Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh So Cute.

I really am going...soon.

This just made me chuckle...a final piece of advice from one of my penpals...

"So do not drink too much, not to mention the drug, do not sit on cold ground, and be a good girl :)"

LOL...I love people from small towns- they are so damn cute!

He's not too far off on the drinking thing though- I had such an ass trying to find anywhere to stay while in transit so in the end I'm staying somewhere I get a complimentary whole bottle to gurgle on arrival...Don't worry S, I will not be packing any high heels! *LOL*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Winging it.'s getting pretty close to my departure and I haven't even worked out where I'm going to stay...I have had a brief investigation and the nearest city is pretty heavily booked out! I guess it must coincide with...something.

The only availability over two consecutive days that I've been able to find so far is in pretty high end hotels...I was thinking...hmmm, maybe I should just "spoil" myself...but then I remembered I'm just a student and don't want to compromise other necessities over the trip duration like good food.

In the end though if I get there and there is nothing else...maybe it's going to end up being an unforeseen luxury weekend for me! LOL

In any case this "unknown" factor and last minute "improvising"...I have to's kind of...exciting ;)

So I'm just going to cross my fingers...and toes. That everything all works out well.

I guess I will say toodooloo and tata for a bit...Toodooloo! Tata! ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eeevil Kneeevil.

Hehe...I love observing and studying people- their perceptions, their is an endless source of fascination for me.

There are not many people who know about or follow my blog and as such they know very little about me...

Every once in a while I might "reveal" something that they didn't quite expect since I am the multifaceted complication that I am...

For me it is an endless source of amusement...if it is from someone in the online world the reaction typically takes the form of an email shot back straight away with the first line being a big question ending in ...??!!!!

LOL. Cheap Thrills, but it never ceases to stop amusing me.

I'm pretty busy now doing last minute stuff and my net download is all used up so no ability to entertain any media viewing...sorry artistic creative folks.

Zhen's Law of Floods and Droughts and general irony is back I prepare to leave civilisation of both physical and virtual realms...suddenly there has been a recent upsurge in interesting people cropping up out of nowhere! weird.

anyway, hopefully they'll still be around when I get back. I LOVE Interesting People :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Declutter: Throwing Away Your Past

So, as part of Domestic Goddess week, I'm wading through shiteloads of accumulation.

I had no idea how hard it would be to part with the material manifestations of my past. For me I think sentimentality is much more present in those objects than in my mind...

I think, when you grow up as a poor migrant, your parents drum into your head how "money isn't easy to earn" and "not to be wasteful" and so you are conditioned to distinctly overvalue material objects and thus you end up being a hoarder of EVERYTHING by default...just in case that scrap of paper or scrap of string might come in handy later. It is a terrible affliction but I'm sure anyone who didn't grow up with a silver platter has exactly the same mentality which is incredibly hard to shake.

So anyway as I am faced with the ghosts of my past in their material presence in varying degrees...I'm finding it very confronting to try and dispose of things. *Sigh*...Life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Natal Charts

As part of 'Domestic Goddess' week to prepare my place for workmen to come through while I'm away, I've been tackling some intriguing boxes full of miscellaneous items from a looooong time ago.

I found a blue manila folder containing various collected documents...the most intriguing of which were 3 natal printed charts from high school- one was highly in depth, about 12 pages long...

Back when I was 16-18 I had read through and highlighted all of which I thought was accurate at the time. It was interesting to look at this and note how although most of the description of me was the same, there were some subtle changes-certain things I didn't think I was back then so didn't highlight which I would now and other things back then I thought were accurate but don't think apply now. There was also major predictions which actually ended up happening! eek!

It was so fascinating for myself to be able to study my own personal development through this historical natal report.

The final bit which I thought was pretty amusing was it had the astrology of what my "Ideal Partner" should be like. I was amused to note that absolutely ZILCH corresponded with my ex...well I guess that's exactly why it didn't turn out...

But honestly, I had completely forgotten about these charts at the time. Oh now I'm documenting it so I don't forget about it should the opportunity arise again in the future...

and to remember these "specifications" JUST IN CASE some unique specimen fulfilling these planetary positions should pop up LOL...

