Friday, July 31, 2009

I talk too much!

So here is my exercise in nurturing my RIGHT brain. Please come visit to encourage me in my plight...or else I may default back to verbal diarrhoea again :P

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Country Bumpkin Lifestyle ^^!

* contented pretending to live my country bumpkin out of bed bright and early: this time of the day things are still nice and quiet and the air is still clean...I cooked breakfast then put on the dulcet and civilised tones of Erik Satie to bake banana cake's just about done *drool*...

It's so much easier to stay sane with a bit of peace, quiet and clean air(yes those smoke seals have really changed my life!!) I guess part of the last week's solar eclipse was probably compounded by some kind of nicotine, weed, and hash withdrawal cos I'd been so used to passively chainsmoking from all my dero neighbours below me... so if my blogposts start to get boring you'll know why! LOL but at least my health is well on the way to recovery...

In any case if I really were in my rural/coastal oasis...I guess rather than tending my blog I would be out for a walk to feed my chickens and check for eggs and in the summer possibly a quick dip...and reading on my outdoor swing!

I can't wait till my "lifestyle" becomes a reality...yeah I guess I'll probably be thinking about a patient or two too...even on those days off! But my phone will definitely be unplugged and turned OFF!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keep your Paws to yourself!

Unless you are South American, Italian, Spanish or French or something along those lines...if you are a complete stranger I totally do not condone you invading my personal space and laying any paws or worse on me...

I don't know if it is a personal, cultural or MBTI thing but I really do not like unfamiliar strangers invading my personal bubble.

This is exactly the reason why I have only ever been to one salsa class...and was so traumatised...never again! (That was several years ago too LOL)

In other matters...I've resolved my void of tantalizing brain candy...I dropped into the video store on my way back from the grocers and I managed to pick up a quirky aussie film "Lucky Miles"(I have a soft spot for local films especially with their typically offbeat Aussie humour ;)...I also managed to pick up two arthouse films...Anton Corbijn's "Control" about the life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis and Ingmar Bergman's classic "The Seventh Seal"....I'm really looking forward to seeing these in possibly the last week before things start to get hectic and I have no life again.

In other matters, I've been really good with the healthy diet my steamed organic veggies- Mmmmm! but I'm having a bit of a sweet craving late at night which, rather than eat chocolate I've been fending off with late night toasts - one with crunchy peanut butter and the other with nutella...

And I'm still in my Madonna Immaculate Collection phase...

And I'm going to bake a banana cake from scratch tomorrow *drool*...I was so proud of myself to resist buying the pack of chocolate chips I wanted to dump in it...

And on a random note...I'm loving HAND SANITISER! It's so handy when you get the munchies everywhere at anytime and like to fill your bag with snacks like I do...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's a bored girl to do!!!

...sing the entire Madonna Immaculate Collection of course!

Currently half way 8 songs down 9 to go!

LOL, I got a great load of sleep and rest this arvo and have all this energy but on a Tuesday night there is nothing and nobody to do anything with :(

I rarely get bored...but when I do, I'm HIGH maintenance...having grown up in a high stimulus environment I desperately want and kinda...need...people around me to be interesting and tickle my brain...not only capable of holding a conversation but, an interesting, stimulating one.

But lately...I really feel tired by having to be the entertainment...where's the fun for me...I want someone to entertain me!!!!

ahhhh been totally devoid of interesting people for a while now. Apart from my 11 friend who is back to the UK in November, the last interesting folks I found are long gone to the other hemisphere! In some ways I feel jinxed...I never seem to find local people in my real life interesting...why is that?!!

p.s I realise I don't amuse with enough pictures so here's one of a shopfront I like ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting sick again...'s back in and I'm staving off disease again! :P This season has been absolutely shite in terms of infectious illness...I guess I should have rested better but this always happens...I try and make the most of it when the time starts to tick down ;) Oh well hopefully that also means I have access to loads of people to treat me which is a much easier exercise...

