Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dangers of Bjork

This Volta album of Bjork's is amazing...while it is playing I feel very much like a non-descript robot in a factory line going about my motions...and that's not cos it is is just so *hypnotic* that it induces a somewhat trancelike state in me. After a while it is actually a struggle to keep my eyes open or to be aware of anything else going is that all consuming. Mental note: not to be played in the car when driving!!!

Just like reading Tolle, it's very meditative :) Possibly good to get into "Creative headspace" too!

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Anonymous said...

Bjork is probably one of the most creative and talented women around the world, my mistake, i just wanted say around the galaxy!!.
do you know that bjork made a film some years ago, this film is called: Dancer in the Dark from the wonderful and talented danish director Lars Von Trier!!. she plays a wonderful performance, theres two big moments in this film, the first one:
and the second one:
obviously the due with Mr. TOM YORKE, when she/he sing the song called: I´ve been seen all:

and this link:
I thought was the best performance of ALL IS FULL OF LOVE that she gave it to the world.. check it out the expression of these two girls in the show between 1:03 and 1:08 min... only she´s capable to make feel those feelings in the people... the girls with indescribable touching feelings