Astrology of Z's Ideal Partner

Sun in Sagittarius or Gemini (Don't Know Any!!!)
Moon in Scorpio or Taurus
Venus in Sagittarius or Gemini
Mars in Libra or Aries

Woah, these astro people sure ask for a lot! haha

Tube Tales

okay, so I'm running out of thunder. As other interests consume me and I'm in the home stretch of only a few more days of Sydney to tolerate, I'm actually losing some of my trademark ramble power. And I've been racking my brains trying to think of interesting things to write as part of what I owe HS, Shannon and KB!


Not about Me per se (cos that ain't interesting!) but something quite curious and positively disgusting I did witness for real in real life a couple years back...

I was travelling on a train I can't remember what time it was but it was reasonably empty. There was a mid 40s man in a business suit. After finishing a mobile call he hung up and then proceeded to...

Dig his ear wax out with the antenna(!!) and not stopping at that(!) proceeded to eat that which he had dug off the antenna like a lollipop!....ewwwwwww.

I'm not kidding. That's exactly what happened...I always knew Neanderthals frequented this city!

This has got to be probably THE weirdest thing I've seen a random stranger do ever. In fact it was so weird I submitted it to a film based on people's real life stories on the train: "Tube Tales" but I'm not sure if they used it or not cos I never got to see it! I've entertained you with my story, feed me...What's the weirdest thing you've ever witnessed a random stranger do?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sneaky Secret Business :-P

As it stands I am now in debt 21 'secrets'...cos I've been tagged three times this week to reveal 7 things about myself.

Honestly, I'm not that interesting People! I can't even think of 7 things!!!

Anyway I reserve the right to exempt myself from these memes especially this one cos a) I already reveal alot by virtue of the fact my blog is a personal blog and b) I don't have 7 original blog friends to tag since we're all friends amongst friends :)

I'm sure I'll gradually reveal 21 *exciting* things across multiple posts in good time...haha what an ingenious ploy for you to stay tuned!!

Who's Sneaky?!! hehe ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Return to Civilisation...

I find it ironic that the last time I used that title was on my return to the city...Now my thoughts have flipped "civilisation" I'm referring to my old regional town...I finally went back for the first time in 10 months!

And wow, what a welcome it gave :-D On the way up, I couldn't help but feel sheer inspiration and awe at the beauty and majesty of the natural scenery, even though I'd seen it countless times before.

The weather was perfect, and as I sat contentedly on the waterfront breathing very-much-not-taken-for-granted-clean-air eating fish and chips, a Pelican flapped right down near me to visit close enough so I felt the water spray off its wings. Not only that but my favourite Husband and Wife Duck who used to accompany me on the trail home at dusk also dropped in to visit! I Love Ducks :)

When I was sitting there waiting to leave a Rainbow appeared!

Unfortunately, when I was leaving the city, it was horribly overcast and raining so at the last moment I removed Horace from my bag so sorry no pics :(

Although mentally I knew and remembered people up there to be Niiiiice, it was still quite a shock to actually experience the genuine warmth and friendliness of the locals! I felt a bit strange though to be confronted with such a different world and realised definitely after being in the city for awhile now I'd become more reserved, inhuman and standoffish again. I was taken by surprise when cars actually stopped for me at the zebra crossings, there was actually SPACE and nobody was puffing a ciggy in the vicinity let alone my face!

Being a bit of a hippie town, I managed to stock up on 10(!) more crystals which I haven't seen here in the city...the more interesting ones being Apatite,Coral and Peacock Ore(iridescent rainbow)...sorry too lazy to pic them!

The one I was most drawn to immediately out of the comprehensive collection was definitely the apatite-the colour was just so pretty!

I think if I'm going to be stuck in the city for another 2 years minimum I really need to go up more frequently to save my sanity- it's such a positive vibe and so reenergising and relaxing :-)

Brain Sex...

This is By Far one of the more interesting online tests you can do if you have a spare 20 minutes...

