Monday, March 14, 2011

Happily Country Bumpkified

LOVE LOVE WUV IT!!!! And I'm never EVER living in the city again. Good Riddance City Slickers! Cityfolk are scum. Once you live in the country and experience GOOD customer service, FRIENDLY people, CARING people, PEOPLE that are GIVERS with POSITIVE will never ever look back...

Finally, I feel like I fit in to society...people in the country share my viewpoints remarkably well about lots of things...and there are lots of old people. I love old people they are great. I made a new friend today- a 74 year old(yep my mum starts to realise time and time again that when I said I get along with REALLY OLD people in particular men, that I meant it hehe)

I'm really loving my neighbourly Kookaburra! And my Butt Hurts like Hell (Got a I just need to learn how to ride one...)

Oh my new friend's name is FRANK. I think this is the third or fourth one I met...I seem to always get along with people called Frank...maybe it is cos they live up to their name...and boy does the world need more upfront direct and honest genuine people!

Busy Busy...not online much anymore...LOooooong Story. But I'm always up for snail mail.

Oh, and I STILL love Germans. Germans and Old People- they're up there with animals...I mean....I love them for being as cool as I mean I like them you get what I mean...please.

p.s I'm really finding out how very irrelevant and USELESS all my years of book knowledge are to practical daily living out in the country... have TOTAL respect for all the Handy Andies that seem to populate the country-God Bless them...I'd be so screwed if it wasn't for them with all their fixes and repairs and solutions...feel like a pathetic little squealy city damsel in distress but each day I'm learning something cool new that makes me feel slightly less useless than the everage city office bound professional with too many initials after their name, manicured nails&perfect hair, expensive clothes, pressed collared shirts and ties & too much $ squandered away in their accounts or exuberant mortgages LOL. The nicest thing @ countryfolk is they are so nice and gracious about my ignorance- they don't rub it in and make me feel bad for all my uselessness & incompetence demonstrated...they tell me I don't even need to apologise and that I'm not being a pain in the ass and it's a pleasure to be able to help about NICE!!!! ^^


HappyOrganist said...

Handy Andies are cool (what a cool name).
Well that is awesome that you are having fun. old people rock!
And snail mail is awesome.

well I should throw something negative in this comment just to balance it out.. but I don't have anything.

Are you learning how to farm?

markymark2099 said...

Good to hear from you! Keep living life to the fullest :)

Franko Gnedo said...

I agree frankness is important :)