Monday, November 14, 2011

Too bad I look so young?!!

Cos otherwise I could date 50+yr old j.k (since these are the ONLY local men I seem to get on with).

So anyway a 57 year old told me I look just 17 or 18(!!!) I think...probably my average would be early/mid twenties...depends a lot how I dress and whether I open my mouth to yeah my age range even without a film set support crew I can appear to be is quite extreme.

Wow, no wonder it seems BOYS under 25 are always the ones that try to chat me up in real life...I guess I should stop seeing it as a negative thing and feel flattered rather than always thinking immediately "omg I am almost double your age this is embarrasing"!)

In any case they have absolutely no finesse...they need classes from Europeans!!! The last thing that will work on an INTJ female is blatant dumb or uncreative flirtation or generic routines or meaningless small talk from a random stranger. That is why you will either get a very flat toned factual response or a scowl and your object walk away...(just in case someone surfs in because they wanted the low down on INTJ females ;)

So anyway yesterday I went to my first big music festival for a long time....WOW I felt like Grandma!!! Society has degenerated and deteriorated so much in the last 10 years...there was TRASH everywhere and I really do notice the young generation now is so inconsiderate, they don't care for anything outside themselves and their immediate experience like other people or the environment.

It really hit me how old I feel when I realised I don't even LIKE the smell of weed anymore, when there was a time when I didn't mind it and even reasonably enjoyed the smell of "herbs" lol...I think it's time for grandma to hang up her festival boots and go get out the knitting needles...prefer the comfort of my own home than dirty filthy stinky ratty conditions time I want to see a good band I'll try and get tickets to them only...ratty festival environments and 19hour days are not for anyway I still feel trashed and hung over...need need serious REST!


Nowhere Man said...

lol don't invest in the rocking chair just yet... I'll have to admit I really thought about it for sec before I added it because something was kinda telling me you had the whole incognito thing going on. For a while I was even using your comments as the sole method of looking you up. I'll unlink it for you, Dear ;)

HappyOrganist said...

so was that the 'concert' you were looking forward to?