Thursday, March 31, 2011

Virtual World Mishaps

Okay now that the peak of trauma has passed it's kind of funny...funny enough to blog about, lol.

So anyway I moved where I don't know ANYBODY. So I went into a frenzied online environment to try and make some local friends.

It's been some experience. For one thing, it's NOTHING like the real world...suddenly my usually very accurately intuitive antennae are all doublecrossed...I have NO IDEA how to work out if someone is decent or not. And I didn't want to be closed minded or presumptious. So I just talked to just about EVERYBODY. Bad move. Do you laugh at me for the very old man who has 10 kids and wants a baby incubator to reach the target goal of 12? Or for all the decrepit perverts...I can't remember the details they all got jumbled, lol. Or for the TRADES for pics where I got left shortchanged? Or the sensitive people I offended by impulsive unconsidered flippancy?

Again I learn once more how important the quality of discernment is, lol. And that there is PLENTY of room for social inadequacy and social retardness to rear its head even in the virtual realm ;)

The Modern World is too complicated. Hopefully I can just meet some nice people in real life :) Surprisingly, I'm not as bad at it as I thought I was which I discovered travelling, as long as I have an environment with a population, lol.

And my conclusion at the end of the day is...ASTROLOGY is a VERY ACCURATE predictor of whether you will get on with someone if you don't have the luxury of a real person in your midst. Why waste your time when you can just interpret a birthdate, no stress, no fuss, no effort wasted...yup this is the strategy the way forward, lol.

Children of God...

Shining like Stars in the Universe...
In a crooked and depraved generation.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Flood of Old Men.

For the last two months or so STRAIGHT I just keep meeting old man after old man, like REALLY OLD-I even have their contact details on my fridge LOL! They just seem to be my most natural mental connections and friends, so many fascinating and really satisfying worthwhile conversations :) Still, it's a little creepy-unusual...I find myself wondering if it's even possible to connect with ANY men closer to my own...decade!

What a Challenge...

Maybe I just need to adjust my aesthetic perceptions, lol.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whose feelings are they anyway?

THIS is one of the biggest challenges of being an distinguish whether what you feel is coming from you or whether you're actually experiencing others'....I really hope I master this soon!


For whatever weird reason all day I couldn't shake the thought that someone was thinking about me...only I had no idea who.

The BIG revelation this week was that I'm an extreme EMPATH and hence live a very unusual existence and am a lot more intuitive than I realised. So that makes me think even more that that niggly feeling I have is valid but I just can't seem to pinpoint the WHO. I guess all will reveal itself in time...

Maybe I'm just so exhausted from sheer overload that I'm getting delirious...I feel this way! In any case hopefully it will be a nice relaxing day out on the water in a few short hours...Sweet Dreams and RAINBOWS- yep I saw a huge one today and I just kept gawking at the beauty!

Love from Z! x

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little bit of excitement, lol

I went to see a MOVIE, lol no mean feat in woop woop. So, a little bit of excitement for the day....haha THE KING'S SPEECH actually. It was a good movie but a little slow for me, being impatient at all, no offense to stammerers but arghhhh that's what patient people were made for!

It was a pretty interesting day actually- true to form I met another two old white haired men older than my father...and we had interesting chats about shared interests. I see a recurring pattern here...LOL!

Damn I forgot what else I was going to much going on!!! Oh, I'm looking forward to going sailing :) What else? Hmmm I might remember tomorrow! *scatterbrain*

That's it I got lots of exciting packages this week, special deliveries- lol when it becomes so often they become less special :P

And other more interesting stuff but yeah they kind of slip my mind at the moment...

Hope you're all well...Dears!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Different Time, Different Place, Different Circumstance

I seem to meet a lot of random people transiently. Probably cos I'm a solitary one and don't hang around in groups. In any case I often meet a lot of offbeat people this way, ie they are guaranteed interesting :) I also meet a lot of super cool people this way. And often I find myself thinking if only...

Different Place, Different Time, Different Circumstance they'd be so meaningful to me.
Actually I have heard this one a lot lately "If only I'd met you earlier!"

Eh it kinda sucks.

Some people are cynical but I really do believe in "instant clicking" with people. I think for me this is the way it works...relationships don't always have to be such CONSCIOUS EFFORT...(except for Marriage, LOL)...Sometimes it really is about who you just "get along" with! And just between you and me I can pretty much guarantee 100% of these clicks can be explained by Astrological Compatibility ;) Seriously. I'd make an educated guess that Astrologers don't even bother making effort with people unless they have checked their chart...I know one who surfed the net saw a pretty face checked her birthday and then wrote to a complete random. She is now his wife- happily married...easy easy...cos of COMPATIBILITY. People who aren't compatible, sure you may LEARN a lot but it's always pain and kind of a waste of time in the whole scheme of Life is Short so why waste your time? (Unless of course you're needing Growth, pain in the ass that growth business is but makes us all the more wiser :)

Oh wow that was a serious aside and tangent- a first for me for a while LOL!

