Monday, November 28, 2011

Down the internet drain: Life staring at a screen

It's so easy to live your life in the virtual's so easy to get sucked in with all the candy available on the internet, to be lured by colourful characters and wonderful personas...

The reason I say this is because it's quite alarming how much many people don't see any line between virtual and real worlds...

It's particularly alarming this trend of people falling in love with people they never met...not saying that I'm's just disturbing how "sure" people can seem to be about someone before they even meet them...

I think much of it is false hope, illusion. Delusion. On a grand scale. And most of the world is sucked in and addicted. Even with me it's like varying suction on a vacuum cleaner how much I can't walk by a live internet connection without checking something or walk past a computer without turning it on (especially when it is raining outside all week :P)...whatever the case, the computer internet life is not a healthy existence...why do people reject the open sky, the vibrant light of day, a refreshing breeze and the damp caress of fresh grass for what? An existence in front of a lit screen in a dim box.

In any case of course I wouldn't get sucked in bar something pretty unique and special. I just got sent a video of telekinesis...that's quite a trick! In any case my first ego thought was "surely I can do it too I should try!" lol...reminds me of the time I found myself in front of a "magician" who was just practising basic science tricks...well one trick he couldn't explain by science cos it really was..."magic" anyway as soon as I saw it I was like hey I think I can do it too! So right there in front of an audience I performed the trick back to him...skill :) And as unbelieving as I am I even verified later with members of the audience that they weren't just emptily stroking my say I did it when I didn't...

Sweet Memories. Perhaps a lot of it is about belief. Which is what you find you have before your thinking, deliberating mind has any time to kick in and spoil the fun!

Okay enough procrastination...catching up on house duties calls! Three weekends straight of more than 24 hour days=One very trashed Grandma :) LOL, you only live once!!!

OMG Do I stink of DOG POO?!!!!

Not sure if it was purely psychological but I almost thought I caught a whiff of it on me after I got swamped by dogs!!! 3 cocker spaniels and 1 golden lab were jumping all over me in the park! As just a wee thing this was intimidating and scary to say the least and seriously they got so comfy that the cocker spaniel just sat its BUTT on me and ...boy oh boy dogs are soooo affectionate no wonder I turned into a cat girl!!!

Totally no space/boundary respect whatsoever lol! Slurp lick kiss drool...arghhhhhh!

Anyway the owner(s) were quite amused...and we got into a nice looooong chat.

Anyway although it did totally alarm the germaphobe in me and as soon as I came home dumped EVERYTHING in the wash and took a much needed shower(never felt filthier)...But I comforted myself in the belief that...animals always know who the *cool* people are ;) ;)

Anyway it was my fun *random stranger* and *interesting conversation* for the day :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Voluntary Simplicity

This is the big concept in flashing lights I've had in my head the past day or so. Very complicated intense persons definitely should DO THIS....conscientiously make the effort to keep everything as simple as possible!!! So yes day one into the practice with renewed discipline and vigour has been good...caught up on DOWNTIME for the last crazy two weeks...why is it we modern people never know how to we always have to cram our schedules jampacked even in leisure so that we are just constantly exhausted and checking our planners and watches??

Today I really took pleasure in cooking a decent meal probably the first for the entire week! A sweet potato, chicken, silverbeet, parsley, spring onion and lettuce rice, okay with a small cherry tomato thrown in...(weird combo of veggies as those were what was ready to harvest from my garden)...then I mopped my floors a little..geez I am worse than a CAT- high maintenance re combatting the way I malt head hair!!! and then I settled on the couch for a couple of hours engrossed in reading THE HEAVENLY my mother has a chinese expression to describe...I can't remember the words but it means something like "not a peep/sound came out"...then I took a nap...quick check of the email and then I will lay up on the couch to finish out the book...and then I will finish tackling KOYAANISQATSI...before heading to bed at a decent hour prepared for the early morning wake up for church. wow, what a civilised day. Good thing my friend was so exhausted she had to cancel our afternoon tea and dinner date...cos I am seriously pooped too and needed this day to myself...

