Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When you just "click"...

Lately, strangely, I came across a few people with whom I just "click"! Which is very strange for me at a purely personal level...on a professional level I can get along with most people easily but the reverse is true personally... In any case cos I have been so spoiled with people who click lately, I guess I became a bit lazy in making "effort"socially...

In any case my highly "antisocial" mood earlier was washed away after a fun night of me time followed by an inadvertent meeting up with my 11 friend(I am her ever amused/entertained receptacle of dirty little secrets ;) When I am in my antisocial mood...I am pretty well open to NOBODY except for that rare exception...my fellow 11s...of which there is only one currently local...

It is strange but they are reliably the only people who just don't ever shit me, while others just shit me no end without even having to lift a finger! It's nice to know at least my 11 feels the same special bond...it is always strange to hear how others think of you rather than how you think they think of you(which can be quite disparate at times!)...so anyway the four words my 11 used to describe me (which were a nice surprise) were


lol, looking at that list...geez that sounds like a TCM health practitioner if ever I heard of one! But she was talking about me personally...Great, I guess I'm suited to my profession then!

In any case that was a bit of a strange list, which, apart from the last characteristic would not appear on the list if I had written it! The other surprising thing I found out was that there are actually real people who exist who don't find me "difficult" ^^- wow- even I find me difficult!!!

I'm starting to think though that my blogger persona is not a whole lot like me me...but my email me is more like me...it will be interesting at the end of the year when I meet one of my blogger pals for the first time...there is always that slight probability...what if we hate each other in real life?? LOL

finally, I have to visit the dentist tomorrow...(emits little whine) hopefully I will get time to pick up a lens protector so I can get happening with Horace...finally!


HappyOrganist said...

hmm. blogger vs. real-life persona.
I don't know. I pretty much figure we wouldn't get along (or hit it off) if we were to meet.
But that is a really moot point b/c that is so unlikely and so on and so forth.
I met a blogger friend recently in real life. That was kinda interesting. I don't know what she would say about the whole thing.. yeah, I don't know. But it was interesting. ;-)
guess I should email you if you want that story (there's not really a story there - but I'm certainly not going to review people or friend/clicking type things in public)
have fun!

Larns said...

haha ;)

Shannanigans said...

Ok so your blogger personality is not so much like you, but your email is....I find that when I am writing you emails I am more myself than I am in real life. Does that make sense? In real life I feel like I fake a lot just to get by with people, and when I am by myself it is a relief to be myself again

I doubt we would hate each other! What does shit you mean again? Is that like, piss you off? I misplaced my Aussie dictionanry

mscherrylane said...

H.O I agree I think in real life it's very likely we could only stand each other in small doses ;) (i'd say that's our women's intuition telling us that LOL)

actually it's not that blogger is not me, rather it's not the sum totality of me- it's kinda more just emphasising one aspect(usually the whingey/misanthropic/reflective/frivolous aspects) hehe

yeah Shan I think in real life we'd still get along but I'd probably have an urge to say very firmly to you...look, you can just be yourself!! haha I do pick up on the "people pleasing" bit to you....I still always wonder how you can be so polite and nice all the time LOL...I often think...okay part of it must be censored...what is she REALLY thinking deep down? hehe

yup...it means that person irritates you. btw shan, you are yang water...just like my 11 friend- despite being from very different backgrounds I suspect we'd get along very well. basically all the women i just get along with really well are yin fire or yang water...i am yang fire...interestingly enough both steve and the 11s bf are also yang fire!! sorry, you know me I love my PATTERNS!!!

Larns...i'm pretty sure we'll get along ;)

Shannanigans said...

Dude, I have to say that I am always honest. Always. Even though I may sugar coat it sometimes, I always speak the truth so you will always know where you stand with me. Weirdo. Just kidding...sort of ;)

Shannanigans said...

and stop telling everyone Im nice...I'm EVIL remember??? Sheesh, you're going to ruin my reputation

markymark2099 said...

I reckon we'd hate each other :) Is this 11 person who I think it is? If so...coool haha!

mscherrylane said...

shan, yeah i know you're honest but if you know someone's warts do you mention that too or do you just keep mum on the negative stuff?

see i tell it like it is whatever and i like people who do the same- most people don't though cos ppl don't appreciate complete honesty much- they only want to be told selectively- the good things!

mscherrylane said...

M...yeah it was pretty hostile the first couple of years LOL lucky we're both like women- ppl cam "grow on us" haha! nah...it's not mc...the one i met in tassie. it's weird though i met another cool chick the other night- it is so a strange era of women for me suddenly...

p.s met some pretty cute 25yo chicks- let me know if you want to meet them when you're back-viet chicks are quite pretty and have that look you like too...yay! finally i am not a completely useless friend...i finally know some cute chicks!! haha

markymark2099 said...

Hahaha, send them my way :)
Well maybe its time you met more women in your life...even out the balance of mates that you get along with for once haha!