Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Contradiction in Terms...

I felt wildly batty like Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when at 8.30pm at night, I suddenly decided "I feel like a Night-time picnic!"

The best part was, my friend who was in the area and her friend actually came! LOL To be honest though, it's only cos I've known her since school...they both thought I'm kinda crazy except that she has had many years to get used to the way I am -lol!

I realised perhaps when I have leeway to act on whims and Be My Eccentric Self is when I feel Happiest. Just, usually I am so between Busy-Exhausted, that I had forgotten about this quintessential aspect of myself.

The funniest part was after lounging on the grass under the stars eating chocolate custard like Boho at its best, when arriving home I checked my mail....and my tickets to the Ballet had arrived!

LOL I guess this is why there is that saying "A Contradiction in Terms" or a "Walking Contradiction".

p.s another "on a whim" carried out today...I've signed up for an entire weekend of meditation....talk about hardcore!*LOL

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Evil Shannanigans said...

oooh which ballet? I saw sleeping beauty last year and it was great