So my conclusion is I love such a life devoid of drama and complications...I feel like I already got too much of the complicated drama etc under my belt by a young age so I'm totally enamoured by this revelation of sorts of the back to basics simplicity of life which is the way it should be except that the unhealthy culture of modern society tends to encourage us all to be crazy!

The best thing about the life of Voluntary Simplicity and hermitude is that sticking close to God it is very very easy to achieve a previously elusive consistent PEACE. Thank God!!!

Peace in Solitude

I think this is the thing I REALLY APPRECIATE lately.

I don't think most people get it at all though...they just think I'm weird. But BOY am I thankful for solitude, even experiencing the car crash of roller coaster emotions of other people by association that go nuts crazy and irrational due to social/romantic issues is just too much disturbance to the peace I am used to relishing in in my "sanctuary"! :D

So yeah I'm all into hermit escape mode in a bid to protect this peace while I recuperate and rest up from too much social is just so much simpler and soooo luxuriously peaceful when you only have to cater for yourself...of course friendship is awesome but except for those minority few in the world that are quite contented by relations with people that have messy social issues is one drain I don't need right now...of course no man is an island but I don't really like "the social network" effect either. So I guess my favourite people in the world are happily married people, happily single people, really old people and pre-pubescent kids...YAY!

So my best friends will be God and taking refuge in and indulging my interests...I think overly complicated people just really do need very very simple lives to balance them out...maybe that is why I am so drawn to farming...and nature, and animals...

I still need to add piano lessons to this I think. I love to zone out with music and film perhaps but I hate the messy clean up after!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gold! & Balki Bartokomous...

I feel I struck GOLD recently as I seem to have finally managed to find in my own geography a real life actual INTJ female, or she might be an ENTJ but whatever the case it is very refreshing!!! And a real relief to find a girl that doesn't just want to talk about other people's gossip and relationships all day and has very little else to offer...

Anyway between the one male INTJ and one female INTJ I have now identified in my own geography I'm finding the unique similarities across all of us very amusing. And a great relief. And very amusing. But anyway it's nice to know that I am some semblance of just like everybody else once you change the context...enough ;)

In any case the other thing that has me incredibly amused like hilariously rolling around on the floor kind of funny (in my mind) that one of my foreign penpals reminds me very much of BALKI BARTOKOMOUS from that old comedy "Perfect Strangers"? A blend of THAT and SHELDON FROM BIG BANG THEORY who is probably also INTJ. Anyway the English words and expressions I am being taught and HAVE NEVER HEARD OR SEEN EVER from a NON native English speaker is keeping this wordaphile very amused and even giving the old brain exercise it hasn't had in some time warranting huge meals to be eaten after a reply just so that I still feel blood is being supplied to my head... Also to reread the frank no holds barred opinions I have written to him when describing Australia, its culture and its society and social trends...for the sake of politeness I won't repeat them here. But definitely I am a fan of vivid visual imagery and simile when I describe very funny on that level.

There are also very interesting facts about other cultures that blow my mind comparing to the country I am used to...such as that doctors get paid peanuts and intellectuals are the lowest of the low and that if you say you are a doctor for example no female will go out with my leg being pulled? Will have to see, but it might just take some more light centuries to find another exotic creature from the same country to verify...

In any case the weather is really making things ick - one day so hot and humid need to walk around clothes-less and the next I am shivering cold even in my winter blankets and having to wear a dressing gown...not to mention it is all constantly raining and floods of puddles outside so my cumulative bike learning and practice is all thwarted. I guess I could just ride a straight flat cycleway but I don't think that would prepare me appropriately for all the conditions of the area...I need to be comfortably doing figure 8s so that I can dodge obstacles at least!! And I need to work out all the gear things there are so many uneven bits and potholes and hills...

I hope you are having better weather in your part of the world! Cheers :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I finally resolved my culture conflicts :)

I realised my root problem is that truly CULTURED people and CULTURE are a bit harder to come by here but when I do meet them they are just as cool and relief as CULTURED people from any far flung corner of the world! So yes, I made peace with that. Great :)

Basically as long as I can get my CULTURE and CULTURED conversations instead of the usual blank stares or mundane conversations then I'm a Happy Bean :) Recently reported and published actually was a study that said CULTURED people and those that engage and indulge in CULTURE are actually happier people...I guess that possibly could explain why lots of people seem miserable...but yeah I agree there are lots of other problems that exist in life...

