Sunday, November 22, 2009

To be Honest...

Update: 23 November 2009...and just half a day later, the ambient temperature is just HALF that of yesterday....*sigh of relief*...My Sanity Can Finally Be Restored!!!

I'm just here now to GRIZZLE.



This is actually the hottest I recall ever experiencing in Oz...I have never had so much discomfort from clothes sticking to my butt!

And I've never felt so unconcerned to just go around scantily not do so would be friggin INSANE!

In any case, the one highlight of my day was a delightful little Turkish meal. What a great way to tantalise the tastebuds- I'd say the flavoursome flavours are definitely up there with my favourite food...Spanish!!!

I dared venture out to the beach about 6pm but it was still packed and the water temperature compared to the ambient temperature was just too disparate so I didn't end up going swimming- also the waves were way too rough...

I'm really tired of this sweat sticking me and my clothes to everything- this beiing the 3rd day in the's just all getting...tiring!

The only people enjoying this heat blast I think would be those airconditioned businesses...seriously everybody goes to the shopping mall to hide in the shelter of the relative cool...and with nothing else to do those tills just ring big!


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

I'm not very interesting, but I do have a blog... I think!?

Best Wishes, Shane.

HappyOrganist said...

Have you tried a wet t-shirt? (i mean at home, this may not work at school). When it gets really hot here, I wet a t-shirt, ring it out, and put it on. It really cools me down.
Also, wet t-shirt around the neck can help.

do you have some kind of air conditioning? We have just an evaporative cooler (not central air), but it works out ok. Aluminum foil on the windows helps (a ton). Be trendy and do it.

zee said...

Shane, perhaps it will be you in the bright blue board shorts with clouds and rainbows in 7 years time ;) Just hang in there, you wouldn't want to miss out would you? Heroinhead or not, this is the time of the saturn return-everyone at this age is going through some kind of their own "mid-life crisis" very experienced psych clinician/lecturer confirms around 30 is the TRUE age of mid life crisis...

Hey, H.O Those are some handy tips there, thanks! I don't like the wet t-shirt look- it's kinda skanky...I did inadvertently catch a few waves and sport a very wet butt though. Seawater butt beats sweaty butt hands down - lol.

Yeah the wet towel on the neck takes advantage of that great point Dazhui. No air conditioning...I need to wait till I can have a house...That foil idea is super weird cool maybe I can make a spaceship to go with the alien-haha!

Whitney said...

well that Dazhui - that's why I mentioned that, you know. I knew you'd understand.

zee said...

WHITNEY huh? hehe I like!

How many personas do you have anyway? LOL join the multiple personality is more interesting this way, lol.

HappyOrganist said...

what the hell heck.

holy cow.

what a pain. that is not even MY account!

HappyOrganist said...

I have really got to start paying better attention to what I'm logged in as.

The trouble is this: log in to gmail or hotmail and then log in to blogger - and either of those paths can lead me to being logged in under a different username (it's really quite complicated and annoying). Anyway. I have to be very careful.
I guess the new one is another family member's account entirely. Though how I could have accidentally been logged in that way - I haven't a clue.

Glad it's cooled down for you.

Evil Shannanigans said...

We are having an unseasonably warm November....Rain I tell you! It should be snow but Im thankful its not. I was out in just jeans and a hoodie today and was warm!