeing what lies beneath :) with no concern for what you don't want seen ;)

I met some cool peeps this week of note a professional flautist and a ceramic artist- why is it that I only meet cool people's like cool interesting people DO NOT frequently EXIST in my residential big city...Believe me I have TRIED to disprove this FACT :P

I ate a heck of a lot of good icecream and gelato though I DID NOT APPRECIATE having to pay almost $8 for a frickin icecream...boy do I feel poor in this country- I even met an Old Scandinavian man from Finland who agreed...if they with the highest standards of living in the world find it expensive how are us poor local plebs meant to feel??!

Yup I talked to an awful lot of senior citizens this trip, especially old men, lol that's just the segment of society I just seem to get on with, the most exciting of which was a magician who performed levitation and who did a *magic* trick on me which I was totally chuffed when I somehow managed to perform it back on him!

Other than that I'm back by the ocean again, the weather improved significantly, along with my mood...or maybe it's just cos it's the RABBIT year!!! YAY!!! Happy Chinese New Year ^^ Off to do more eating...I think I feel like espanol tonight Mmmm!!!

p.s two pics as a peace offering...a beautiful view (I climbed that damn mountain in 35 degree temperature- more with the heat baking off the bitumen in SLIPPERS! ouch...), this second one was my left over paella - lol how cute is that box it is literally about as big..or rather as my palm!