There was also another study I came upon that said optimistic people although they may experience negativity as much as other people they respond more extremely to positive events...I think being hypersensitive I respond extremely to both positive and negative events...but possibly positive ones a bit more zealously than negative ones. To be honest I don't really know how to do calm equanimity myself...but at least I have a better idea on how to tap into the peace of God when I need to...

Anyway, Grandma is still recovering from the weekend...and still working out how to ride a bike...apparently I need a CARPARK to do figure 8s in! But at least I got my bike tweaked/fixed and now it is a lot more comfortable and feels a lot was locking up cos I was pedalling too hard while changing the front gear which was a bit scary...

I saw a film I quite enjoyed today THE INVENTION OF LYING. Ricky Gervais of The (proper) "The Office". I still need to see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS...maybe tomorrow. I feel like I'm trying to cram so much in...I've also started reading THE HEAVENLY MAN which is very cool :)

I also got two more new cds in half a was a jazz compilation which supports the Japanese tsunami relief fund...which is nice in the cool of night but chaotic and headachey when the weather is hot and humid and the other was Radiohead's IN RAINBOWS which meets all time lows in terms of CD packaging...I mean sending STICKERS for you to post on your own plastic casing??...sheesh! What IS the world coming to? Well I only complain cos it sucks for people who lack skill & precision to stick things like stickers straight the first time...

Hmm apart from that inspired by some cool collages I saw at a German art exhibition I got special glue...I am wondering if I should try my hand at collage. I think I have a major laziness/discipline problem, or maybe it is just because I never get enough rest and am always going off on multiple random interesting tangents simultaneously and so am always too tired/precoccupied with too many things to stick at any one project that requires some time and effort and care...

Monday, November 21, 2011

OK, Not ALL kids are NIGHTMARES!!!

...just the ones related to ME! lol

So I met my friend's kid for the first time today...ironically for all my lack of maternal instinct I'm not bad with kids or babies...well not so bad that you could tell I'm completely NOT enamoured with them ;)

Anyway he was a good calm...truly had the PEACE OF GOD! Wow it was so distinct from the bratty precocious hyperactive disagreeable tantrum kids I've gotten used to witnessing over the last few years...

In any case although it was a pleasant and refreshing surprise to find a kid that was NOT a nightmaare it still didn't make me think I might ever want any of my own one day! I don't really see a real need to proreate my genes...I may be arrogant but not THAT level of arrogant, lol! Maybe if the father was superhot and superintelligent...then MAYBE the world would be done a favour with an extra superintelligent attractive DECENT person, lol, but to be honest I think it's CRUEL to bring children into a society like got chatting with an old granny at the bus stop about today's terrible society, hahah I am SO in GRANDMA era! We talked about the evils of global warming and electromagnetic pollution that are starting to be obviously manifest...then we also talked about the days we grew up when the world was a little less crazy, when the weather was distinct, when people had manners and weren't glued to their electronics...and she talked about growing up during WWII and lacking and I spoke of growing up a migrant and lacking. Anyway it was a nice resonance...that I never find with people my own age, lol...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Throwing in the Towel with those born post 1955 or so...

So anyway ironically for this grandpa yet another weekend I am pulling out *slightly*...TRASHED, after keeping hours more akin to a teen...I guess hedonism knows no boundaries, age, geography or otherwise lol...I will go all out to indulge my passions and interests especially during the summer when I am not so frozen that my little "pieds" can't move myself places like off the couch, lol.

So...I just emerged from a 10 hour recovery after being out and about for over 24hours...and got maybe 3 hours sleep in a 36 hour period.