It was a strange day.

My friend...came barging through my door yelling and swearing with some very shocking news which left me quite numb and reflective.

It's interesting the twists life can any case nothing can really shock me anymore- I am a firm believer in fate...all the people who think you can control your life 100% are the most deluded and/or fortunate people I have ever met!

And I met an interesting random character who I haven't decided whether I want to add to my ever burgeoning collection of weird people...I really see my diverse collection of interesting peeps very much like a museum of glass head jars a la Futurama ;) Yes, H.O and Shan you are on my shelf staring at each other on opposite shelves so you can chat and drive each other crazy to your heart's content with your composite madness :)

The day before was also very strange cos I went to this chick I literally met a month ago- her b'day...and knew nobody. But when I arrived, quite a few people I never met or even heard of were So YOU'RE Zhen? This unexpected "fame" of sorts left me a little alarmed...and I felt a bit indequate to present as rather normal and unexciting compared to what they probably imagined...

In any case it was nice to know I made such a huge impression on least originally! LOL.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little Brother...So CUTE!

I fell in love with my young friend's little brother!!!

In a Big Sisterly kind of way...I've always wanted a little brother!!! He was so cute...(10 years younger).

In any case it was weird being with youngsters tonight...I was already drooping over a couch by 930pm and having to drink tea to stay awake...I think when you get OLD young there is just no going back and making up for lost time- you just gotta accept you skipped over youth and that's that! Anyhow I dropped him off at a trendy little club and said "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, you're too young to have your whole future destroyed by doing dumb things." LOL, How Big sisterly of me ^^...I would have made a kick ass big sister ;)

Save My Eyes!

LOL, I'm really going to try to not spend so much time online any more cos a) my eyes can't take any more strain b) The internet is like a candy store for my ravenous brain and then cos of my curiosity to learn and know all sorts of stuff I get pulled in so many different directions and get scattered and ineffectual with minimal spare time for healthier pursuits like engaging with the rest of the world and with less ability to concentrate on what counts...and plus, I really don't need any more mental stimulation for my already overstimulated brain...good thing I've already had so much time to collect useless random facts so we can kick ass in trivia!!!

p.s random aside, does anybody LOOOOOVE as in ADORE "Le Petit Prince"??

Just asking...I read it again recently- like a very entertaining's one of my all time favourite things ever! If you know it I'd like to hear your favourite favourite part is definitely the first chapter with the drawing of boa constrictors from the outside and boa constrictors from the inside...I also love that poor lamplighter who "leads a terrible profession" - I remember I had this picture next to my desk when I worked in an investment bank....of course they missed the manager it christmas card season already? eh, people with no imagination! No wonder they work in soul sucking places like investment banks...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Redefining "Open-Minded"

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking yourself or believe when you are called "open-minded" that it's reaally became obvious recently that I am far far from truly open minded and non-judgemental.

The scientic people like to say- they are open-minded, yet they need scientific proof and evidence in order to be open to the idea that something could be valid.

The people that believe in alternative things like to say they are open minded cos they are not limited by "rational reason" and are open to all that falls outside of this.

But at the end of the day we still carry a lot of the scientists are closed minded...and I have other ones that I personally have trouble not believing e.g "normal people are boring"...I only like weird and quirky people etc the as only they will be able to understand me...

Basically being judgemental like this is NOT at all open minded. It just reflects that we have a negative worldview! So anyway I'm consciously trying to rectify this in my mind...and refrain from mine are usually with an anti-convention or socialist bent e.g people born rich are ungrateful&spoilt, investment bankers are typically all wankers etc etc...

What are some of the stereotypes and prejudices you have conditioned yourself to believe?

p.s an aside, I love how all of us have problems but they so truly differ...there is someone I know whose most pressing immediate problem is paying too much tax...what a luxurious kind of problem to have! *lol

p.p.s round 2 of teeth work today-yikes!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silly Zhen!

