Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deepak on Commitment

LOL, to all fellow people who hear the word "commitment", make lots of negative associations and gulp...or who have tried and failed...miserably...time and time again...I happened to notice a helpful column in a spiritual newspaper...

Surprisingly it is the first writing I have read from that great modern philosopher Deepak Chopra.....WOW...he shoots right to the top to sit next to Tolle! :)

In any case I thought it was so good I thought I'd do a community service and type it up since I couldn't find an online version of it...cos it's really worth sharing!

Edit: found the link!


HappyOrganist said...

you read spiritual newspapers? that's fun. I subscribe to a spiritual magazine (actually 2 of them) ;-)

Fear of failure. biggie for me.
and it is risky to put ALL of yourself out there. it's interesting 'cause for me I can see how those fears are actually .. what's the word.. well - I just know (fundamentally) that they're incorrect, silly in every way imaginable. (the english language has failed me once again)

anyway, I believe my Spirit knows these beliefs are ridiculous (fears). But the rest of me (mortal me) clings to them tenaciously. I could go on, but I'd rather not reveal too much of myself here ;-)
thanks for sharing

Shannanigans said...

The only long term committment I have made in my life is to my husband who I have been with almsot 11 years. Other than that, I suck at committing to anything. I don't know if it is from any of those listed reasons, or mostly because I am a lazy turd

Healingstones said...

What an interesting take on commitment."Spirit responds to your vision of it, and the higher your vision, the more you will evolve." Thanks for sharing this!

mscherrylane said...

H.O I pick em up from health food stores(they're free!)

Shan don't worry the longest commitment I feel I ever made of my own choosing has been my career path which has only been a couple of years and has been a constant struggle from year 1 to not just say "too hard" throw in the towel!! if anybody sucks at commitment it's ME!!!'re welcome :)

HappyOrganist said...


Shan! 10 years, too? That's cool! We were married Sept. '98 (were you married the same year?)

msC, I bet that after school's out, some of it becomes much easier. (Not all of it. the running your own business end of things is bound to suck. at least it would for me). But you can stick people left and right (and *probably get results) and you won't have to write papers, dissertations, and won't have a teacher watching your every move. Just think how much fun that might be. How much you'll be able to get away with (you should be so lucky) And probably all of your financial worries will just melt away w/ this new career path... maybe ;-P
but hey - if you feel this is your calling then.. (you'll do well) ;-)

miruspeg said...

Hi Macs
Deep post!! In my philosophy group we read quite a bit of Deepak Chopra writings....he's a good bloke!

My only commitment at the moment is to shine my light as strongly as possible throughout the universe. I am literally glowing as I am putting all my energy into it.....need any light sent your way?


mscherrylane said...

Pegs, I think I already received it without you consciously realising. THANKS!

The past week has been...intense! and rather...*magical*(?!)

miruspeg said...

Good to hear Macs.
I have been thinking about you this week but not consciously sending you here is a big burst now....

mscherrylane said...

Please send to Bacon...she needs it more - thanks! hehe you said I am a "lightworker" -does that mean we can send ourselves light? Yes, I think so! It's all coming together...I had the most amazing supernatural kinda dream...I should tell you about it one day.