Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 mins in the Kitchen with Z...

Cos let's face it Life's too Short to spend ages slaving away like I used to.

So since my health took the dive I've gotten really good at devising super healthy very quick meals with am emphasis on finest quality produce and EASE.

So this is what I came up with today which if I had to name it, it'd be

And all the quantities are approximate - it really is "a bit of this and a bit of that" in quantities to your taste.

*a handful of good quality cooked soba noodles
*some fresh seaweed strands cut into shorter strands you get in the vacuum packs (if it's salted make sure you rinse and soak well so you don't salt yourself to death)
*quarter to half of a lightly panfried (Tasmanian) Salmon cutlet(this cut seems like it has less bones) make sure it's well mashed with a fork so you can extract any stray bones esp if you're feeding the kids)
*1t-1T high quality Flaxseed oil(the bottles packed in dark glass or steel that are in the refrigerator)
*1t of crushed or finely ground flaxseeds (for texture) or for a flavour twist I think organic pinenuts would be great (but these are often rancid)

Swirl it all around...Voila! So simple even Mark who can't fry an Egg *^^* can look like a gourmet chef ;)

Okay maybe it took you more than 5 mins- the key is I always have the ground flaxseeds and panfried Tasmanian salmon in my fridge so I don't have to prepare those specially.

The key advantage of simple meals especially if you haven't the strongest digestive system is that there are less ingredients to conflict and ferment and stagnate in those'll feel better for it! Cheers to Good Health :)


Anonymous said...

Love me some flax meal. Put it in everything!! Especially my morning smoothie, makes it taste nutty. You should start a food blog.

HappyOrganist said...

ah, digestive enzymes help ;D That is how I am able to eat so much sugar lately without the consequences (or w/o some of the consequences).
oh yeah

I love Salmon. I love seaweed, too (bet you didn't know that). And although it's not the same as seaweed, I had some Miso soup the other day - it was SOO nostalgic for me. My friend in elementary school used to serve that to me a lot (so brings back a lot of memories). She was a quarter Japanese - so she also liked that dried seaweed 'paper.' That is so good.
Hooray for seaweed and salmon. I seem to be drawn to flaxseed oil lately - but when I had some (upon buying a supplement the other day) it drove me crazy. Really. I had too much one day (gosh - probably only 1T.) and literally a few minutes later I was downstairs ready to harm someone (anybody). I was so mad. Just furious. And I stopped and thought "who am I mad at? why am I.. ?" And I wasn't mad at anyone. I'm positive it was a reaction to that oil. So I didn't take anymore (although I should have continued at least trying in smaller doses).
sorry that is a long comment.
cool recipe! =)
and fun to see you writing..

markymark2099 said...

Still too hard! I'll get my maid to cook it haha