Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm just not cut out to be a...Geek!

In fact, I only just qualify as a Nerd.

Apparently in the relativity stakes, I am too cool for school...so I'm not as Super Nerd as I once fancied myself to be.

ANYWAY...yesterday I thought I entered Geek Territory cos I finally worked out what Google Chrome is and got all excited about it since it makes life so much quicker.

Even dandier I discovered....there are PORTABLE foldup full sized keyboards (inherited from my geek relative)...lol, hysterical- I was pretty intrigued actually...

I also got his old Palm...but alas I can't get it to quite work with my laptop...damn I think it's not compatible...in any case it was a sense of familiarity being reunited with a Palm Device...I inherited one ages ago and used it until it busted so I am totally au fait with all the "Graffiti" business... I got this one since I thought it would come in handy with mobile business now...In any case even if the Hotsynching doesn't work, I think it's cool to save a few trees cos BOY do I burn through a whole lot of paper with how much I write on a daily basis!

In other things, I had a really IRRITATING GRATING kind of day today...one of those I hate the city and all its inhabitants kinds of days...cos the first person I happened to encounter today was one of those completely negative vibes kinds of conspiracy theorist "the world is out to get me" persons...these people grate like nothing else, cos they are always on the defensive you can't even have a decent conversation or ask an innocent question.

I am so glad I rarely meet these people... I can't stand them! They whinge they whine about how they always attract horrible people to them...geez, I wonder WHY? We Happy Positive Beans get a 30s whiff of them and feel so bad we don't want to stick around!


markymark2099 said...

Yeah...if you were a geek, you'd be trying to debug the Chrome source code :P

And you wouldve known about Chrome when it came out a year ago :P

HappyOrganist said...

Oh shut it. Of course you are!


zee said...

Friggin hell mate, why didn't you tell me a year ago!!! Saves so much time!!!

And nup, no probs...the geeks should be working on debugging explorer and firefox :p

p.s Guess you just outed yourself as a super geek in the public arena...lol, shhhhh!

H.O everytime people ask me my name I go ummmm, ahhhh and have to think for a bit on what I feel like for the day...cos I sure have a menagerie of all sorts of them! I think I will add "Punk" to the list - I don't know I just like it...it's...CATCHY! Thanks :)