Thursday, March 31, 2011

Virtual World Mishaps

Okay now that the peak of trauma has passed it's kind of funny...funny enough to blog about, lol.

So anyway I moved where I don't know ANYBODY. So I went into a frenzied online environment to try and make some local friends.

It's been some experience. For one thing, it's NOTHING like the real world...suddenly my usually very accurately intuitive antennae are all doublecrossed...I have NO IDEA how to work out if someone is decent or not. And I didn't want to be closed minded or presumptious. So I just talked to just about EVERYBODY. Bad move. Do you laugh at me for the very old man who has 10 kids and wants a baby incubator to reach the target goal of 12? Or for all the decrepit perverts...I can't remember the details they all got jumbled, lol. Or for the TRADES for pics where I got left shortchanged? Or the sensitive people I offended by impulsive unconsidered flippancy?

Again I learn once more how important the quality of discernment is, lol. And that there is PLENTY of room for social inadequacy and social retardness to rear its head even in the virtual realm ;)

The Modern World is too complicated. Hopefully I can just meet some nice people in real life :) Surprisingly, I'm not as bad at it as I thought I was which I discovered travelling, as long as I have an environment with a population, lol.

And my conclusion at the end of the day is...ASTROLOGY is a VERY ACCURATE predictor of whether you will get on with someone if you don't have the luxury of a real person in your midst. Why waste your time when you can just interpret a birthdate, no stress, no fuss, no effort wasted...yup this is the strategy the way forward, lol.

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