Monday, January 24, 2011

A Spiritual Journey

Okay I have to admit so many days without the ocean...and I'm starting to do it a little tough, or at least crave some ocean! So I might hit the road soon. Had lunch with some locals yesterday- they were really nice and hospitable but I'm not such a fan of the town. I realise that this trip-holiday was much warranted - it's a pretty solitary reflective- get things together time...but also I am meeting the very specific people that I need to discuss the deep and meaningful things of life with....somehow it is so easy to find people that can when you get out of the city...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Call me Superficial...

But I can't help admiring how GOOD country people LOOK! WOW. My sneaking suspicions have been confirmed...for guys think Miranda Kerr...for gals...I'm not sure which famous person but I can assure you they look GOOD! Must be all that clean fresh air, easy going happy vibes and lack of stress!

Only thing is all the available ones are typically maybe I'll have to do a Demi Moore later down the track...hehehehe...finally those "young asian genes" will be good for something! LOL!

I'm totally settled into *Holiday Mode* now...sheesh it takes a good 10 days for tight assed city slickers to totally unwind...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Woohoo! I am Plugged into THE WORLD again!!!

OMG in the country you get SO ISOLATED from the world no newspapers, net, people nothing and then it is SOOOOO EXCITING and SUCH A RELIEF to have 24 hour half decent internet access again.

So I made it out of the flood regions with nothing worse than having had to purchase a huge golf umbrella and with evidence of my shoes being soaked through (THANKS God!) however my mail didn't get such a good mother reported that my envelope arrived in a plastic baggie and my correspondence was all water damaged!!!

Arrived by accident in a new very interesting place...major TIME WARP. Fun :)

Oh something funny to add to my wheel pottery attempt yesterday...I was on the bus and saw a little kid with a great t-shirt that seemed to sum up my pottering attempts exactly:


yup it was great fun wielding such destruction and getting all dirty...didn't have the camera but I noticed when I went to shower last night that even my big toe was all clay black shoes were all powdered white and I left a white powder trail on the dark blue carpet...hehehehe. *evilkneevil*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soothing Earthenware...

I remember having to write “poetry” in senior school. What a nightmare! I didn't end up writing poetry but instead putting in words some vivid imagery of a clay sculptor painstakingly bringing the material to life and then shattering it to pieces. I guess it was a good reaction to my teenage angst and rebellion at the time, LOL.

In any case some 12 years later I still find working the hands into the clay medium especially by the rhythmical spinning wheel…very soothing. From a alternative therapeutic viewpoint it is connecting with the earth = very grounding… A good form of stress relief! Not sure why but I am so drawn to natural materials…ceramics, glass, stone, wood, shell, plant, metal…you will always find lots of these in my house. I guess it is my way of bringing nature into the house. I guess that is why I also really like animals :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wash Me Clean

So it’s 420am and the sun hasn’t even broken yet. I duck out to the loo and spy the miner? In an adjacent room in his orange suit and hard hat has left for work already. I’m in rural Australia…Loving it up, lapping it up!!! In summary, I AM SO CUT OUT TO BE A COUNTRY BUMPKIN ^^ ^^ ^^!

But I digress… the reason for this post: I had a very “revelatory”? conversation with a good mate last night probably one I could have used a long time ago…I had so much guilt I couldn’t sleep. I felt almost like I was confessing to a priest…anyway hopefully like the title of the KD Lang song and how it seems to work for Catholics I’ve been cleansed…and can go back to sleep!

On a somewhat related note I have been thinking about baptism…the jury is out but wow, talk about the ultimate “cleansing”. When I got this leaf necklace for my 30th it signified the birth of a new era of living by faith…but maybe I need a ritual cleansing too…if anyone has had one( an adult voluntary baptism), would be interested to know if you think it’s worthwhile…Later bloggies!

P.S Oh boy has obtaining a workable net connection in the country been somewhat of a challenge!!! So yes apologies for not being around in the blogosphere to read all your interesting blogs…When I miss the net I miss all my blogger peeps!!!

*HO your candy is in the mail- don’t usually like to spoil surprises but figured I owe you…no doubt you’ve been STARVING without your daily dose of Zhen…hehe ;)

*JJ I’d send you candy too but I don’t think it’d be good for your blood sugar levels- and besides you have your harem ;) BTW it's only cos of your msg I bothered to post...I miss you or our "understanding" too!! Anyway gotta run!!

*how time flies*! 11.1.08, 13.1.08 – la clique: TF♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Father's Observation...

"You are a very complicated person."

wow can't believe it took him 30 years to notice, LOL!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Offensively...Helpful :)

Saw a car with a sign in the window:TRY CHRISTIANITY.

