Saturday, November 26, 2011

Voluntary Simplicity

This is the big concept in flashing lights I've had in my head the past day or so. Very complicated intense persons definitely should DO THIS....conscientiously make the effort to keep everything as simple as possible!!! So yes day one into the practice with renewed discipline and vigour has been good...caught up on DOWNTIME for the last crazy two weeks...why is it we modern people never know how to we always have to cram our schedules jampacked even in leisure so that we are just constantly exhausted and checking our planners and watches??

Today I really took pleasure in cooking a decent meal probably the first for the entire week! A sweet potato, chicken, silverbeet, parsley, spring onion and lettuce rice, okay with a small cherry tomato thrown in...(weird combo of veggies as those were what was ready to harvest from my garden)...then I mopped my floors a little..geez I am worse than a CAT- high maintenance re combatting the way I malt head hair!!! and then I settled on the couch for a couple of hours engrossed in reading THE HEAVENLY my mother has a chinese expression to describe...I can't remember the words but it means something like "not a peep/sound came out"...then I took a nap...quick check of the email and then I will lay up on the couch to finish out the book...and then I will finish tackling KOYAANISQATSI...before heading to bed at a decent hour prepared for the early morning wake up for church. wow, what a civilised day. Good thing my friend was so exhausted she had to cancel our afternoon tea and dinner date...cos I am seriously pooped too and needed this day to myself...

So my conclusion is I love such a life devoid of drama and complications...I feel like I already got too much of the complicated drama etc under my belt by a young age so I'm totally enamoured by this revelation of sorts of the back to basics simplicity of life which is the way it should be except that the unhealthy culture of modern society tends to encourage us all to be crazy!

The best thing about the life of Voluntary Simplicity and hermitude is that sticking close to God it is very very easy to achieve a previously elusive consistent PEACE. Thank God!!!

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