These were my results:
How surprising...I'm just an Average Female after all!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things that make me sad: Monoculturalism

I grew up in Sydney at a wonderful school with great exposure to a diverse mix of cultures - there was nothing but integration, inclusion and acceptance there...well maybe we were also too young and innocent to have much prejudice.

I feel sad that these days I rarely witness this same beautiful vibe.

In my new class this year, a distinct line down the middle separates the people with black hair with the people with any other coloured hair. When I first came to this new class, I had issues...I had NO IDEA which side of the line to sit on! By all superficial aspects, I knew which side of the line I belonged on but I didn't have a whole lot in common with that side of the line. But then again neither did I have too much in common with the other side of the line...after all I'm a Third Culture Kid ;) I was BORN to be a I went for the middle :)

Anyhow, I was organising dinner with some asian friends and looking forward to eating something a bit different...african, spanish I suggested...I was not happy when I got an email back from a very good friend (who was actually born here so by some logic should be less Asian than me!) saying she REFUSED to eat either cuisine(has she even tried it?)...I also felt shocked when another 2 asian friends told me they had never tried Spanish food in their life!!!!!!! It was at this point I felt some serious frustration with how narrow minded and monocultured many people can be...

I don't think there is any way in hell I will EVER understand me there's no attraction- it's just absolutely hands down BORING AS HELL...a primitive attitude that belongs in the past and definitely has no place in this jetplane, internet connected GLOBAL society...

I think I'm going to have to practise some "narrow-minded Exclusivism" of my own from now on... if you wanna be part of MY Clique you can't be an Uncultured Monocultured unprepared to venture outside your own doorstep for even one night! Grrr.'s that for Dis-crim-in-ation?! LOL, that's probably my first attempt at un-inclusivism - I think I'll get better with practice though haha.

Honestly, I've not really noticed any discrimination until the last year or so...surprisingly, it's taken being back in this huge "melting pot" to actually notice it...(and it's right up there on the most disgusts me list along with smokers)...although we are such a richly diverse city I can't believe how much each clique still sticks to themselves so there are just separate pockets of cultures co-existing on the same turf with little interaction with each other. Maybe that is normal? What are your experiences with multiculturalism where you are?!

addendum: 21-11-08 interesting topical piece

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I liked this Dream :)

Well the rest of the dream was pretty crazy like weird obstacle courses where my daredevil mate was riding a horse drawn wagon trying to jump the entire horse and buggy over other horses ahead of him...and I don't remember much else but the end was like the end credits of a film...with a title reading

"The Best Things in Life are The Simplest Ones!"

LOL, so it got me thinking what are some of the simplest things unique to me that make me Ooze Joy... this is a working list cos my brain doesn't kick into full force until well after 5pm ;)

* Happy Guinea Pigs (when guinea pigs are OVERJOYED they run around excitedly and "hop" like little kernels of popping corn emitting little "yelps" of is one of the Cutest things you can ever witness EVER.

* Being able to satiate a Food Craving and not be disappointed currently this is Green&Blacks Italian style chocolate, organic dried apricots, MSG free wonton noodles and northern style pan fried pork dumplings with vinegar...

* Foreign Correspondence and resulting culture class with people all around the world :-D

* Escaping into Nature
whether it be a salt breeze with big mouthed pelicans or misty dew green mountains or big, clear blue sky, yellow grasses and vast expanses of empty tarmac ahead.

* Inspiration from people, music, film, philosophers, art

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's a Work Nerd?!

So I got up bright and early this morning for the first time- I'm not sure whether it's cos I've spent the last few days crashed out or whether it's excitement about trying out a new clinic today.

I think it's funny that I was so happy to be on official holidays but less than one week later I am already happy to be dipping my finger back in!

It's great when you love what you do and have a passion for your work- I feel sorry for the people who have to live any other way!

The last couple of days I've been unbelievably exhausted- I think perhaps it's that whole...your body knows when it can finally crash after a sustained intense period of work. I ended up skipping out on functions Friday, Saturday and Monday night! Saturday I was meant to do dinner with some classmates but we were all so equally exhausted we postponed. Friday I just felt plain urgh by dinner and Monday I completely forgot and only arose from a much needed nap at 6pm....blah, why do we allow our bodies to get so run down in the first place?! I guess this is what "modern life" is all about! And the reality is, it's only a privileged few who have cleaners, cars and fat wallets at their disposal.

