Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's so...weird!!!

Wow, I am so used to being pretty near friendless in terms of people my own age locally for so many years now one very long lost friend has relocated BACK here it's pretty weird!!!

Anyway it's been a very strange week in general...such a social I think I might actually have local takes some adjustment cos I am so used to the hermit loner lifestyle.

Anyway the one cool thing about the friend that is back is not only does he share some of my interests(yay finally!) but as one of the very few EXTROVERTED friends I that is cool...I finally have a "social bridge" especially to help me relate to people closer to my own age again!!! LOL

But hey 50+ year old men are still my favourite ;)

Any case so glad for the rain this afternoon...Granny here was very grateful for a I'm still all out of sorts after the youngesters 19 hour day and festival sunday...haven't had a chance to rest properly yet been so busy!!!

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