Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peace in Solitude

I think this is the thing I REALLY APPRECIATE lately.

I don't think most people get it at all though...they just think I'm weird. But BOY am I thankful for solitude, even experiencing the car crash of roller coaster emotions of other people by association that go nuts crazy and irrational due to social/romantic issues is just too much disturbance to the peace I am used to relishing in in my "sanctuary"! :D

So yeah I'm all into hermit escape mode in a bid to protect this peace while I recuperate and rest up from too much social is just so much simpler and soooo luxuriously peaceful when you only have to cater for yourself...of course friendship is awesome but except for those minority few in the world that are quite contented by relations with people that have messy social issues is one drain I don't need right now...of course no man is an island but I don't really like "the social network" effect either. So I guess my favourite people in the world are happily married people, happily single people, really old people and pre-pubescent kids...YAY!

So my best friends will be God and taking refuge in and indulging my interests...I think overly complicated people just really do need very very simple lives to balance them out...maybe that is why I am so drawn to farming...and nature, and animals...

I still need to add piano lessons to this I think. I love to zone out with music and film perhaps but I hate the messy clean up after!!


HappyOrganist said...

Thank goodness I'm not one of those irrational people you're referring to. Phew!


Hey - I am still sick - but I credit my chinese herbs (just the formulas given to me a while back) for my probably-8 hours of sleep last night, which is a huge improvement on the 3 I've been getting of late.

Enjoy your peace and solitude. As you may be aware - today is a crazy shopping day here (people up at all hours of the morning to save $). Not sure what it's all about. If I were feeling any better, I'd drive down to the store just to look at the parking lot ^^

Zz... said...

Oh boy that is sad HO, sad but SO YOU :)

Hope your sore throat is better. No idea about crazy shopping days except for buying nice food to EAT shopping is not really my thing...