Saturday, March 19, 2011

Different Time, Different Place, Different Circumstance

I seem to meet a lot of random people transiently. Probably cos I'm a solitary one and don't hang around in groups. In any case I often meet a lot of offbeat people this way, ie they are guaranteed interesting :) I also meet a lot of super cool people this way. And often I find myself thinking if only...

Different Place, Different Time, Different Circumstance they'd be so meaningful to me.
Actually I have heard this one a lot lately "If only I'd met you earlier!"

Eh it kinda sucks.

Some people are cynical but I really do believe in "instant clicking" with people. I think for me this is the way it works...relationships don't always have to be such CONSCIOUS EFFORT...(except for Marriage, LOL)...Sometimes it really is about who you just "get along" with! And just between you and me I can pretty much guarantee 100% of these clicks can be explained by Astrological Compatibility ;) Seriously. I'd make an educated guess that Astrologers don't even bother making effort with people unless they have checked their chart...I know one who surfed the net saw a pretty face checked her birthday and then wrote to a complete random. She is now his wife- happily married...easy easy...cos of COMPATIBILITY. People who aren't compatible, sure you may LEARN a lot but it's always pain and kind of a waste of time in the whole scheme of Life is Short so why waste your time? (Unless of course you're needing Growth, pain in the ass that growth business is but makes us all the more wiser :)

Oh wow that was a serious aside and tangent- a first for me for a while LOL!

In any case just in case you needed a healthy lunch idea this is what I did yesterday in my 5 min simple healthy minimal ingredients meal challenge...and as usual it was tasty :) (p.s all the vegetables I use are 100% organic picked off a farm kinda thing....FRESH^^)

I didn't have a rice paper wrap or similar so I had to use an oat wrap which was a bit of a messy operation cos the juices just decimated it...I'd recommend a rice paper wrap a la Vietnamese rice paper roll type :)

Half a can of tuna in extra virgin olive oil, strained(the olive oil just preserves the tuna flavour better)
finely chopped garlic
pinch of italian herbs
half a tomato chopped.
a small zucchini chopped into thin short strips
a small teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

Sautee half of the garlic in the hot oil, dump in the herbs, zucchinis stirfry briefly. Mix in the tuna along with the other half of your garlic(yes this is raw). You then "bung" (can you tell I'm in Austraaalia?) this into the rice paper wrap along with your fresh chopped tomato...Yummy. Kid's Play. Well here's looking at just one big kid here ;) My alter Ego is the very old essence that mixes it with all the senior citizens. (I've learnt to manage what seems like having 2 personalities in one to many people...WHO says you can't be a child with wisdom or an old person with a youthful personality ALL IN ONE!?? Not everything is has to be discrete Black and White!!! hehe...)

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