Feeling quite a bit more sane after boiling up some of the nice putrid brown stuff :)

I also ventured to jam a few needles in...

Hopefully that means normal ;) levels of sanity will return in full force and my jingling nerves will stabilize...

EVERYTHING scares me lately!!! Random lost tourist invades my personal bubble to ask a question stands a bit too close and I'm almost jumping out of my skin...

I've been such a bundle of nerves, even though my logical brain knows I'm being completely irrational :p

In any case when that peaceful calm washed over me as I sipped that brown goo and liked it...and even more so after the needles went in...I was thinking gosh I am an idiot...what's the point of all that knowledge I study so hard for if I can't even rescue myself in a more timely fashion in times of irrational crises...why do I only act when I have a snowball! I guess it is just that bit harder when you don't have that objectivity which comes with detachment. In the same way I can see why it's probably not such a great idea to treat family and friends either...

In any time I need to be better prepared for eclipses LOL...there is that joke that I start to turn into a werewolf whenever there is a full moon...maybe with eclipses I become a timid little mouse that scuttles to the nearest available dark corner...and no amount of "pull yourself together you little chicken shit" is going to change a thing!

In any case, considering how much my constitution can't afford to lose blood I'm actually really glad to be a rare AB blood type...being the universal recipient with not many people actually able to benefit from my donated blood means I don't feel so guilty that I can't!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow, I finally slept!

Like knocked out, no dreams, unconscious...rested!!!

Coincidence? Not sure...but haha that kinesiology sure was interesting. For me though holistic energetic treatments seem to be very very effective just cos I am so receptive to "energy"...the double edged sword...the healer's curse??

In any case I am also amused that there were two eclipses this month culminating in a full solar one yesterday? Haha, no wonder I have been going the full moon but a whole lot worse!

In any case if you are already so inclined and really want your "floodgates" opened...definitely go take up reiki...arghhhh!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's head to the mountains...Or not!

So I was desperately trying to get away just for a bit...however I needed a bit of steam to get me to go that far if it's just for a measly day...

What's Bacon up to? I thought to myself...

SWINE FLU! serves her right for being so silly and doing a hunger strike so her immunity went down...poor ol' thing...this is her 2nd lung affliction- my 1st one was bad enough...

In any case state of stress is great...cleaned house, cooked, cleaned,oh my gosh I even cracked open a packet of watercolours(!) and made a card and wrapped bon bons- all that excess pent up "energy" got to go somewhere! And in my usual state I am a horrible procrastinator so I'm kinda relieved the house is nice and tidy-ish again which I'd been putting off till the last minute as usual.

Next time I complain of stress...please just tell me "Shut up and go clean your house!"

My house and me will thank you for it :)

Trying a kinesiologist tomorrow...then a couple social functions along with DENTIST again this week...hopefully between all of those it'll clear my system of this stressy feel somehow...although all I really feel like doing is retreating to a remoter cave than this one...if I'm still all stressy by next weekend I think I'll have to bookmyself into the mountains and lug all my study up with me!

Monday, July 20, 2009


As much as I try not to let it get to me, the city environment really gets to me. This has been the first holiday period where I didn't actually get the chance to go away not even for a day...and it's starting to become obvious. I haven't managed to unwind and get relaxed...only to be looking down the barrel of another hectic a way I will be glad to get back to routine and not let my mind 'hyperventilate' so to speak lol. I'm looking at the week ahead though and there any way I can escape to the mountains, or SOMETHING, even if it's just for a day of peace? Or will I have to make do with a quick trip to the beach seems like despite all the time-I guess cos I was sick for most of it-I didn't actually get too much done AT ALL! I think it would have been more effective to actually take a real holiday away and actually rest and rejuvenate. Very important for me actually...ARGHHHHHHHHH.

Maybe I can make do with a massage, or several...I'm such a hopeless city slicker.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Steam Machine is A Dream!