Saw a great live music gig which was EXACTLY what I needed after a horrible time attempting to extend an olive branch by a rare "getting to know" my own alien anyway, as usual for me these days post gig I got chatting to an old guy...hmmm he must have been in his 70s since his granddaughter was just 25...anyway it was FANTASTIC to be able to talk culture, SHARED interests, passions and think-resonate rather than be met with the usual blank empty stares and have a similar enthusiasm and flowing easy conversation of opinions for mine to be met with...ANYWAY basically after that he helped me to conclude that my interests and mentality are just nothing shared by Gen X/Y but rather of OLD basically I got a peace in my heart to just 99% give up on trying such semblances of normality of hanging with my own generation range and engage 100% in whatever lack of convention that floats my boat such as associating with the granny generation and being a total eccentric kook! :)

Anyway it felt good to have that validation in the observation from a complete random stranger...I have always associated with much older people since I can remember and been observed that I am "mature" for my age group but in the past year or so meeting cool people closer to DOUBLE my age or more in my life have been just non-stop whether I am in retirement dense populations or not! I would have to say in the past few months I have met at least 20 really cool dudes of a variety of ages born prior to 1955...for whatever reason they just feel like at least a true EQUAL I can talk to and in that sense it is much easier because I find it so hard to find people I don't feel are BABIES or that I can admire and respect nearer my own generation...

Okay FG just in case you are reading there is one noticeable anomaly to this rule observation...I have noticed that for some reason males born in the period 1969-1970 I tend to get on with, but typically asian-ised ones or ones that really appreciate asian culture...oh and eccentric/quirky non generic weirdo misfits of any generation are usually always good...yup I guess that covers my favourite peeps in Utah! LOL

FINALLY I hear rain....thank goodness for a reprieve from this heat and humidity. Actually as I was chatting to one of these overseas "uniques" this morning it was interesting to hear the pre dawn early morning wake up twitter of birds...when I heard THAT I realised it was time I'd better be getting to bed! LOL...who can blame me if I end up taking a few days to get back into normal day night cycles again...

Oh two more revelations I had...I met some stereotypical super I realise I am SO not the NERD I've fantasised or like to make myself out to be (rather I was just wanting to be in my usual subversive reaction to the dominant anti-nerd culture here)....but I am NOTHING like stereotypical nerds mentally....nothing in common...stereotypical nerds can actually be so narrow minded they are actually boring and rigid or rather limited in their ability to think outside a square/creatively or to be open to other ways of thinking... Typical for me I fall into neither nerd or non nerd...i think I exist totally on my own planet of...perhaps..UBERCOOL, lol...perhaps a bit like The Little Prince, hehe. I think it is typical for super introverts to be so involved and self absorbed with their niche things that they can easily stop being able to relate to anybody that lives on the dominant planet.

In recent days I felt that my life is so unusual and surreal I felt like I had stepped out of "The Matrix" or similar as the normal world or rather society around me just seems so alien...and I'm still not quite adjusting. I feel very detached and that there is no overlap between my concerns and their concerns. Then when I had been up for so long and only half lucid and was chatting to my mate overseas waiting for my hair to dry I really felt like I was the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland spouting non stop rambling gobbledigook that I was so impressed he was able to keep up with and not shut down completely or even continue the conversation...

I guess I like old people cos that is about the only time I am reassured that I still hail from the species "homo sapiens", lol...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Did bygone eras just have more CLASS?

I'm thinking Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and all the men...can't think of the names...

I'm just wondering cos I'm definitely weird and strange for my era but I still get on GREAT with people typically 60 and over and well with anybody nearing 50 and over.

One of them suggested it's cos today's society is CLASSLESS.

So does that mean I have CLASS? ;) ;)

...Don't argue with your elders! LOL

Friday, November 18, 2011

Foreign and Interstate Imports...

Sometimes I feel like this is what I have to do for any decent people or good company in my city...geez it is not something that has long term sustainable ease, viability and feasibility.

Boy the culture and people in this city is taxing and draining. It's like unless you can be fake worldly bimboey glamorous dishonest flakey and shallow you aren't going to get on with 95% of the locals in the young generation anyway...

How can one city be so different from another just 1000km apart I wonder? I'm talking Melbourne, Melbourne is definitely more for me...sigh, this is becoming an age old problem for me...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manners are a sign of good breeding

LOL maybe I'm starting to show my age/grandma tendencies. But seriously the mediocre level of courtesy and manners exhibited in Australia these days is appalling...basically the only place worse I would think is China and Hongkong...Australia is still asia anyway just a more white looking asia...

