Saturday, July 25, 2009

Save My Eyes!

LOL, I'm really going to try to not spend so much time online any more cos a) my eyes can't take any more strain b) The internet is like a candy store for my ravenous brain and then cos of my curiosity to learn and know all sorts of stuff I get pulled in so many different directions and get scattered and ineffectual with minimal spare time for healthier pursuits like engaging with the rest of the world and with less ability to concentrate on what counts...and plus, I really don't need any more mental stimulation for my already overstimulated brain...good thing I've already had so much time to collect useless random facts so we can kick ass in trivia!!!

p.s random aside, does anybody LOOOOOVE as in ADORE "Le Petit Prince"??

Just asking...I read it again recently- like a very entertaining's one of my all time favourite things ever! If you know it I'd like to hear your favourite favourite part is definitely the first chapter with the drawing of boa constrictors from the outside and boa constrictors from the inside...I also love that poor lamplighter who "leads a terrible profession" - I remember I had this picture next to my desk when I worked in an investment bank....of course they missed the manager it christmas card season already? eh, people with no imagination! No wonder they work in soul sucking places like investment banks...


HappyOrganist said...

msLane, I have read Le Petit Prince. Have a copy in Spanish, as well, in fact (i'm just cool like that).
Also like that water book you mentioned on your profile. We have plenty in common even though we're on separate planets ;-P
I wouldn't say I adore, it though. it's just.. french.
I saw the movie (there was a movie, no?) or maybe a tv series or both. But I saw some of that/those. (too lazy to look that up right now).
Nice flower. love it.

And I don't know - the end of the story is kinda weird. It's kind of an almost depressing (but weird enough to be confusing instead). sort of reminiscent of suicide (despair) longing to go home (be home). Thanks for making me sad msC.
actually I'm blaming Shannon right now.. turkey

and taking some food. I should really eat more and get some sleep.

Le Petit Prince. .. yeah, kind of weird. ;-)
Love the illustrations, though. the hat is awesome !

Shannanigans said...

I love the little prince...did you ever watch the cartoon when you were little?

"The little prince caught a shooting star..."

Sorry HO...hate to be a little black rain cloud ;)