What's wrong with eating dessert for breakfast? Nothing! Since getting a steam machine this week, My Eating and Cooking Life has been completely revolutionised- suddenly, it's all such a pleasurable BREEZE! It's awesome! Last night I made pork, cabbage and shitaake literally half the time I would usually spend...and they were literally cooked to perfection not like when you manually steam where it cooks unevenly or is dry or mushy in parts.

In any case, inspired by my (fellow quirky Malaysian Chinese) muse - the artist Poh on Masterchef...I've decided to get more my next project is to master the exotic Malaysian Kueh as a breakfast food which has plenty of scope for creative can buy nice enough ones in Chinatown except that they have preservatives so I'd prefer to make my own especially when my steam machine makes life so easy- all I do is turn a knob and it *rings* when it's done! Who said I didn't love technology...

p.s my favourite music to cook by right now...the lively rhythms and dulcet voice of Cesaria Evora...

Friday, July 17, 2009


One of my friends mentioned this the other day...I find myself feeling exactly the same way...perhaps it is a cultural limitation or something...but why is it so hard to find people to chat with here about something...worthwhile...past the genteel superficies?

Or maybe, I need to increase my tolerance for...boredom...Sometimes, I think it would be easier to be more in tune with the generic.

I'll be glad to get back into the mental rigor of school...although I have to say I've quite enjoyed my day curled up on the couch under a blanket watching Ewan McGregor's adventures in The Long Way Round. However after sitting through around 7 of the 12 episodes I think I needed a bit of "activity" for my brain...watching TV etc is just sooooo passive! And especially when you watch other people having such exciting adventures...well that's definitely got to feed some of my innate restlessness and wanderlust...envy!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In times of recession...

I've noticed a lot more beggars on the street these days...some sit with signs that say "HOMELESS AND HUNGRY", some directly approach you when you're buying a train ticket and ask for spare change. If I'm out in the city, it happens everyday...the only problem is I'm in no position to help...sometimes they look at me, form an assumption that I am well off and I have to look them in the eye and say "sorry but I don't have a job and I'm a student relying on my folks." I definitely do not feel comfortable or entitled to give away money that's not mine!

Until the day that this changes (and I make my modest fortune)...I thought...hmm maybe I could just carry some snacks or something in my bag...cos if they really ARE hungry and not just drug addicts trying to get their next hit, they will appreciate an offer of food too...and in this cold weather even a sugar/energy hit would be helpful...and boy do I have such a huge lolly stash I should not be eating all alone!!!

Actually even if I was well off I'd much prefer to donate in kind, cos I really do think that many of these people given money would spend it on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs rather than accommodation or proper food...

I notice it already in young traveller friends...who spend down to their last $2 so have no money for proper food or transport because they had a big night Friday and spent all their money on cigarettes and alcohol...SO IRRESPONSIBLE!

In life update, I am busy HAVING FUN :) I think I was raised in such a strict success driven work obsessed "fun is not productive, not allowed" style environment that I actually consciously have to remind myself it is okay to enjoy yourself especially in your holidays :P

The weather has been great too...I'm loving being able to go walkies at the beach :-D

Monday, July 13, 2009

A ME day - ahhhh just what I needed!

I feel like after a while I've given out way too much energy and get drained...this cycle always seems to happen before too long. The bad thing is I keep putting me as an end of the line priority and self-neglecting until it gathers and builds...and then I crash bigtime!

But at least I know how to fix it...self indulge!^^

I wanted to get a massage&reiki but alas not enough time to secure an I went to the beach, finally got to play with my camera, bought some half price sunnies, ate what I wanted, watched Coco avant Chanel(Yes I like this film! :) and now I'm going to sleeeeeeeeeep...lucky for me I can sleep on cos clinic got cancelled so I will continue day 2 of self indulge tomorrow doing the same favourite Hangover-everybody can't stop talking about hysterically funny this is!), Beach walk, Dessert -French Strawberry tart(they ran out today)...there is only one problem...due to my energy sapped crisis...I contacted 3 different practitioners and they ALL got back to me I don't know which one to go to now -eeek!