I can't say I was ever a classist snob or anything but as the disintegration of society and civil decency fuelled by the internet continues with the youngins, whenever I encounter, I SERIOUSLY appreciate
a) basic manners and courtesy
b) people being able to spell using full words and sentences with correct grammar and punctuation
c) people being able to keep appointments with some degree of promptness rather than relying on being able to call through with delay or cancellation by mobile phone 5 minutes wonder most health practitioners now charge full fees if not given 24 hours notice!
d) people who think of others

Anyway that was just my rant for today, obviously we need class leaders in manners and etiquette and civil courtesy...Japanese, Swiss etc to come over and give the youth of Australia the education they LACK! I'm ashamed to welcome international visitors over when they are subjected to rudeness on the level you get here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's so...weird!!!

Wow, I am so used to being pretty near friendless in terms of people my own age locally for so many years now one very long lost friend has relocated BACK here it's pretty weird!!!

Anyway it's been a very strange week in general...such a social I think I might actually have local takes some adjustment cos I am so used to the hermit loner lifestyle.

Anyway the one cool thing about the friend that is back is not only does he share some of my interests(yay finally!) but as one of the very few EXTROVERTED friends I that is cool...I finally have a "social bridge" especially to help me relate to people closer to my own age again!!! LOL

But hey 50+ year old men are still my favourite ;)

Any case so glad for the rain this afternoon...Granny here was very grateful for a I'm still all out of sorts after the youngesters 19 hour day and festival sunday...haven't had a chance to rest properly yet been so busy!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toyboy's Cure To End Racism...

Lately Toyboy has gotten bitten with the big case of "clucky" lol. So he's been trying to sell the whole inter-racial marriage thing cos he wants Eurasian kids cos a) they are HOT and b) they are SMART (he has two good points there but first he needs to find someone that WANTS to be responsible for his little RATS! lol)

So anyway, lol, anyway lately has has been advocating inter-racial marriages since he believes that it is THE cure to end racism...the logic being that the less "pure breeds" that exist will bring an end to racism if everyone becomes a mixed breed...

I don't know if this is such a bad idea...even as recently as Friday when my mate came from overseas to visit he did cop quite a bit of "white australia" flack from a's so weird it's almost like there was racism before I was born when Australia was known as "White Australia" with their immigrant unfriendly policies...then as a child I didn't experience it and all my friends were white locals...then in the last few years racism has well and truly had a rebirth in Australia as the sore losers take it out on the successful and wealthy migrants here.

But anyway I digress, what I really wanted to say was THANKS HO, I GOT YOUR CARD- it was a winner!!! And yes the wait must have been agonizing but it arrived too late- need to improve for next year, forget USPost sucks!!!

Oh and this was the fancy pavlova with strawberries and mango we had Friday...

it was a very good round of beaching and eating all day- my favourite!!! ^^

Oh, and a secret lookout we found halfway up a windy cliff road...

Oh and a final WISH...can the bloody mosquitoes stop EATING me!!! arghhhhh

Monday, November 14, 2011

Too bad I look so young?!!

Cos otherwise I could date 50+yr old j.k (since these are the ONLY local men I seem to get on with).

So anyway a 57 year old told me I look just 17 or 18(!!!) I think...probably my average would be early/mid twenties...depends a lot how I dress and whether I open my mouth to yeah my age range even without a film set support crew I can appear to be is quite extreme.

Wow, no wonder it seems BOYS under 25 are always the ones that try to chat me up in real life...I guess I should stop seeing it as a negative thing and feel flattered rather than always thinking immediately "omg I am almost double your age this is embarrasing"!)

