Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exciting, Lucky!

So, yesterday when I woke up with 6 rainbows next to my head I was....coooool!

Today I was blessed with an amazing sight...not one but TWO whales frolicking in the ocean- so much that you could actually see the two tails come way out into the air!!! I've seen a whale or two before but to see two together frolicking so much out of the water...that was truly special....

I also witnessed an amazing electrical storm....this was fantastic! Not heeding warnings however, I also got COMPLETELY DRENCHED, but it was incredibly cleansing being out in so much electrical activity and rain-much better than a usual drenching from pouring rain...very rejuvenating!


HappyOrganist said...

You Changed your Name! !!!
guess you already knew that ..

miruspeg said...

Rainbows, whales and an electrical have been blessed!

I was driving in that electrical storm last night to philosophy.
Wow it was magic seeing the sky light up. I wish I had my camera with me and I would have stopped and taken some shots. :)

Happy Organist you just cracked me up again with your comment!!!


Z said...

and the 1111s!(I think it was 3-4X only today-dying down now maybe cos I got the msg after so may days worth....but yeah with me when it rains, it pours and when there is drought it's so arid the earth is cracked...LOL ;)

I took a pic of the whales with a small zoom but could enlarge the image via computer...I saw the whale was completely jumped out of the water! when you see tails from the horizon I guess that means they are fully out of the water!!!! also they had the white underbelly and were black so I wonder if they were killer whales...

I really wanted to take the lightning bolts but by this time the rain was too heavy - my cousin and I literally looked like we had fallen into the ocean-haha!

Evil Shannanigans said...


So cool. I wanted to go whale watching in Vancouver last year but we never got around to it. Im going back in July so maybe then