The last fortnight or so has been pretty interesting- I think it had something to do with some astrological shift but a lot of creative ideas started free now I'm just trying to work out which project to pursue...I also want to create a couple of pieces for my wall but don't know which one to start first... although I picked simple do-able things I still think it's pretty ambitious since I haven't picked up a brush or done anything particularly creative voluntarily in Yeeeeears!!

Apart from my mandala digital print project, I wanted to transfer a very simple graphic mandala with acrylic onto canvas...then I also wanted to try a simple blobby textured rendition of something whimsical like Drinking Water. Hopefully the more I get back into it, the more skill will come I can produce more original stuff.

Apart from that, I'm still busy with lots of stuff that got laid by the wayside during the crazy hectic period and I'm also in a pretty contented period for the following reasons:

I'm living life how I want, doing what I want when I want and on my own terms.

I've stopped trying to fit myself into the neat categories defined by generic society.

I'm going with my intuition and listening to my body.

Oh on another strange note, I think my blogaholism has been cured too...I actually feel capable of not needing to blog or read blogs at all! ;) Good Timing, cos soon I won't have the means...

p.s one last thing I'm excited about...I'm going to start reading the much anticipated "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand...I hope it's as good as everyone says...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More prolific on Cloudy Days: Miscellaneous Ramblings

I'm not sure what it is with overcast weather but I always feel like writing alot in this kind of weather - I guess it's like how some people get very productive creatively when they listen to certain types of music...

I was hoping to watch The City of Lost Children or John Safran vs God cos I've had them sitting around the last 6 months and I really should return them to my friend but I guess for me to sit down continously watching something is always a challenge to stay still cos watching a screen is such a passive exercise. At least with writing, my hyperactive brain gets a chance to run off the leash!

In any case I'm listening to Birthday (can't ever get sick of this song!!)...before I was slightly more interesting listening to Cut Copy's IN GHOST COLOURS which is a pretty enjoyable electropop album...don't have much of this kind of music in my collection but I can understand why I like is very similar to New Order I think- just a more modern version. I don't know if this is a totally off presumption cos I'm not quite the fan but I suspect it is a little like Daft Punk too.

Random snippets as follows...

Random Musing 1 : Canon Marketing
I was looking through all the contents (as you do) when you have a new electronic purchase. And I saw two advertising booklets Canon had in the box- one was to promote why you need one of their IS (Image Stabilizer) lenses and the other one was on promoting why their Macro lenses are so good(apparently it is due to their USM (Ultra Sonic Motor) and hence super quiet lenses. They had this cutesy cartoon picture of a grasshopper in a flower showing that if you don't have a USM lens when you click the grasshopper will get disturbed and hop away wrecking your photo, however with a USM lens it will go on sleeping quietly enabling you to get your perfect macro shot...Cute.

I couldn't help but think I'm just like the grasshopper: whenever I get put on the spot and taken offguard like that I freak out and the adrenalin kicks in so that I run run run even before my brain verified that there was any real threat of danger in the first place...I think I've missed out on some unique opportunities by being such a hypersensitive scaredy anti-confrontational cat...I wish I wasn't so wired! But I don't think it's pathology of psychology so much...I think it's to do with a leaning towards hyperthyroidism...hence also why I can eat bucketloads of fatty junkfood and crap and not put on a scrap of flesh...luckily though I know when to stop cos the nauseous and ill feeling kicks in.

Random Musing 2: Trust your 'Irrational' instincts
I was reading how with the current astrological influence...we are going through a renaissance of the time that gave birth to the whole Hippie Revolution...and how anything that represents stability will be negatively effected eg financial institutions, home ownership etc...

This took me back to the time I ended up part-purchasing a place that I didn't feel was "right" from the start however by all practical means- location, value, investment wise etc it was pretty good.

