Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's a bored girl to do!!!

...sing the entire Madonna Immaculate Collection of course!

Currently half way 8 songs down 9 to go!

LOL, I got a great load of sleep and rest this arvo and have all this energy but on a Tuesday night there is nothing and nobody to do anything with :(

I rarely get bored...but when I do, I'm HIGH maintenance...having grown up in a high stimulus environment I desperately want and kinda...need...people around me to be interesting and tickle my brain...not only capable of holding a conversation but, an interesting, stimulating one.

But lately...I really feel tired by having to be the entertainment...where's the fun for me...I want someone to entertain me!!!!

ahhhh been totally devoid of interesting people for a while now. Apart from my 11 friend who is back to the UK in November, the last interesting folks I found are long gone to the other hemisphere! In some ways I feel jinxed...I never seem to find local people in my real life interesting...why is that?!!

p.s I realise I don't amuse with enough pictures so here's one of a shopfront I like ;)


miruspeg said...

Oh dear poor Macs is bored!
Like to doodle? Prop yourself in front of a mirror with a bunch of pencils, and try a self-portrait.

Or you could do a cook up while you are listening to Madonna.

The house could always do with a bit of a clean.


HappyOrganist said...

that's a great picture. and you often come across as high maintenance in this manner. not always, but often ;)
You know what you need to do.. lower your standards ;-)
seems like I say that a lot.. must be one of my mottos. (do you know the plural for motto can be with or w/o an 'e'?)

Shannanigans said...

That sign is great!
I would entertain you today if I could. Or take you to the movies because its cheap night :)

And that album is the best to sing to!