Wednesday, November 25, 2009

She who wears a scowl on her face...

It is only a constant in the city...promise!

Can you guess WHY?

It is cos of all the bad daily interactions with the rest of its sh*tty inhabitants.

Went to my first ballet tonight which would have been a great evening had I not encountered some scumbag who actually GRABBED me by the arm!!!

How dare he TOUCH was at that moment in the video screen of my mind I was holding a baseball bat and beating the living daylights out of him!!!

But instead I uttered a few clumsy words and when he persisted to harrass me gave a stare which probably = a death glare- whatever the case, it worked.

I still feel seriously PISSED OFF though and as soon as I came home I soaped my arm with antiseptic soapwash!

I HATE THE CITY!!! :-ppp


HappyOrganist said...

you shoulda kissed him. They never expect that, and it catches them off guard.
You give it a try next time, chum.

Although that could backfire.. cause an increase in crime.
well I'm all out of ideas.

Franko Gnedo said...

I'm sorry to hear your unpleasant experience. I do not understand what goes through some crazy people's minds to do such things. The city of Perth has its fair share of crazy people. I wrote about one night in my blog, I think it was called Perth Streets. Th vast majority of people are very good though. Do not loose faith in the goodness in the world. It is still a great place although in some parts of our cities at night it can seem like a hell.

Evil Shannanigans said...

kick him in the balss next time. He will get the message