Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manners are a sign of good breeding

LOL maybe I'm starting to show my age/grandma tendencies. But seriously the mediocre level of courtesy and manners exhibited in Australia these days is appalling...basically the only place worse I would think is China and Hongkong...Australia is still asia anyway just a more white looking asia...

I can't say I was ever a classist snob or anything but as the disintegration of society and civil decency fuelled by the internet continues with the youngins, whenever I encounter, I SERIOUSLY appreciate
a) basic manners and courtesy
b) people being able to spell using full words and sentences with correct grammar and punctuation
c) people being able to keep appointments with some degree of promptness rather than relying on being able to call through with delay or cancellation by mobile phone 5 minutes wonder most health practitioners now charge full fees if not given 24 hours notice!
d) people who think of others

Anyway that was just my rant for today, obviously we need class leaders in manners and etiquette and civil courtesy...Japanese, Swiss etc to come over and give the youth of Australia the education they LACK! I'm ashamed to welcome international visitors over when they are subjected to rudeness on the level you get here.


Franko Gnedo said...

starting to show your age/grandma tendencies ? of course your not just starting to do this lol :)

But I agree and it is one of the reasons I like Japan so much. Also Japan seems to have that bygone era class and respectfulness. In many ways culturally it reminds of American movies from the 50s.

Zz... said...

Japan is about the only asian country, people, culture I've ever been drawn to or wanted to visit...and I'd say it is purely cos of that politeness/courtesy, consideration of others and having standards.