In any case for the 2 years or so I lived there I got soooo sick and had a pretty bad run of luck. Being immobilised for so long after an accident with nothing but spare time on my hands got me considering everything under the sun and I looked into the Feng Shui of the place... which only served to confirm my finally reached a point I got so sick we moved to a lovely good vibes little villa in a gorgeous town...and after that my improvement and healing was speedy. Based on the luck that befell the several tenants who have lived there since I can say it was not just me!

So from that, I guess the moral of the story is Don't ever ignore those "irrational" gut instincts! If your body has some reaction loud and clear to something, chances are it knows better than any 'Mind Rationalisation' any day!!!

I can't wait to get out of this damn city.

Screw that, I'm not going to waste my money keeping a city pad in this city after all. I want to move FAR FAR AWAY- and if I feel the need for city conveniences I'll fly for a weekend or something and I'll rotate between cities cos frankly if there weren't friends and family here I'd rather spend weekends in any OTHER city- airfares are so affordable these days anyhow...

So I set out of the house thinking..."wow now I'm not burdened by studies I feel so calm, content, happy, comfortable, peaceful"...

It didn't last long.

It first started with being shoved and barged past with no apologies or excuse mes in one serious caterpillar inching crowd(I should have known better to avoid the festival crowds but hey this is my local area!)

It then followed with escaping the crowd by ducking into a shop and lining up to get a sandwich. The bad vibes dude behind me was so impatient and kept inching uncomfortably close so I could feel his angry breath on my neck so I moved to the side a little - the f*kng a-hole(F.A) took that as a sign to move ahead of me and take my rightful place in the queue. Before it even entered my mind that these days you can't even be assertive because you're likely to get bashed up or stabbed these days when trying to seek just conditions, then the woman behind the F.A decided it was Her right to shove ahead as well. UNBELIEVABLE. I know for a fact this does not happen in more civilised locations...people actually ask if you are in the queue if they're going to do that.

So no doubt when I was carrying bags and bags of groceries which I had put down to unlock the common door and I stepped aside to let a neighbour through first but he held the door for me...I was honestly shocked and let out a really shocked "Ohhhh, thanks!"

The immediate city environment in Sydney is an ugly place because of the inconsiderate people in it...once you've lived out of the city and realised how much nicer places where actual Nice and more civilised beings can never see the city in the same light again let alone find it easy/enjoyable to live here especially with such daily occurrences....and also, your standards and expectations of yourself and the rest of humankind have transformed to exist on a higher plane.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Friend Situation

So I know I bitch and moan and groan about how disgusting and horrible city living is but I gotta admit I like
a) being able to go out for short trips and duck home again even several times a day if I want's kinda handy having a city pad...even when I move regional if it's feasible I'd very much like to keep a city pad.

b)relatively, there are more things happening and more to do than if I was in woop woop- although I have no problem entertaining myself watching kids go night fishing or admiring the blanket of twinkling stars, walking along open roads and breathing fresh air any time of day cos it was SAFE!

ANYHOW. I rang my sole friend who lives in the city thinking I'd drop over since I'd be his way trying to find this elusive black tourmaline. But no...finally the entire year of flirting with several girls a week(he's a Leo-need I say more?!) on the internet has paid off...he hesitates..."my girlfriend is coming". Oh. I know he feels torn between being a good friend and being a new boyfriend. It's okaaaaay I say. "I get it". I'm actually really relieved to hear that he's finally decided to commit to one and stop toying with so many even though that inevitably means less of a friend for me!

Anyway I'm used to the friend the beginning it was being deserted by all the adventurous/ambitious friends who left this country for more exciting career prospects in more exciting pastures. These days at this age it's generally the hooking up thing...cos conventionally speaking, Now is the "correct" time to be settling down...cos most of my friends historically have been male I guess I've felt the desertion more cos typically their girlfriends tend to impose a "you can't hang out with other females thing"...and if not, they feel inappropriate doing so anyway...there have been many times when people I don't really know have seen me with single guy friends who were not my partner and I have to admit although there was nothing untoward going on it didn't look too good!

