Monday, September 29, 2008

The Law of Droughts and Floods

My phones were going ballistic today. I just wanted to crawl under a table and hide.

I know there's Murphy's Law but I was wondering if there's a name for The Law of Floods and Droughts?

I find it weird how in everybody's lives there always seems to be periods of floods or droughts even when they themselves feel pretty constant. I can only put it down to astrological transits...

I'm not the kind of person that likes the 'excitement' of massive extreme swings in anything but it always seems to happen due to this law of Floods and's always a "the banks have broken downpour" or else "as parched as a desert at high noon"...have no idea why! Bizarre.

So that's what it felt like Today: suddenly all my friends came out of the woodwork all wanting a piece of I felt kinda stressed cos I don't want to let people down but there is absolutely no way I can accommodate it all and my fairness obsessed Libran bits doesn't know how to choose between friends....

I think it's a relief that I only have a few close friends locally because I don't enjoy these Downpours!

An aside, I'm starting to feel the pull of Vegetarianism (which I guess I've always part avoided due to not wanting to succumb to people's Hippie sterotypes of me)- admittedly, I tried my crazy friend's detox raw food diet the other night as a one off experiment cos I felt gluggy but the next day when I ate meat, I actually felt sick! Eating food raw and not eating meat totally defies all logic and traditional Chinese medicine wisdom! But somehow I did feel better so I want to try it properly...

Will just have to finish/donate all the meat from my freezer so I can try properly...not looking forward to hearing the rants and lectures that will no doubt come from my immediate Asian (and therefore meat obsessed) family cos I think once you start you really can't go back....but I've had it with being Bullied into convention!

p.s I went to my first I paid to attend professional seminar on Mood Disorders the other night- since helping those with depression and mental health seems to be my calling...(I've stopped trying to fight it and am rather embracing it now LOL)

There were some really interesting revelations including a) how modern society treats and perceives people with depression and b) on SSRI drugs (which I am totally convinced are evil since losing a good friend to them who has since become a brick wall) Anyway if you're interested hopefully I'll get a chance to post these insights on my TCM blog sometime.


Dina said...

I am totally with you on the drought/flood thing.

I believe in this. I've talked to some of my friends about it.

I have days where I get SO many emails. I get so many comments on my blog. I feel so loved and popular. Yet, I also feel incredibly stressed. I feel I can't keep up with it all. I want to run and hide.

Then I have other days where my email box is empty except for Spam. No one comments on my blog. I begin to feel like the whole world has disappeared...or they have all abandoned me.

Why is meat such a part of Chinese medicine?

I've been vegetarian for three years now. The best thing I did was go vegan for a month. After that, being Vegetarian seemed incredibly easy.

I can relate to resisting something because you don't want to fit a stereotype.

In some ways, I totally fit a stereotype.

Attachment parenting, unschooling, vegetarian, leftie in terms of politics, etc.

Delighted Scribbler said...

You're so funny. Of course you can go back. It's all about how you feel and what makes you happy. Good luck!

mscherrylane said...

Well meat is more a part of asian you know that asian weddings typically still roast a pig over a spit etc?!! and don't even get me started on how they typically love seafood!(more so cos it's expensive than anything I Think)

Meat is a lot more convenient a source of certain substances our body needs I instead of 1.2kg of spinach you can just eat 100g of meat or whatever-not sure but I remember seeing an ad on tv that showed that.

however this diet my friend is doing she told me you only need to eat nuts, fruits, raw fish and raw egg yolk- not even grains-crazy! I'm just going to try normal no animal flesh vegetarianism...i think the weirder your diet gets the more inconvenient and inconsiderate it is when you're with others who have to accommodate you.

mscherrylane said...


I think it's hard to go back once you get off meat! I already feel this after one day- long term vegetarians told me they actually feel like throwing up if they eat meat and their body can't digest it even more...the second part of that makes sense to some ways I think I was born to be veggo cause my canines are so underdeveloped I find it hard to even chew meat!

Anonymous said...

I call it feast or famine – as a freelance writer I am either deluged with work, or scratching around for something. I can never seem to get the happy medium. But at least during lean times I can blog more!

Good for you for going vegetarian! I did so for 7 years - before I got very run down. Curiously (and you will relate to this) it was a Chinese herbalist who more or less ordered me to start eating meat again. The herbs she gave me were so amazing (the next day I woke up a different person - I mean it was a MAJOR transformation) that I kind of thought she must know what she was talking about and so I meekly obeyed her.

I have often thought about going back to it.

Anonymous said...

Since you ask - I write magazine articles and books about natural history subjects (mainly). They are aimed at the layman - so are not academic - kind of coffee table books with lovely pictures and (hopefully) interesting yet at the same time factually accurate text. I also copy-edit books and mags – when I'm not sneaking off and blogging....

Shannanigans said...

I'm Back!!! Did you miss me? :)

I of course will help you on your vegetarian quest...don't get me started on how awesome BC was and the endless supply of vegetarian food options. I felt like I was in veggie heaven! I will post more as I catch up on your blog