Intrigued, my eyes lingered a while longer and saw that it was preceded by

"If you're stupid and don't understand science"...

(!!!) wow, that's pretty rude.

But then I realised, hey a *boon* for God cos the sentence was too long that bit was in small print so most people who glance, have no attention to detail or bad eyesight will only see the latter boldened part anyway!

Why thank you rude person for promoting the Truth! hehe :)

Continuing in this vein, had a message from God...

I was feeling kinda sad (surprisingly!) and a bit daunted today as the gravity of leaving sunk in...and I happened to see this in large print on a large sign...rather timely and fitting I think!!!


Wow. God is one cool dude :) What a reassuring and comforting message! ^^ ^^ ^^

A Clarification

At this unseemly hour I just wanted to make an earnest clarification on my thoughts re "religion". I really don't care for it...I don't really care for the rites or rituals on an ordinary basis I guess it is too steeped in tradition and too often insincere or meaningless for this liberated hippie boho.

I do however, by contrast love FAITH, and people filled with the Holy Spirit and the love and grace, peace and joy, courage and confidence they exude when they are truly connected.

And also although I have my Truth, I have respect and tolerance for people of all beliefs and value the right to individual preferences!!! Not only that, I am receptive to and appreciative of all places that contain high spiritual energy no matter what religious influence they may be affliated with.

Just wanted to vent that off my chest!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love countryfolk!

So I was out in the country...and forgot how amazingly NICE people are...I had actually forgotten that they are so GIVING- I feel a little drained lately actually cos people seem to take and take and take...and for someone with so many planets in libra when it's not somewhat equal and "Fair" we can get a bit resentful...I think it's one major defect of Big City people- on the whole they are quite a selfish bunch...

Anyway the country escapades just confirm that me going AWOL from the big city is what makes me happiest and I think it's going to be a permanent...

JJ, I <3 countryfolk so much but I lack talent as a poet...if it tickles your fancy can you write an "Ode to Countryfolk" lol I'd like to publish one as my eternal gratitute to the decency and kindness and warm hearted generosity of country people...without them I'd just never recover from everytime city society demoralises my idealistic heart and I'd probably want to escape the entire human race and be a total hermit, lol.

Apart from that I feel guilty to be somewhat "elitist" but people my age on the whole just seem soooo young and immature I can't relate! Thank goodness for the random old soul and older people, also people with life experience...HO I think if you hadn't got married at 19 and popped out 3 bubs I'd find it hard to ever take you seriously or find you credible...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belated Dummy Spit

So I really REALLY can't stand the big city anymore...but this time I'm actually DOING SOMETHING about it! sad is this...isn't a 30yo too freaking old to be doing a "runaway"?

No worries I also have more noble or good head on my shoulders reasons than mere peevedness with big cities...

Anyway that also means that I get to tramp with no agenda fulfilling the boho dero stereotype that many people expect me to be...

So yeah, you can't say I disappoint! LOL

Monday, January 3, 2011

A House of God

So my friend and I started the New Year in one of the most unusual but nicest ways possible...we visited a nunnery!

And we're still basking in the *glow* of the spiritual purity and high vibrations of the people and the place, the wisdoms imparted, the stories shared and the feelings of peace and love and joy in a beautifully remote natural setting.

For someone like me it is so tempting to experience that and then want to cut off from the relative decrepitude of typical society...and all its worldly concerns...

Anyway, I loved it :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank GOD it's 2011!!!!!!!!

Okay so as you can tell it's an understatement to say how relieved I am to be entering a New Year. Yeah cut me some slack if it seems a bit superstitous!

Anycase one of the best NYE ever, for a loooong time...for one the fireworks were really awesome and I wasn't caught in a terrifying crush- actually it was very cruisy and relaxing...I sauntered in late, had an easy spot with ample bubble space, a good view and barely any cigarette smoke! Not even any mozzie or sandfly bites -wow! Maybe my strange lucky circumstances were to be expected...on the way there I saw that JESUS ✞ was written in the sky! Pretty impressive...especially when I was feeling quite some despair due to prior incident.

To sum up 2010 in a nutshell right to the last moments probably best done by one of the tunes that came on on my ipod - the Chumbawumba lyrics "I get knocked down but I get up again you're never gonna keep me down..." yup that was pretty much my entire 2010....challenging...So Thank GOD it's over. Curiously another tune that came up was Bjork's In the Musicals with lyrics "You're always there to catch me"...Yup there was a real God theme going on :)!

Hopefully an omen of a great 2011 ahead...HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^^

From one very relieved Zhen.