Monday, November 28, 2011

OMG Do I stink of DOG POO?!!!!

Not sure if it was purely psychological but I almost thought I caught a whiff of it on me after I got swamped by dogs!!! 3 cocker spaniels and 1 golden lab were jumping all over me in the park! As just a wee thing this was intimidating and scary to say the least and seriously they got so comfy that the cocker spaniel just sat its BUTT on me and ...boy oh boy dogs are soooo affectionate no wonder I turned into a cat girl!!!

Totally no space/boundary respect whatsoever lol! Slurp lick kiss drool...arghhhhhh!

Anyway the owner(s) were quite amused...and we got into a nice looooong chat.

Anyway although it did totally alarm the germaphobe in me and as soon as I came home dumped EVERYTHING in the wash and took a much needed shower(never felt filthier)...But I comforted myself in the belief that...animals always know who the *cool* people are ;) ;)

Anyway it was my fun *random stranger* and *interesting conversation* for the day :)

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