In any case they have absolutely no finesse...they need classes from Europeans!!! The last thing that will work on an INTJ female is blatant dumb or uncreative flirtation or generic routines or meaningless small talk from a random stranger. That is why you will either get a very flat toned factual response or a scowl and your object walk away...(just in case someone surfs in because they wanted the low down on INTJ females ;)

So anyway yesterday I went to my first big music festival for a long time....WOW I felt like Grandma!!! Society has degenerated and deteriorated so much in the last 10 years...there was TRASH everywhere and I really do notice the young generation now is so inconsiderate, they don't care for anything outside themselves and their immediate experience like other people or the environment.

It really hit me how old I feel when I realised I don't even LIKE the smell of weed anymore, when there was a time when I didn't mind it and even reasonably enjoyed the smell of "herbs" lol...I think it's time for grandma to hang up her festival boots and go get out the knitting needles...prefer the comfort of my own home than dirty filthy stinky ratty conditions time I want to see a good band I'll try and get tickets to them only...ratty festival environments and 19hour days are not for anyway I still feel trashed and hung over...need need serious REST!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Before I knew God...

My life was so silly, dare I say even idiotic, meagre and even in some ways perhaps...mediocre...

These days I am enjoying the peace and joy that is God and dare I say there is a new sense of....abundance of sorts in my life...

So anyway yesterday was the start of a new era (the "Over the hill" one historically haha-when I was little, 30 always seemed the "peak" of the hill and anything past was "over", lol) So anyway to mark this occasion I put up a Christmas tree since that symbolises the birth of my most favourite one too :-D

I would post a pic except after dressing the tree, the colours seemed wrong and it seemed a bit overdressed so hopefully I'll fix it to something that seems more fitting soon.

I also re-discovered a really awesome picture perfect SWIMMING beach and more perfect haunts when my b'day twin comes for a getaway so we can wreak havoc on the locals (hehe) so looking forward to going back then. It is so damn hot here now- Summer truly- so much so that that is why I can't sleep at 4am!!

Anyway it was a good day :-D

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tis the Season!!!

It's SUMMER Down Under and FUN, FUN, FUN is hotting up!!! seems like the time of year where lots is happening and also people are more free to visit...

so yes already concocting ideas in my head of all the fun things I want to do...

actually to be honest my place is quite a neat little wonder people get so excited if they can stay over...cos it is a pretty "holiday-feel" in these parts, far far from the stress of work and city frustrations.

So anyway I think the next 2 days I will bother to go construct my little Christmas tree since otherwise my welcoming foyer just has a big vacancy...

I haven't put a tree up for fun! :D

Music, art, film, good friends, good food...*contented sigh*, this summer I get to indulge all of my favourite things so much :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Progress...AT LAST!!! :o) is like some ridiculous time here and my weekend is so busy but as a hardcore blogger I HAD to UPDATE ;)

Cos wow so exciting...FINALLY I was able to!!! woohoo! :D

Can you guess? (If no, read *THE HINT*)

*HINT*...well I can only so far go in a straight line, lol. Any kind of bumps send me careening all over! LOL!!!

So yeah...finally I am on my way to achieving a life long dream, lol, well at least one of many...another two include learning the piano and being conversationally fluent in another language that I get to use...I'm figuring in Oz the only worth learning are a) Mandarin or b) Japanese...considering I much prefer the people and culture of the latter I'm thinking b). But who knows...I have no idea if I will have the time and discipline and commitment or motivation...

So yeah for other WOULD BE WANNABE BIKE RIDERS here is what I learnt in my *breathrough* moment of being able to pedal continuously...

1. YOU SERIOUSLY NEED A BIG WIDE FLAT ROAD. All this time since my dad bought me the bike the few times I tried was in a narrow short driveway with potplants and recycling bins in the way. Until you are fairly good there is NO WAY you can manouevre those kinds of obstacles at low speeds, let alone learn to pedal! So basically yeah that was the main issue...basically as soon as I worked up the guts to try out on the road I was very quickly able to pedal the bike!! (Steering is another let alone balancing- so far forward momentum is my best friend, oh...along with my...brakes(!!) HAHA

So yeah apart from that exotic earwax effects of Thai food and chatting with 91 year old sailors who fought in the Korean war, it's shaping up to be a very interesting and fun weekend! But more interesting revelations and anecdotes later...

Hope yours is fun too...