I think after all the money I've burned these holidays being a girl although it would be cool to go to all 3 I don't think it's very practical...

The Burden of being Spiritually Gifted?

There are two eclipses this month- I'm not sure whether that is why it's been particularly "noisy" or what...Strangely, I contacted one of my spiritual girlfriends for a recommendation for an energy worker...and she said that she's been going through a really bad patch of intense dreams too!! BIZARRE! So in both cases neither of us have been able to sleep properly and after most of last night awake and the past few nights full of dreams I for one am starting to get those god awful panda eyes etched deeper(!)

In any case I recently acquired two similarly spritually conscious & aware/receptive girlfriends locally: the first I've found in real life and if anything I conclude, the "gift" can definitely be a burden!!! However, it's kinda nice to have people that can relate on this level...for once.

I think until you really grow into your spiritual maturity, it can all get a bit confusing and overwhelming at times!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Letting Go...Embracing Change.

Invariably I wake up with my muscles all tense...usually stressed out by overly vivid dreams and profound insights that come deep from my subconscious - things I barely had any clue was "a problem" in my conscious. When the muscles are all tense and achey like this from an energetic point of view, qi is not flowing smoothly and there is energy blockage. From certain alternative health view points this blockage could be seen as due to resistance to change.

So a couple of things that might help...

1. Letting go through Breath and Visualisation - measured breathing with a focus on long exhalations...imagine that when you exhale you're breathing out that tension and any "stuck crap"! You can focus your mind on particular areas of your body where there is concentrated tension.

2. Yoga: Fish Pose I'd always found this stance very beneficial but didn't realise why...until I realised it unblocks the throat chakra(the one which is responsible for being able to embrace change). I'd guess it also opens the Heart Chakra somewhat.

3. Get out of your comfort zone! Things that make you feel uncomfortable...they're likely related in some way to areas that need changing/to be shaken up and MOVED...Set yourself a goal of challenging yourself out of your comfort zone by doing something that makes you go "Nooooo!" once a week or so. I'm one up on that last one...I did go to Karaoke last week didn't I!

4. And the active solution would be to GET MOVING with release any pent up energy. Boxing class anyone? Devoid of anger issues I think I prefer cycling LOL...anything that is aerobic anyway...walking (unless fast up a steep hill sustained) doesn't count.

5. And the passive solution...Liver tonics...something common at home that's simple could be...peppermint tea, dandelion tea...and if we get more specialised...anything Bupleurum!

H.O I think you often get this "stuck qi" business...and even bother make effort to get it treated...what other suggestions can you add to this list?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deepak on Commitment

LOL, to all fellow people who hear the word "commitment", make lots of negative associations and gulp...or who have tried and failed...miserably...time and time again...I happened to notice a helpful column in a spiritual newspaper...

Surprisingly it is the first writing I have read from that great modern philosopher Deepak Chopra.....WOW...he shoots right to the top to sit next to Tolle! :)

In any case I thought it was so good I thought I'd do a community service and type it up since I couldn't find an online version of it...cos it's really worth sharing!

Edit: found the link!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Okay, maybe "normal" is good!

I've always prided myself on my "interesting" collection of friends...G has long been telling me "normal, normal!" What you actually need is NORMAL people, NORMAL PEOPLE ARE GOOD...maybe, she's right! LOL, Silly Little Bacon is too busy holding a hunger strike making herself sick to come, I think there is a reason why I have a weakness for the grey generally correlates to maturity :p But yeah, I like people that stand by their convictions...and fight for their rights...even if it isn't exactly in their best interests!

