Thursday, July 2, 2009

To Hat or Not to Hat?

Since I still have this horrible virus thingy I'm feeling rather susceptible to the elements...the wind, the cold. Especially my poor ol' head :(

However after a quick ransack of my house, not a beanie or furry hat to be found anywhere!

So tonight I mounted the seemingly impossible task of looking for something to fend off the wind cold headaches...there were a couple of hat styles on offer...

1. The functional nice warm furry kind...


(Go Kyle!!!)
I remember wanting a chullo specifically at one stage but I couldn't find a pattern I liked in a head circumference I could fit LOL

They did have a very faux faux furry fur hat like below but all the synthetic fibres were just making me itch, my eyes water and my nose itchy :p

They also had a fake white sheepy fur earflap one but it had a distinctive tringular beanie top! Remember folks I want a hat for an urban landscape not an alpine mountain top!

In any case despite the EARFLAP hats being incredible warm comfy goodness I held off also cos I think I lose about 20 years and all adult credibility as soon as I don one of them :P

2. The barely functional and style conscious ones which don't do too much in terms of ear protection but at least reinforce the hair on the top of my head for added warmth.

Am I a pretentious Parisian wannabe? Undecided...

3. The teenybopster girl caps...which although I have been told they look good on me(by a metro male-does that even count? :p) ...well I just don't think I can do this kind...reminds me of the Paris Hilton bratty generation...

So in the end all I know is I'd like a RED hat which is nice and invigorating colour for winter (if I can find one amongst all the black death... of course it'd be cool to have a raspberry beret being a PRINCE fan!...Just for kicks ;)

But I guess I'll have to see what I can find next time...


HappyOrganist said...

i know what you're thinking - that i'd vote for the beret. but I don't. you should go w/ the faux furry fur hat. practicality !

and after you get it.. take a picture and post it on your page.
thanks ;-P

Shannanigans said...

Ok seriously, the earflap here is a staple of the Canadian wardrobe. I will get you a nice red one. Maple leaves on or off?

Oh and you might have to wait until closer to fall, since they wont have any until then.