Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm envying cold blooded creatures.

Apart from that the highlight of my weekend besides conscientious meditation was seeing a poor full sized full haired Old English sheepdog (twice) who I'm sure must navigate with his nose cos I sure couldn't see any eyes (and I looked very carefully!)

Dinner was an alfresco Moroccan meal with a view of the ocean. I particularly liked all the ornamental decorations and all the little clay dishes especially those pointy lid things whatever they're called. Unfortunately though, my couscous still tastes better ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rude, but Funny.

Oh yeah with all that ranting and raving I forgot the one thing that brought a wry smile to my face-it came in the mailbox as usual...

It was a letter.

From my health fund. Asking me to consider upgrading my insurance policy to include pregnancy and childbirth services...yeah right!!! I hardly think it possible when there is nobody I'd even want to touch with a 10foot bargepole in this city :p

In any case I thought, unsolicited, it made for a a pretty rude mail offering...but I guess their computer automatically generates these "cordial invitations" once a female hits a certain age...

geez, if I think about it, it's pretty offensive!!!

Shan, I'd like to hear what your reaction would have been...

p.s I think I definitely live up to the title "Grandma" cos I still can't bring myself to buy a pair of shorts to wear under my arty dress cos they are all SO SHORT! lol, the irony.

She who wears a Scowl on her face...Part 2.


geez, no wonder I was so keen to banish myself to some remote paradise and be a hermit since a tender age...

This is what happened last night...

I was sitting at home watching the Amazing Race when I heard a key turning in my door-that's strange I thought I went and looked in my peephole and there was some random lout trying all my neighbours doors as well! Not only that but he came back and tried my door again! I was standing on the other side of the door just watching- as usual I couldn't even speak, I couldn't believe how BRAZEN the guy was, to try while people are at home! In any case, I was thoroughly creeped out and didn't sleep well all night.

Apart from that yesterday, I also discovered a bit of an animal activist I didn't even realise I had in me except I found myself confronting a pet shop person about the abominable state of the animals in her shop...she was pretty pissed TOTAL DENIAL maintaining her animals are healthy...geez do you really think it takes a vet to see that animals aren't in great condition??!!!

In any case I felt so angry...yet was horrible. Later I saw one of the usual bums on the street asking for money for a bed for the night. I thought to myself seeing as I cared enough to speak out for the animals surely I should care about the human being too? No was the sad reply in my head...children and animals are innocent but adult humans rarely are...

in any case after a particularly bad week in the city, I am just thoroughly disgusted with the state of humanity here...I guess that is why I will devote 10 hours of this weekend to meditation...cos I think I NEED IT!!! Definitely, I am turning into a misanthrope. Hopefully I will find some fellow evolved spiritual types that can give me back some faith in fellow human beings in this part of the world.

In any case today I am playing it safe...not even going to exit my door, that way I have less chance to have a reason to get pissed off!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

She who wears a scowl on her face...

It is only a constant in the city...promise!

Can you guess WHY?

It is cos of all the bad daily interactions with the rest of its sh*tty inhabitants.

Went to my first ballet tonight which would have been a great evening had I not encountered some scumbag who actually GRABBED me by the arm!!!

How dare he TOUCH was at that moment in the video screen of my mind I was holding a baseball bat and beating the living daylights out of him!!!

But instead I uttered a few clumsy words and when he persisted to harrass me gave a stare which probably = a death glare- whatever the case, it worked.

I still feel seriously PISSED OFF though and as soon as I came home I soaped my arm with antiseptic soapwash!

I HATE THE CITY!!! :-ppp

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm just not cut out to be a...Geek!

In fact, I only just qualify as a Nerd.

Apparently in the relativity stakes, I am too cool for I'm not as Super Nerd as I once fancied myself to be.

ANYWAY...yesterday I thought I entered Geek Territory cos I finally worked out what Google Chrome is and got all excited about it since it makes life so much quicker.

Even dandier I discovered....there are PORTABLE foldup full sized keyboards (inherited from my geek relative), hysterical- I was pretty intrigued actually...

I also got his old Palm...but alas I can't get it to quite work with my laptop...damn I think it's not any case it was a sense of familiarity being reunited with a Palm Device...I inherited one ages ago and used it until it busted so I am totally au fait with all the "Graffiti" business... I got this one since I thought it would come in handy with mobile business now...In any case even if the Hotsynching doesn't work, I think it's cool to save a few trees cos BOY do I burn through a whole lot of paper with how much I write on a daily basis!

In other things, I had a really IRRITATING GRATING kind of day of those I hate the city and all its inhabitants kinds of days...cos the first person I happened to encounter today was one of those completely negative vibes kinds of conspiracy theorist "the world is out to get me" persons...these people grate like nothing else, cos they are always on the defensive you can't even have a decent conversation or ask an innocent question.

I am so glad I rarely meet these people... I can't stand them! They whinge they whine about how they always attract horrible people to them...geez, I wonder WHY? We Happy Positive Beans get a 30s whiff of them and feel so bad we don't want to stick around!

Hello Baby!

Meet Tofu :)

Not MY dog exactly, but kind of in a six degrees of separation, defacto kind of way, haha...

