Monday, July 13, 2009

The Burden of being Spiritually Gifted?

There are two eclipses this month- I'm not sure whether that is why it's been particularly "noisy" or what...Strangely, I contacted one of my spiritual girlfriends for a recommendation for an energy worker...and she said that she's been going through a really bad patch of intense dreams too!! BIZARRE! So in both cases neither of us have been able to sleep properly and after most of last night awake and the past few nights full of dreams I for one am starting to get those god awful panda eyes etched deeper(!)

In any case I recently acquired two similarly spritually conscious & aware/receptive girlfriends locally: the first I've found in real life and if anything I conclude, the "gift" can definitely be a burden!!! However, it's kinda nice to have people that can relate on this level...for once.

I think until you really grow into your spiritual maturity, it can all get a bit confusing and overwhelming at times!


HappyOrganist said...

don't let it go to your head, deary
(you so come across that way sometimes. it's quite funny)

mscherrylane said...

why does it come across like that- I guess you need to suffer the burden to understand...(other two chicks nod their heads in agreement) I'd swap ya but I definitely don't want to be responsible for 3 rugrats at this stage LOL

miruspeg said...

HO certainly speaks her that girl she cracks me up!

I guess it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at times if you fight it. Just except it my friend, you aren't a very good sleeper anyway so watch a bit of telly, read a book and take a bex!

Here is the meaning to "Take a Bex" for those not in the know.

"The expression 'A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down' seems to have gained currency through much of Australia in the post WW2 period when aspirin became readily available. It was often used in the pejorative and abbreviated form 'go and take a Bex' to indicate to an over enthusiast person that they should take a more relaxed attitude to the subject being discussed, or to soothe a frazzled housewife. As such it had currency until very recently in bar room discussions, particularly where one person became animated in expressing a point of view that was contrary to the general view point of the group".

More light coming your way Macs.
Sleep tight.

HappyOrganist said...

well, you come across that way.. maybe I read your last sentence wrong "think until you grow into your spiritual maturity.. " maybe you were saying that you were still growing into it. It sounded like "I've got it covered, man. feel sorry for all those other dopes not as mature as I"
but you perhaps meant the first.

AT any rate.. it's interesting that you suggest dreams as being the negative side to the gift you have.
I had my palm read (well my face actually) the other evening (quite fun) by a "personologist." (just my way of sleeping around).
Actually, a neighbor asked if I wanted to come to a class her mother was giving. Her mother is the one who studies what she calls, "personality science." I wasn't that interested - only went as a 'social call' (understanding that other women in the neighborhood would attend). well they didn't attend. but that's ok. I still got to meet someone new (and I like to meet people).
Anyway.. She said I was psychic. woohoo! I immediately countered "i know."
what has this to do w/ your story.
well I forgot.
oh! yeah. well I was telling her, I need to keep myself (get myself) more grounded. And she said "what you need to do is find an outlet for that." and she suggested writing music (which I don't feel to do at this time. i'm happy just playing music, not writing). umm.. dum dum dum.
oh - and she said something about learning to block the 'negative' side of said gift and only allow/accept the positive side. I asked her what she meant - and she referred to excessive dreams ('nightmares' is what she said, i think). which is funny, b/c I don't really have very many nightmares at all. but i do have many dreams (but that is not a problem by any means).

panda eyes.. get some foundation (make-up)

Shannanigans said...

My dreams have been bizarre too, lately. Although I am placing full blame for last nights dreams on my dad's crzy garlicky ceasar salad and the veggie burger he made for me.

mscherrylane said...

ya me too...HO and I are from different planets LOL!!! I often feel like we need a dictionary translation to understand each other or I need to translate my daily posts into HO format...LOL, sorry HO too lazy!!! It's okay :)

Pegs I Like "Take a bex"...i also like "argy bargy" is that your time too?

HO, in short I'm talking general spiritual NOISE waking life and non waking life...are mormons allowed to wear makeup?! I don't know if that would work cos I really am a panda :)

yeah shannon even in my very sleep dozy state- that is an obvious case of way too much spicey for you!

okay, bed, bed, bed!!! NIght chickens! Zzzzzz

HappyOrganist said...

Shan, you're making me hungry (i'm starving at this moment. I really need to go eat breakfast). Peggy, if you think I'm a riot here, you should have seen my work elsewhere. (done and over, though, that is).
msC, I was looking yesterday for that post (comment actually) one of your friends made referring to that "For Whom the Bell Tolls" book.. where is that?

HappyOrganist said...

are we allowed to wear make-up? sure. some of us (not me) wear too much of it! ;-P

I don't believe in make-up. I think I'm gorgeous the way I am. (i am seriously that cocky).

translation.. um.. gol. well that's good to know. luckily I have all my language skills and resources handy. (spiritual gifts, those) ;-P ;-P ;-P