Whatever the case, my's not a good idea being "taken off the market" young cos you could have spent a lot more time expanding your social circle since people were at an age where they were more interested in making friends rather than partners :P That is the only thing I've learnt and if I ever have kids I'm sure as hell going to advise them not to settle down too early for many reasons, that just being one! (Oh the joy of learning through mistakes! the good thing being I rarely make the same mistake twice!)

In any case I think I'm an anomaly cos regardless of being in a relationship or not I still feel the urge to hang out with friends and have my own spare time and a lot of personal alone time and space..this free spirit feels easily suffocated by other people whether it be in a friend or partner capacity. However...I've also been asked is it a "commitmentphobe" thing?

For others maybe, for me I don't think so...for me it's about your partner being THE RIGHT PERSON, not just that it's an "appropriate" age to settle...

Cynical, practical types have told me..."fine, be idealistic romantic fatalist...just be prepared to bear the consequences".

Friday, November 14, 2008

Colour Career Counselling...

Check this out. It's pretty interesting.

According to this test my number one most suitable career path is that of THE CREATOR...oops, maybe I should have stuck to my first line of training! Well, at least I tried it so I know for practical reasons I'd prefer to keep the artsy fartsy stuff as a side hobby.

Not bad, I guess I'm lucky that I've tried my best most suitable occupational category and now I'm trying the second...

You're a CREATOR
Key Words:Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional
These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self-expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas.
CREATOR OCCUPATIONSSuggested careers are Advertising Executive, Architect, Web Designer, Creative Director, Public Relations, Fine or Commercial Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Librarian, Musician, Reporter, Art Teacher, Broadcaster, Technical Writer, English Teacher, Architect, Photographer, Medical Illustrator, Corporate Trainer, Author, Editor, Landscape Architect, Exhibit Builder, and Package Designer.
CREATOR WORKPLACESConsider workplaces where you can create and improve beauty and aesthetic qualities. Unstructured, flexible organizations that allow self-expression work best with your free-spirited nature.
Suggested Creator workplaces are advertising, public relations, and interior decorating firms; artistic studios, theaters and concert halls; institutions that teach crafts, universities, music, and dance schools. Other workplaces to consider are art institutes, museums, libraries, and galleries.

2nd Best Occupational Category
Key Words:Tactful, Cooperative, Generous, Understanding, Insightful, Friendly, and Cheerful
This very social type enjoys working in groups, sharing responsibilities, and being the center of attention. Fields of interest are instructing, helping, nurturing, care giving and instructing-especially young people. They discuss and consider feelings in order to solve problems, lead, direct, persuade, guide, organize and enlighten others.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Middle Path

So I managed to get to a screening of documentaries by amateur film makers...was pretty cool being back in that scene- really felt "familiar" and took me back...after all my first love after visual arts started with videography not photography but I think I kind of lapsed into photography cos that suits my lazy nature - I just don't have the patience for countless hours in post production!

Anyway it was inspiring, maybe if I could find like-minded co-conspirators I wouldn't mind getting back into film making...the only thing is both TCM and film making require a huge commitment so having so many interests to dabble in I can only take on one that requires a big commitment so TCM will have to win out for now!

Anyhow by the end of it I was starving so I went in search of food...craving dumplings I rocked up at the shop only for the man to shoo me away and say it was closing time...far out! Anyway it was that point I wished I lived in a bustling 24-7 metropolis like New York or at least somewhere which has more of a night culture like Spain or Asia...cos things not being open and not being able to find decent food at 10pm is THE PITS! So in the end I had to settle food in a doggy bag-Berk!:P

Anyhow this thought train progressed into the following self analysis and reflection on the fact that I am such a paradoxical creature...and find it so hard to negotiate the polar forces follows...maybe I'm just hard to please!

*I love the worldly, switched on, accessible and cultured nature of a bustling metropolis BUT I also love the wide open spaces, care and friendly intimacy of a small regional town.

*I need ALOT of personal space and take real comfort in alone time however at the same time I really need the constant mental stimulation that you can only get from interaction with a whole variety of people.