It's nice to dream...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

To be Honest...

Update: 23 November 2009...and just half a day later, the ambient temperature is just HALF that of yesterday....*sigh of relief*...My Sanity Can Finally Be Restored!!!

I'm just here now to GRIZZLE.



This is actually the hottest I recall ever experiencing in Oz...I have never had so much discomfort from clothes sticking to my butt!

And I've never felt so unconcerned to just go around scantily not do so would be friggin INSANE!

In any case, the one highlight of my day was a delightful little Turkish meal. What a great way to tantalise the tastebuds- I'd say the flavoursome flavours are definitely up there with my favourite food...Spanish!!!

I dared venture out to the beach about 6pm but it was still packed and the water temperature compared to the ambient temperature was just too disparate so I didn't end up going swimming- also the waves were way too rough...

I'm really tired of this sweat sticking me and my clothes to everything- this beiing the 3rd day in the's just all getting...tiring!

The only people enjoying this heat blast I think would be those airconditioned businesses...seriously everybody goes to the shopping mall to hide in the shelter of the relative cool...and with nothing else to do those tills just ring big!

Diffuseness and The Grey Zone...

I've always been a black and white kinda gal. But I notice myself moving into the Grey Zone...I guess that is a sign of...maturity?

But in any case I notice that being diffuse as opposed to polar can actually make for quite a dull personality. I was talking to two chick friends of mine...and they kind of got into a slightly heated discussion.

In any case I love a good intellectual discussion(not argument) so I was still trying to contribute my 2c here and there, but in the end I realised I wasn't taking a side and it was just BORING! Not to mention the two sparring bulls had stopped listening to my input since I was not helping either of their cause...

I think I noticed I just have this ability to be readily able to see both sides of an argumemt especially where there isn't an abhorrent lack of ethics or amorality involved. So in the end I just fencesit cos to me neither is right or wrong! I think this can piss off the more emotional and unobjective brains of normal females...

I guess in this sense I can be that grey kind of open minded...I guess it's a good thing to move away from monochromatic extremes...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yep, this is what I call HOT!

the last 24 hours or more my pants have stuck to my butt cos of...sweat! and that's just doing deskwork...yep, that's disgusting!

I think there is a valid case for nudity in this country...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Are there any Life Path number 22s out there?

I'm starting to feel like a super duper alien...and as a rare life path number 11, apparently the only major compatibility I have with anybody is if they are a very rare 22...

I am just yet to meet one....but possibly one of you blogger friends might be one?

In any case sometimes I think being a supercharged master number is a bit of a burden- I want someone to moan and whine to that will understand...

p.s I got a nifty little cheap compact that is not such an anxiety to take travelling...Panasonic Lumix FS4. For how cheap it is, I'm pretty happy- and as my first tiny baby camera ever, boy am I relieved about the portability and snapability!! In any case, that makes 4 to my camera family...Welcome, Fred!

Love from Buddy(Canon Rebel SLR), Neo(Canon G3) and Horace(Ailing Canon 450D DSLR).

You will notice Fred is the first diversion from the Canon family...although Canon do make good snappy cams, I've had so many issues with Horace from the word GO, I decided to take my business elsewhere for a spin...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How short is too short?

If you have been in any women's clothing store in the last two years here, you would have noticed the "look" here has been getting progressively more and more skanky e.g tops are down to HERE, skirts and shorts are UP TO HERE, Heels are Sky High, Tops are all see through and/or sexified cuts. If you even want to dress even half way conservative and not dowdy, well, it can be a bit of a challenge...and frankly, YOU are the weirdo, not the norm!

So anyway, I spied this...arty dress...ooh it was so pretty and SO IMPRACTICAL it had about 1000 sequins on it and Tassels! I said, ARTY!!! In any case when I tried it actually looked good, it actually FIT and was...attractively arty! Only problem was...boy was it ever...SHORT! It only just covered my ass...and definitely not when I sit!

But in my artistic appreciation, I rationalised I could wear shorts or jeans under it...when I'm outside, and that in all reality, it would probably end up hanging in my wardrobe most of the year like my Infamous green coat which cost a bomb and which I admire hanging there most of the year cos it is too "nice" to wear out into the dirty smelly streets...

So basically, my question short is too short?!!! Should I keep it or return the just covers ass any case haha when I put it on I was like ha impressive! this "past her prime girl" can so pull off a just covers ass dress! LOL, do I sound like a woman on the verge of their almost 30 midlife crisis? yikes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Contradiction in Terms...

I felt wildly batty like Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when at 8.30pm at night, I suddenly decided "I feel like a Night-time picnic!"

The best part was, my friend who was in the area and her friend actually came! LOL To be honest though, it's only cos I've known her since school...they both thought I'm kinda crazy except that she has had many years to get used to the way I am -lol!

I realised perhaps when I have leeway to act on whims and Be My Eccentric Self is when I feel Happiest. Just, usually I am so between Busy-Exhausted, that I had forgotten about this quintessential aspect of myself.

The funniest part was after lounging on the grass under the stars eating chocolate custard like Boho at its best, when arriving home I checked my mail....and my tickets to the Ballet had arrived!

