Saturday, September 13, 2008

Play till you can Play no more...

So. Allowing myself complete freedom to just Play has been the latest strategy in my student life saga. I knew drastic action was necessary since my burnt-outedness was actually reaching a crisis point (ie: I, the so far excellent student to date, literally failed a test because I was so past caring I didn't bother studying). So basically the last 2-3 days and nights I've been throwing all sensible regulations out the windowso I could play to my heart's content- allowing myself to DO WHATEVER as I please!

So today, rather than my usual *fascinating but responsible* routine of clean house, study, qigong class, grocery shop, cook dinner, clean up, study, sleep I did ABSOLUTELY none of this!and just spent the morning reading blogs to my heart's content, then leisurely perused a design exhibition, had a really late and leisurely lunch, then ate some really delicious tofu icecream, and trawled wholefood stores for cool products. It was pretty strange actually...somehow omnivore me, the vegan shop lady and the vegan depressed nurse in the shop all got into a really in depth, soul bearing and lengthy conversation on health matters. I'm not sure if I have a knack of getting into fascinating conversations with random strangers or whether it's just the environment of these types of stores! Or perhaps it also has a lot to do with my fascinating field of study/profession... because people are always curious, I love talking about it, and they get all this health advice fee free with the real benefit being that since I am not actually practising they know the advice I'm giving them is completely objective and without ulterior self interested motives!

Anyway in short, I think the "play play" strategy worked :) Now, although I'm really tired(decent hours of sleep got sacrificed for play), I just want to stay in and actually feel like doing work!

NOW I get it. If dealing with a rebel, the most powerful tool you have up your sleeve is to allow them full blown freedom...Mothers Take Note- it's total reverse psychology almost but somehow it really works!!!

P.S Re: Veganism I don't understand why they don't eat organic/free range eggs- since they are unfertilised, no animal is being killled! I don't even see it as animal exploitation since the egg would just sit there, rot away and be wasted anyway where as we humans can derive incredibly nutritious sustenance from it! That's just my personal opinion- I respect your right to differ!


Kathi D said...

Good choice!

Dina said...

I've heard things about the free range eggs--that the chickens are still hurt in some ways.

I just googled and found a few websites...not sure how valid it is.

I think basically what the websites are saying is that free-range doesn't neccessarily mean unharmed and not-tortured.

It's hard to figure these things out though. PETA and groups like that see ANY use of animal products as evil. So I don't think you can really trust their info. They pretty much want EVERYONE to be fully vegan.

Kathi D said...

I have been eating fresh eggs from my very own flock of chickens who live just as my grandmother's chickens did, plenty of space to roam about the yard, scratching and pecking for bugs, eating fresh things from my organic garden, and doted on by me.

I have a rooster, so presumably most of my eggs are fertile, although I haven't tried to hatch any yet. Maybe next Spring.

mscherrylane said...

Kathi D, that's what I'll do when I get out of apartment living hell- I love ducks and chickens especially the black ones with furry slippers- in that way it's a symbiotic relationship of mutual benefit...

but when the asian relatives visit...Need to Hide them!

When I went to asia and witnessed my friendly pet chicken become no more I almost completely went off meat then!

I have been tempted to go vegetarian but I guess the main reason I eat meat is for convenience- some places it is hard to find vegetarian meals, people don't have to cook special meals for you and it is easier to flavour food and get enough of certain nutrients....also I know that if you stop you can't go back cos your digestion can't cope!

Shannanigans said...

Militant vegetarian here ;)

I don't eat eggs or dairy, because there is no guarantee the chickens were not harmed. Free range and Organic are two phrases that have very little regulation and are thrown around so much that they are almost worthless.

Plus, the dairy industry is the prime source of veal, as the baby cows are taken from their mothers as babies so they get a 2 for one...milk and baby cows for human consumption. I just can't contribute to that. I am not a vegan yet but I am working towards it.

Just info for you...I am not preaching I swear!!!! :D