Pink Love Hearts and Fluffy Bunnies!!(that's SARCASM.)
*Zhen* the girl who is "like out of Harry Potter"!(apparently)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not social for social sake.

Never EVER eat FOUR ultra sweet chocolate chunk cookies, or indulge lots of mental stimulation right before bed- I guarantee you a crappy or non-existent sleep! LOL

In any case, after Toyboy has labelled me his "abnormal asian alien" and after finding myself mystified by normal person social rituals and regimes... I thought I'd do a community service and educate EVERYONE ELSE on that rare breed of...THE INTJ FEMALE...for all <0.5% of us that exist and you are so unlikely to ever encounter in society particularly if you live Down Under!

So anyway...what people DON'T GET is that we DO NOT understand being social..."just because". NO. There has to be a REASON. So maybe "F" types will find that cold and utilitarian, but to us, it JUST. MAKES SENSE!!! lol

So basically what I realised is that, while people happily go about in polite conversations and niceties just for the sake of being social I won't bother unless there is something PURPOSEFUL about the whole situation...namely...I must be able to RELATE to you on some kind of *substantial* level...usually that is from shared interests or shared opinions or...SOMETHING! And I must LIKE talking about that topic! Or ENJOY hearing your point of view (as well as the sound of your voice)! Or ENJOY teasing you and getting a reaction (elbows HO ;)...*evil chuckle*. Cos otherwise, seriously? I could just as happily be silently communing with a tree or a bird and the AIR, or...shock horror, making out with my MIND or the mind creations of other people! LOL

So anyway, I just thought I should make that quite clear. It just completely BLOWS MY MIND general human behaviour, or actually to be more specific usually BORES MY MIND, lol. Basically I am particularly confused about gender hangups, mating dispositions and ME, everybody is literally a (*picture a BRAIN walking around*). Gender doesn't really factor into the recognition process...the first step is "do i like or not like this brain" No2. "is this brain worth engaging with?" "Will I be edified in anyway or will they benefit from my pearls of wisdom?" LOL! AFTER step1 and step2 THEN gender recognition will be activated...but more as an AFTERTHOUGHT just like adding shade detail to get a more 3d sketch of a person than just a 2D line drawing :)

Hmm I guess that is why I regularly get called "weird"(and rather proudly so, shhhh! But REALLY, as if that was a *secret* LOL!)

You know what? You "normals" have no idea JUST HOW WEIRD (and let me say, AMUSING) your 24-7 mating and coupling directed mind is to my species too! ;) (okay perhaps it's just my particular city and age bracket- Australia DID post 4 cities in the top 10 GLOBALLY for highest participation in phone 'hookup' apps!...Surprise surprise an avid rather sit in a corner at social events "observer" and "studier" of people I realised this looooooong, looooong ago!) hehe my generation are so damn boring here...THANK GOD for music, art, old peeps and the creatively and intellectually inspired and talented! :D


P.S if a BONAFIDE (like tested her whole life and at least twice professionally) INTJ FEMALE happens to read this, feel free to correct or hone what I have said. And by the way NICE TO MEET YOU! It truly IS an honour, lol even my most social friends with big networks still haven't been able to track down a real live other "specimen" for me, lol! :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

2 more months of Bum-ness

PLUS the holiday season and the warm weather! WOW suddenly life is starting to get busy! Okay, plus I'm addicted to foreigners and hence indulging crazy hours and having crappy sleep cycles...but still trying to cram in quite a bit of fun during the day...I think cos I know very soon it will be a very familiar "don't have a life" story...and no matter how much I try for balance I'm never disciplined or organised enough to pace myself...I'm always a last minute finisher...the motivation to start stuff only draws near when I start to feel stress...I guess that's just innate laziness I need to admit to on my part. I have no idea how people finish projects well BEFORE a due date??!!! Crazy nerds!!!!

I saw a pretty decent art exhibition during the it put me back feeling "in my element" and inspired...I realised the going rate is one good cultural event equates to 3 interesting people conversations "fix"(!!) LOL

Thursday, November 3, 2011

If only you could just drop everything...

But I am and have been raised way too pragmatic and rational for that.