The Dangers of Bjork

This Volta album of Bjork's is amazing...while it is playing I feel very much like a non-descript robot in a factory line going about my motions...and that's not cos it is is just so *hypnotic* that it induces a somewhat trancelike state in me. After a while it is actually a struggle to keep my eyes open or to be aware of anything else going is that all consuming. Mental note: not to be played in the car when driving!!!

Just like reading Tolle, it's very meditative :) Possibly good to get into "Creative headspace" too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's with the Ma'am??!!

I don't know whether I really am starting to look old (and possibly respectable ;) or whether it's just my wardrobe improved...but lately I've been being called Ma'am and Madam quite frequently...what's the deal?!! It's kinda freaking me out to be honest...but I gotta admit I'm secretly glad too...I've been waiting too long for a bit of adult credibility...


I had been seeing 333s-3333333s for more than a week everyday, multiple times for a reason...I finally got the message I was supposed to get, hence why I won't be surprised if today when I go out I don't see any 333s!

In any case I had a huge breakthrough with my mysterious crappy health...I read something on Tuesday and yesterday had time to ponder it...I then did an "experiment" made myself SO SICK!!! and then cured myself better....all through food!!!

One step closer...I really think I will nip this in the bud one day soon...I also think I'm going to be able to help a lot of people because of was definitely fated me getting into the healing profession...

I have made two really interesting health discoveries of late...totally tickling the "scientist" and "experimental investigator" in me! But anyway....yeah I don't want to talk too soon so we'll see how it goes over the next couple of months and then maybe all can be revealed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Internet Detox

I just ate a Belgian chocolate pretzel and I don't feel too much better from it! It was kinda...gross even though it was from a pretty upmarket place which makes them fresh...I wouldn't usually get something that sweet but I was thinking I could share it with a friend but after drinks we were way too sweeted out.

Nice day to finally REST...had a great afternoon nap...and feel refreshed...only thing is I realise everytime I have a surplus of energy I still go and waste it frivolously largely due to my internet addiction...

So, I need to do a DETOX...I just don't know how...

Hmm, I think I should go clean something or finish watching LES CHORISTES...I only saw a bit but it seems very much in the vein of such classic favourites as CINEMA PARADISO or LES QUATRE CENTS COUPS.

Got thwarted from watching Coco Avant Chanel again...grrrr! how hard is it to find two hours to go to the cinema these days!!! Fingers crossed get my lens protector tomorrow and need to find a day to do a photo taking trip!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When you just "click"...

Lately, strangely, I came across a few people with whom I just "click"! Which is very strange for me at a purely personal level...on a professional level I can get along with most people easily but the reverse is true personally... In any case cos I have been so spoiled with people who click lately, I guess I became a bit lazy in making "effort"socially...

In any case my highly "antisocial" mood earlier was washed away after a fun night of me time followed by an inadvertent meeting up with my 11 friend(I am her ever amused/entertained receptacle of dirty little secrets ;) When I am in my antisocial mood...I am pretty well open to NOBODY except for that rare fellow 11s...of which there is only one currently local...

It is strange but they are reliably the only people who just don't ever shit me, while others just shit me no end without even having to lift a finger! It's nice to know at least my 11 feels the same special is always strange to hear how others think of you rather than how you think they think of you(which can be quite disparate at times!) anyway the four words my 11 used to describe me (which were a nice surprise) were


lol, looking at that list...geez that sounds like a TCM health practitioner if ever I heard of one! But she was talking about me personally...Great, I guess I'm suited to my profession then!

In any case that was a bit of a strange list, which, apart from the last characteristic would not appear on the list if I had written it! The other surprising thing I found out was that there are actually real people who exist who don't find me "difficult" ^^- wow- even I find me difficult!!!

I'm starting to think though that my blogger persona is not a whole lot like me me...but my email me is more like will be interesting at the end of the year when I meet one of my blogger pals for the first time...there is always that slight probability...what if we hate each other in real life?? LOL

finally, I have to visit the dentist tomorrow...(emits little whine) hopefully I will get time to pick up a lens protector so I can get happening with Horace...finally!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grrrr...Peopled Out!