LOL I guess this is why there is that saying "A Contradiction in Terms" or a "Walking Contradiction".

p.s another "on a whim" carried out today...I've signed up for an entire weekend of about hardcore!*LOL


I think I am so used to being so sheltered and protected my whole life, now, I have absolutely no idea how to deal with confrontational situations myself....arghhh!

On a cheerier note, unwind with this fantastic band I just discovered who have a very happy go lucky relaxing style of music...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Business Card!

Okay, so it's not actually done yet but I've seen the first mockup done by my very talented graphic designer friend....arghhhh-so exciting!!!

Hopefully when all the edits have been done and it's printed it'll look even more fabulous!!

I feel so dumb that despite having a degree in digital media I have NO IDEA how to do my own business card....however, I DO have a great eye so yeah this way works well too...and I am SO LUCKY my friend is all new eager beaver making a portfolio so is doing it for free!

I will shout her to a nice dinner or show though...I can only just remember the countless hours I used to spend rubbing out pixels in a prior life :P

Friday, November 13, 2009

All Crazy Business

I think the electrical storm vibe went to my head. I have exciting plans in mind, the first of which is going to a remote destination I randomly dreamt about quite some years ago....just curious ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exciting, Lucky!

So, yesterday when I woke up with 6 rainbows next to my head I was....coooool!

Today I was blessed with an amazing sight...not one but TWO whales frolicking in the ocean- so much that you could actually see the two tails come way out into the air!!! I've seen a whale or two before but to see two together frolicking so much out of the water...that was truly special....

I also witnessed an amazing electrical storm....this was fantastic! Not heeding warnings however, I also got COMPLETELY DRENCHED, but it was incredibly cleansing being out in so much electrical activity and rain-much better than a usual drenching from pouring rain...very rejuvenating!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm still pooped.

And I've been feeling thoroughly demoralised about the state of the world and the vast majority of the rest of the human species...

I hate being idealistic.

In any case, when I woke up there were 6 rainbows next to my head!!! So yeah, that's gotta make you feel marginally better, RIGHT?

Also, starting on my bday I've seen 1111 SO MANY, the spiritual burden some of us have to bear...

I wish the rest of the world could be good too. Maybe, if I want to shelter in a bubble of a virtuous community of humans, I need to go join a monastery, or something!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

...Crumples into Exhausted Heap...

So, this is the first bday I am entering (tomorrow technically) where I don't have something pressing hanging over my head- YEEHAH!

In any case I'm looking forward to sleeeeep- been so crazy busy...but finished 1.5 days ago- since I have to get teeth work part 2 done later today I celebrated together with end of exams with my bday twin! It was pretty cool...cos we like exactly the same things so we started out in a boardgames cafe playing Pictionary over milkshakes, then paella and sangria at my favourite Spanish place(yay I finally worked out what the secret flavour in their sangria's something like chinotto- (sweet with refreshing bitter aftertaste)...then as we were about to leave out came the flamenco dancers which was pretty cool(but I felt exhausted just watching them exert so much raw energy).

Cos we ate way too much we then took a walk where, to our delight they were blowing fireworks off the Opera House-not bad! All in all, it was a REALLY good night...and now, I can finally crumple into an exhausted heap and then finally give my place a good clean and do the laundry before I run out of underwear...and then make up for all that accumulated lost sleep cos otherwise I don't have enough energy to do all the fun things I have on my list which I've spent the whole year dreaming about and compiling...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was reading about how Nicole Kidman burnt all her old journals...which caused me to open and flick through one of my old ones...I came across this excerpt:

Sometimes certain words will conjure up strong images - sometimes full on video clips in my mind....whenever I hear the word COMMITMENT I imagine being a cockroach or a mouse/rat scurrying on the kitchen floor or through pipes and along skirting boards where human hands can't reach them. Occasionally the rat gets caught by its tail picked up, stared at, it stares back blanky and then wriggles away again, making for the nearest warm nook and cranny to take shelter...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Little Giggle

Before I stick my head on the chopping block anyway :P

I was checking my cooler blog and noticed that if you type in "what if I smell pot on a student" you can get to it...also "can't stop sneezing cold" and "I smell of pot". LOL, glad to know that blog is of such great community service...

at the end of the day...INNOCENT(unless proven guilty).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Old Soul=Party Pooper?

Being an old soul stuck in a young case stuck in a young soul society....sheesh sometimes I feel like such a party pooper, but I can't help it. We just have different interests, values and for the most part we just want PEACE AND QUIET free from the drama, chaos and seeming triviality of our surrounds. This was pretty much the pertinent conversation B'day Twin and I had sitting under a shady tree for a few hours instead of cramming like we should really be doing...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hit a Wall

I am SO SICK of studying. I am SOOOOOO bored. So bored in fact I was getting all these crazy ideas...of how to relieve my boredom...

*Blergh! Self Discipline...

Apart from that only interesting thing that happened lately was that someone randomly told me I have a yellow aura-what the hell is that I wondered?

Apparently...SPIRITUAL FREEDOM!!! :)