I just saw a movie "Before Sunrise" wow, it was almost painful to sit so accurately captures those moments that every traveller encounters when they travel alone in an alien environment...

where you meet and have an instant connect and amazing rapport with a complete total stranger who you only came to know as you were in the same place at the same time....a chance encounter that had like a one in a zillion chance of happening...

The worst part is you both have your own separate lives to return to very very far apart in geography and that heavy feeling in your heart is that you know you can just enjoy the present moment and then have to say Goodbye never to see that person again. That it was a transient encounter that you have to let go and forget about to spare yourself the pain of separation. The challenge (especially for females) is always about not getting emotionally attached...

And even if you are foolish and try and keep in touch, the timezones and daily life opposite to your own and your responsibilities back home in the with the passing of time get the better of you, so it is actually easier to not even try and just accept that it was a nice moment, that it is what it was. And that's that!

Rubbing Shoulders with...

OMG. This is the stuff of DREAMS!! Or at least stuff I would soooo be boasting about to EVERYBODY if I was still a somewhat pretentious film student at university lol!!!

In any case in an interesting twist of events-synchronicity perhaps- I saw a very amazing film that I was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by the foreign director...several days later it seems I have managed to "bump into" one of his former students who has also trained under ANOTHER superfamous esteemed foreign film director whose work I Highly respect and liked...and so anyway my new friend is ALSO a film director with his own production company!

AND he will be coming to Roo Land next year....arghhhhh!

In any case it is soooooo amazing to have someone SO "in the know" that I can discuss amazing cinema and great directors with etc etc...WOW. It is very exciting. Maybe if this happens frequently enough- exotic foreigners from overseas for visits with "interesting calibre ratings" of 7+ and more...the social culture of this country won't wear me down so much...cos I like everything else :)

LOL I think this is the closest I've been to being awestruck screaming and crying teenager in a concert thing...but I'm about to see MY VERY FAVOURITE BAND OF THE CURRENT with any luck I might somehow "bump into" them! LOL I'm pretty sure I'd be soooo awestruck I couldn't even babble I'd just be completely overawed embarrassed and tongue tied!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Zhen's DREAM Machine...

The short of it:
Italian design. German engineering. Japanese build. Swiss precision. Swedish simplicity. American marketing. Welcome to Zhen's Dream Machine! ;) ;)

The long of it:
Italian design. (Specifically? Milan...)
German Engineering. (Call upon Swiss precision for any timing devices ;)
Japanese Build
German Quality Control hehe
Swedish simplicity/Ease of Use(...definitely no "how to manuals" out of China!!!)
American marketing/presentation/advertising campaign...just for a bit of "slick and suave", lol)

This Girl thinks GLOBAL ;)

ze world is my oyster! :D

Thanks to African Sun :)

I have to admit I had a pretty crappy day but it all melted away after chatting with "African Sun", lol that's his nickname anyway cos his rays of warmth in friendship perhaps typical of the culture just melted all the frustrations of the day.

Lately I found myself very addicted to exotic foreigners, perhaps as my heart moves further and further away from this country/society...but in particular lately I am fascinated by Africa and The Middle East, probably because they are the most unfamiliar and unknown places and culture to me so learning more absolutely piques my interest and sates my curiosity!

So yes definitely new Directions, new life, new inspiration for me always includes new global relationship with Australia has definitely turned rancid and sour. 30 years here is just too importing and having all my foreign friends visit often I think my itchy feet wants to make tracks to try living in a different country and culture for a bit...just until I miss the wide open space and clean air here a bit more...based on how often people that escaped come back though...perhaps I won't miss it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Failure to Impress...

LOL...I know I haven't done anything AMAZING for a while lol so I thought I better at least post SOMETHING I have achieved in the last few months...

So here it is...this I grew from SEED. And it took quite a few months to turn into THIS!!!

Hello...Cornflower! Probably not so well suited to the Aussie environment but all the same, blue flowers are my favourite...and it is the ONLY in my entire garden which is WAY OVERFILLED BY *pink* arghhhhh! so yes this little pretty is unashamedly and prejudicially my very very favourite non edible plant in my entire yard! :)