I was going pretty well for a bit there but it's like in the heart of a major metropolis I can't sustain all that "being" and "presence" for too long...before long I get....aGGGGrrrrravated!!!

Back in high school for my "where will you be in ten years?", I had written "semi permeable hermit living with labrador"...LOL that first part sure is right! I think just like I need every second day to be a rest day for maximum comfort, similarly that is about the most I can take comfortably with people company as well...I like my alone down time too much...every day I think..."I can't wait to get outta the city"! usually after thinking "why are there so many people in my face?!!" I miss just being able to walk on the wide open road at 2am in the morning and not having to worry about getting mugged...

Animal I most resonate with today: Grizzly Bear! Anyhow I need some solitary escape...I think I'm going to go catch Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel...I want to see the fashion - that's the girl! ;)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Money...and women LOL

I'd have to say I know some pretty financially comfortable/capable we were casually looking willy nilly at nice occurred to me how easy is life when you have loads of don't really need to think twice about huge acquisitions...cos pretty well there aren't any limits!!!

It was an interesting reminder (while I was cruising in a Mercedes) of the huge divide that exists between the people who have and the people who have not.

In any case later in the conversation it occurred to me: how much money do you really need anyway?? And once you have so much money...what exactly is the point? What is your purpose?

...And then I totally understand why very wealthy people aren't necessarily the happiest...

The other interesting thing of late is suddenly since my holidays started I have progressed into an "Era of Women"...suddenly I'm not sure whether I got more in touch with my Yin aspect so I relate better or what but suddenly I am presented with women in real life I actually can really get along with without backbreaking effort! In any case it's been fun :) It's been a long time...I think I needed to break out of the rut of only being able to get along with any case I feel like I've definitely made some kind of "progress" since I can suddenly be good friends with women so that's cool.

And the other interesting thing is I'm gotten out of the 1111 phase had a few 222s but a shiteload of 333, 3333333 and 33333 and 333. Ahhhh I feel blessed! hehe...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hatted. And more!

I'll blog today's adventures later when I've had time to upload a pic of my earflap hat!!!!!!

but for now...bed! can't keep up with these youngins!!! :-p


here are the few shots where I didn't have a dumb cheesy grin plastered all over my face :-D ^^ ^^...i don't remember being this coooperative about having my photo taken since whizzing down the mountain at the luge in queenstown!

ear flap in action!

there's a bear in cute are those EARS!
for some reason since I was little I always liked dressing up as an animal...the big thing for me was tails and ears for some reason...I still have a thing for ears...which is probably why I like the earflap hat: it gives me an extra 2 pairs of ears- the bear ears and the dog-beagle ears when I let the flaps hang out! :-)

earflap detail - love the green tweed!

In any case I am so glad to be safe from the I can go out in comfort whenever I please...the girrrrls bagged me out so much for having to walk with me in my hat (cos it's seen as a bit eccentric wearing one in this very urban non alpine warm temperate country environment LOL), but at the end of the day it was I left feeling very smug when all the city slickers were freezing their asses off and having to wrap their scarves/hoodies around their head, not to mention the fashion conscious ones who went bare headed are probably lying in bed sick & sniffling...Schadenfreude! ;)
Any case last night was pretty interesting...after some pretty good German food for my mate's b'day being so hat comfortable to be out at night, I decided to stay out a bit and tagged along to a karaoke bar which was a FIRST for me being such a banana and all...
Ha! The novelty was GREAT. I felt immediately like I was in Asia...Cheeeeap Thrills!!!
The only sad part was that I really don't know all those crappy generic mainstream american bopster tunes they were playing...but at least I met a cool fun tomboy too chick and also discovered a really nice tea & whisky YUMmmmmm! and the strangest part is since drinking a bit of those 'banned substances'(shhhhh) my torticollis is gone YaY! (health properties perhaps??)...or maybe it's really all about my magic hat! :-D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fake Zen at the Art of Zhen...