*I really feel the need to engage with creative dreamers but at the same time it can sometimes get a little airy fairy and I appreciate a bit of hard headed rationalism, groundedness and appreciation for everyday sensibilities in the people around me.

*East-West: the asians say I'm a pathetic excuse for an asian, the westerns think I'm asian but then get disappointed when they realise I'm not exotic, agreeable and subservient after all.

*Factual Realism vs Dreamy Possibility - can they really co-exist?!

*Logical and apathetic Detachment vs Passionate and Enthusiastic Engagement

Eh...I can hear the voice of friends...You think waaaay too much! LOL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm part of basically they send you nice emails all the time :)

I never cease to be amazed at how much the messages seem to speak to my direct circumstances each day- if the founder, Mike Dooley honestly writes them...sheesh, he either has amazing timing or else he's like some kind of divine psychic!

Today I got one which said:

Someone's getting a life, Ms Cheery, someone's getting a life!!


BTW please check out My Mandala Quilt Project.

This is Art: What are your thoughts?

So...I saw this image in the paper and it just instantly drew me in...I loved it!

What was your first reaction? What do you feel when you see this image?

I can see why some people might find it disturbing though. I found it strangely comforting, and it was so intriguing to me that I've already decided I need to see the real thing.
MAN it's so fun being able to have a life and being able to indulge all the things you love! For what remains of this week besides attend that exhibition, I've decided to attend an independent film screening, catch an arthouse movie, dinner(s) with friends, hang in a book store, hang in a music store and take Horace out for a spin...oh and squeeze in the beach and a dip on Sunday if I get the chance....

Pulling an all nighter

I haven't done an all nighter in a while- it's kind of exciting.
Surprisingly it's not hard for me to stay awake and be able to think through the wee hours- in any case I love the quiet and the dark - if practicality allowed, I wouldn't mind being a serious Night Owl.
Anyway I got distracted when taking a break...what the hell is it you ask?

It's one of my favourite inanimate objects at the moment- one of my Himalayan salt lamps flickering but it looks cool weird and kinda ethereal cos of the strange setting. Haven't read the manual yet so I was just trying different settings which produced remarkably different pictures- Gosh I love SLRs! and its such a luxury having to use an eyefinder again!! LOL. It's sad that I'm still confined to these four walls with nothing inspiring to take a photo of...thankfully I'll be in spectacular and refreshing landscape in just over 2 weeks :) Can't wait to inhale some of that world famous clean air ;)

Back to work Z!
EDIT: 5:48am...THE GIRL IS DONE!!! Finito!
Next 3 months are Holiday Have a Life ***Bliss***...Woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
..But for now, Good Night...Morning...whatever!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I love Horace!

I picked up my new Canon 450D a.k.a Horace this morning :)

No time to play yet but here is my first gratuitous photo- of my special Desert Rock...Healingstones, can you please get hubby to identify what rock it is?

Thanks :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

Actually I'm not into birthday broadcasting, but I already received several Happy Birthdays yesterday cos absolutely nobody except my immediate family ever seems to know my Actual birthday, so I felt after 28 years I should finally say something!!!

Anyhow...there is nobody super duper famous but here are some of my favourite birthday twins...

Delta Goodrem, Aussie singer

Eric Dane, McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy

Carl Sagan, American astronomer and writer (d. 1996)

Robert Frank, Swiss Photographer

Bryn Terfel, Welsh baritone

Choi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do (d. 2002)

Alessandro Del Piero, Italian footballer

How will I be spending the day? So sad- the usual-study grind cos I'm way overdue to START an assessment I was meant to hand in Friday!! OOps. I figure only 4 more days, I'll have fun always having your birthday fall during exam time :P

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cheers to Diversity: The World Is My Oyster :-)!


Because I don't do long haul flights, I think I'd go insane without all the international friends and penpals it's enabled me to make :-D

Today was Not quite pleasant but not wholely unpleasant either.

It started with the usual-cramming- freaking hell-who the hell has to do exams on Saturdays?!
Me Obviously. When I say my career choice wholely consumes my life at the present moment I'm so not exaggerating- I have lost entire weekends to seminars let alone all semblance of a normal twenty something life!