In any case just in case you needed a healthy lunch idea this is what I did yesterday in my 5 min simple healthy minimal ingredients meal challenge...and as usual it was tasty :) (p.s all the vegetables I use are 100% organic picked off a farm kinda thing....FRESH^^)

I didn't have a rice paper wrap or similar so I had to use an oat wrap which was a bit of a messy operation cos the juices just decimated it...I'd recommend a rice paper wrap a la Vietnamese rice paper roll type :)

Half a can of tuna in extra virgin olive oil, strained(the olive oil just preserves the tuna flavour better)
finely chopped garlic
pinch of italian herbs
half a tomato chopped.
a small zucchini chopped into thin short strips
a small teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

Sautee half of the garlic in the hot oil, dump in the herbs, zucchinis stirfry briefly. Mix in the tuna along with the other half of your garlic(yes this is raw). You then "bung" (can you tell I'm in Austraaalia?) this into the rice paper wrap along with your fresh chopped tomato...Yummy. Kid's Play. Well here's looking at just one big kid here ;) My alter Ego is the very old essence that mixes it with all the senior citizens. (I've learnt to manage what seems like having 2 personalities in one to many people...WHO says you can't be a child with wisdom or an old person with a youthful personality ALL IN ONE!?? Not everything is has to be discrete Black and White!!! hehe...)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 mins in the Kitchen with Z...

Cos let's face it Life's too Short to spend ages slaving away like I used to.

So since my health took the dive I've gotten really good at devising super healthy very quick meals with am emphasis on finest quality produce and EASE.

So this is what I came up with today which if I had to name it, it'd be

And all the quantities are approximate - it really is "a bit of this and a bit of that" in quantities to your taste.

*a handful of good quality cooked soba noodles
*some fresh seaweed strands cut into shorter strands you get in the vacuum packs (if it's salted make sure you rinse and soak well so you don't salt yourself to death)
*quarter to half of a lightly panfried (Tasmanian) Salmon cutlet(this cut seems like it has less bones) make sure it's well mashed with a fork so you can extract any stray bones esp if you're feeding the kids)
*1t-1T high quality Flaxseed oil(the bottles packed in dark glass or steel that are in the refrigerator)
*1t of crushed or finely ground flaxseeds (for texture) or for a flavour twist I think organic pinenuts would be great (but these are often rancid)

Swirl it all around...Voila! So simple even Mark who can't fry an Egg *^^* can look like a gourmet chef ;)

Okay maybe it took you more than 5 mins- the key is I always have the ground flaxseeds and panfried Tasmanian salmon in my fridge so I don't have to prepare those specially.

The key advantage of simple meals especially if you haven't the strongest digestive system is that there are less ingredients to conflict and ferment and stagnate in those'll feel better for it! Cheers to Good Health :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happily Country Bumpkified

LOVE LOVE WUV IT!!!! And I'm never EVER living in the city again. Good Riddance City Slickers! Cityfolk are scum. Once you live in the country and experience GOOD customer service, FRIENDLY people, CARING people, PEOPLE that are GIVERS with POSITIVE will never ever look back...

Finally, I feel like I fit in to society...people in the country share my viewpoints remarkably well about lots of things...and there are lots of old people. I love old people they are great. I made a new friend today- a 74 year old(yep my mum starts to realise time and time again that when I said I get along with REALLY OLD people in particular men, that I meant it hehe)

I'm really loving my neighbourly Kookaburra! And my Butt Hurts like Hell (Got a I just need to learn how to ride one...)

Oh my new friend's name is FRANK. I think this is the third or fourth one I met...I seem to always get along with people called Frank...maybe it is cos they live up to their name...and boy does the world need more upfront direct and honest genuine people!

Busy Busy...not online much anymore...LOooooong Story. But I'm always up for snail mail.

Oh, and I STILL love Germans. Germans and Old People- they're up there with animals...I mean....I love them for being as cool as I mean I like them you get what I mean...please.

p.s I'm really finding out how very irrelevant and USELESS all my years of book knowledge are to practical daily living out in the country... have TOTAL respect for all the Handy Andies that seem to populate the country-God Bless them...I'd be so screwed if it wasn't for them with all their fixes and repairs and solutions...feel like a pathetic little squealy city damsel in distress but each day I'm learning something cool new that makes me feel slightly less useless than the everage city office bound professional with too many initials after their name, manicured nails&perfect hair, expensive clothes, pressed collared shirts and ties & too much $ squandered away in their accounts or exuberant mortgages LOL. The nicest thing @ countryfolk is they are so nice and gracious about my ignorance- they don't rub it in and make me feel bad for all my uselessness & incompetence demonstrated...they tell me I don't even need to apologise and that I'm not being a pain in the ass and it's a pleasure to be able to help about NICE!!!! ^^