LOL a mention here cracked me up...but yeah go check it out...looks like some cool stuff (and Real Zen) can be discovered in its midst :)

To Hat or Not to Hat?

Since I still have this horrible virus thingy I'm feeling rather susceptible to the elements...the wind, the cold. Especially my poor ol' head :(

However after a quick ransack of my house, not a beanie or furry hat to be found anywhere!

So tonight I mounted the seemingly impossible task of looking for something to fend off the wind cold headaches...there were a couple of hat styles on offer...

1. The functional nice warm furry kind...


(Go Kyle!!!)
I remember wanting a chullo specifically at one stage but I couldn't find a pattern I liked in a head circumference I could fit LOL

They did have a very faux faux furry fur hat like below but all the synthetic fibres were just making me itch, my eyes water and my nose itchy :p

They also had a fake white sheepy fur earflap one but it had a distinctive tringular beanie top! Remember folks I want a hat for an urban landscape not an alpine mountain top!

In any case despite the EARFLAP hats being incredible warm comfy goodness I held off also cos I think I lose about 20 years and all adult credibility as soon as I don one of them :P

2. The barely functional and style conscious ones which don't do too much in terms of ear protection but at least reinforce the hair on the top of my head for added warmth.

Am I a pretentious Parisian wannabe? Undecided...

3. The teenybopster girl caps...which although I have been told they look good on me(by a metro male-does that even count? :p) ...well I just don't think I can do this kind...reminds me of the Paris Hilton bratty generation...

So in the end all I know is I'd like a RED hat which is nice and invigorating colour for winter (if I can find one amongst all the black death... of course it'd be cool to have a raspberry beret being a PRINCE fan!...Just for kicks ;)

But I guess I'll have to see what I can find next time...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Craving Banana Cake

Argh what a dilemma. I have major craving for banana cake. I have 2 almost black bananas waiting to be smashed...the only thing is...the only bicarb soda I have sits in my bathroom cupboard...I'm not sure how sanitary it is to use this for culinary purposes and it is too freezing cold and dark out to make the trek just to get bicarb soda...

Eh, stuff it! Germs get pulverised at 200 degrees right...I NEED my freshly baked banana cake :D


edit: haha...9.45pm and lazy ass actually did get off her ass -that bad the craving was - it's starting to smell really good in here though(!!) I think it'll be another 45minutes before it'll be ready to eat waiting... waiting... waiting....*drooool* ^^

Nothing beats home made comfort food...I realise since I've had this small claustrophobic kitchen I never feel like cooking so my diet has declined miserably...can't wait till I have a nice huge kitchen with actual benchspace again- cooking in cramped conditions is just stressful misery :p which is sad cos I love eating LOL

I ain't no Spring Chicken!

In this year 2009, it has really struck me how I'm just not like the young chick I was 10 years ago...suddenly, I tire so easily! I look at my 24 year old friend - seemingly not SO MUCH younger than me- who goes out 4 nights in a row, 6 nights a week, week in week out, works, boozes big time and smokes...and still has energy to spare...meanwhile I go out for a tame one week to celebrate my new found freedom and I spend the next 1.5 weeks recovering totally sick!

I can feel this Hermit really retreating into a new stage of life...perhaps all that youthful restlessness has gone and I no longer want or can handle so much "exciting" external noise anymore...I'm pretty content to just do my own thing at home...cos even on holidays, there never seems to be enough time!!! So probably I am doing too much and need to simplify and minimalise a bit more...

Somehow I think it is so much easier to do when my environment isn't so noisy and bustling...I'm so hanging out for getting outta the city in, day out, I am dreaming of The Simple will be great to be able to "Just Be" without feeling that I have to be doing something, constantly :p