So anyway after that debacle(I think I did okay despite everything) I crashed out for a bit and then hauled ass to an old friend's farewell drinks...yup, everybody disappears on me...I've learnt to stop caring though ;)

In any case, for this happy home hermit getting out was...intriguing. Cos basically it doubled up as a 10 year high school reunion -and it was pretty bizarre. Basically I felt like I must have grown up in some hick country town cos pretty well these people had the same predictable linear lives with the same limited social circle from school and were all at the same stage-in the same careers following uni, engaged or married to either the same boy from school or else all incestuously interlinked to each other cos of the very limited social circle.

I came out thinking to myself "MAN. You've come a looooong way Baby!" And despite all the adventure, bumps and bruises was grateful for my breadth of life experience. I felt SO OLD. These chicks from school in many ways still struck me as teenybopsters and some even still dressed the part...

I have to say this city especially its nightlife is so vacuous, tacky and devoid of class...people dress so tacky and the chicks are totally overlathered in makeup. And the music in these joints is absolutely terrible. And so many smoke(cos they have nothing better to do) and speak in grunts. Uncouth. Uncultured.

Again, I am so grateful for my interaction with the broader world community...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mind Reader!

I was crumpled up in a heap-impromptu style- on my yoga mat- from sheer exhaustion (day in day out night in night out intensive study, prolonged stress and lack of rest over a long period of time is remarkably and amazingly disproportionately Qi sapping!)

So I lay like this in my lazy cocoon for approximately 30 minutes until I got interrupted by a random message from a pretty random person - just two words:


hehe I couldn't help but grin (and wonder)...Some people are bloody Mind Readers!

I like intuitive water types :) Too bad I barely know any.

For the record, 5 more days til Liberation...

But ONLY 2.5 more days till I pick up my spanking new DSLR(Canon 450D/Rebel XSI!!!) :-)

p.s I've decided to call this camera "Horace" (don't ask me why it just randomly came to me) so soon there will be 3 to my camera family :) affectionately known as Buddy, Neo and Horace respectively :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Zhen Lessons in Wisdom: 101

I can't believe it's taken me nearly 28 years to really be able to fully understand and adhere to this Basic Wisdom...I've been Such a Dumb Stupid Ass all these years!

Yesterday after feeling completely buggered for the 2nd day in a row and only having had 4 hours sleep and practically nothing to eat all day, I STILL made myself go to my usual Yoga class...even though I felt like complete shit...cos I had told this new chick last week that I'd be there.

Duh. No surprise that I was so dizzy, weak and unstable with muscles like intractable lead, it was a completely pointless exercise except that the term "death warmed over" came to mind. And...SHE didn't even turn up!

So...It finally hit me how stupid I always am....I've always been SO PREOCCUPIED with being 100 per cent reliable and doing what I say I'll do that I do completely non common sensical things like that...

So anyway after that I felt so crap I went to the nearest store bought dinner but was so tired I couldn't even digest it and it kept all wanting to come up. Then I had to lie down for 3 hours cos I was so exhausted I couldn't even stand up to take a shower.

So...moral of the story:
If your Body Tells you something...Listen To it!
(ESPECIALLY important if you suffer chronic illness but still always push yourself way too hard.)
Also don't be Slaves to Deadlines unless your life depends on it or Overcommit yourself to too many people or too many events and Jampack your schedule to the brim always a month in advance with no leeway for Do Nothing Rest/You time!
Whether it's your gut or your heart or your muscles, LISTEN:
Because Your Body Always Knows Best!

From today onwards this is what I need never forget...hence even though it's 430pm and convention dictates that it's not allowable, I only just reemerged from bed :) having done nothing all day but "recuperate". I feel a whole lot better already and and much more fresh and ready to get started on tackling the final hill before the mountain...

Have a good day...Cheers :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Music imbued with "The Spirit of Nature"

Hey Bohemian Buds!

A very talented spiritual musician happened to drop in with some music he composed that I think is pretty cool and you might like also :)

Check out 'Music is Love'- I found the piece very uplifting and inspirational :)