Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miscellaneous Tuesday

Had a great afternoon in the clinic but ended up smelling offensively like a Pothead version of the Dero I already am ;) It was so fascinating to see people so unaware of their own bodies and totally in denial that traumatic events in their life had some causative effect in their symptomatic manifestation LOL - men are usually the culprits for this- too "tough" to acknowledge their emotions LOL

Also met up with a cool international visitor :) Geez I loooooove people from overseas...if only I could have one every week like I have for the past two- Life would be Sweet! In any case it was so nice to have a real person I could just talk about everything with that I just have an "understanding" with...really made my day being able to do that! :)

Kind of exciting...met a fellow astrology head in one of my classmates-he has actually studied some asian variation of it all properly and has charged professionally for his services...I gave him my birth details and he's going to reveal all tomorrow (ooh how exciting!) Basically I am curious to know about temperament, compatibility...but I'm a bit anxious about him telling me anything predictive...in any case I am curious to see how it correlates with western...I was telling my friend briefly about her character based on her birthdate numerology and she said a Korean had told her exactly the same thing albeit using a different system- hence my curiosity to investigate the two was piqued!

On another note- I got a little harrassed again when it inadvertently came out that I got to hang out with "Mr X Factor" for a day- sheesh! A little sick of the protracted obsession...expecting 2 more days of this then Get over it Ladies!!! I did realise though that I would make an AWESOME friend for a famous person...even though there could be good money made to divulge and trade confidential information I am so loyal and too ethical...any famous person is lucky to have me as their friend...not that anybody's offering :p LOL
And finally in "Miscellaneous Tuesday" I have a special real life picture for my Animal Loving Matey Shannanigans. Here is an echidna my aunt and uncle found under their car on their regional acreage. He didn't get bowled over by the car actually- his snout is bleeding from digging in the bitumen!!! In case I'm amazed his spikes didn't pop their car tyres!!! (BTW if you ever come visit I will throw in a free trip to their property where echidnas and koalas and snakes and wallabies do roam free-whether you see these shy creatures or not is another story though! For plant heads...yeah their garden is pretty cool too ;)

Down By The River

Here are some rare candid pics taken down by the river near the farm. I like these because they are a rare capture of me at my most natural "in my element"...within nature, "hanging" with the boys, being anti-social and bonding with Horace :)

Unfortunately still haven't had time to look into resolving the annoying blurry factor- those thinking to purchase a Canon 450D Be Warned!!! Great clarity on preview screen but once you upload...yikes!! Be prepared to have to Photoshop if you want nice clear pics!! I think it's probably just a calibration problem with my batch but still....a terrible experience!

The weather has really cooled lately - that or these herbs are making me able to feel cold! In any case I like it :)

On another note, I don't know WHERE I HAVE BEEN for awhile. I just sat down and wrote my list of priorities and bar the last week or so I realise all the things I have been putting all my time and effort into...they don't even feature make it into my succinct list!! *sheesh* I highly recommend writing a priorities list to refer to so you don't end up spending so much of your life off track!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Most Important Advice for Empaths

Whatever you do, be very careful of the company you keep...Be very selective in who you choose to associate with and don't just befriend every troubled person that needs an ear...

and don't make yourself obligated by saying "but nobody else will be there for them"cos ultimately your responsibility is first to yourself and other adults are not your exclusive moral responsibility (unless they are your child or animal is the way I see it.)

You need to be this way in order to protect yourself from getting drained.

If you do choose to befriend someone whose troubles you will inevitably take on being an Empath, make sure that they are indeed worth the sacrifice...and that they have your back at all costs and are true reciprocators as well, otherwise you will just end up feeling used and bitter. Alternatively, learn to not expect anything in return.

I have never known any True Empaths in real life apart from my mum but I noticed energy still gets sapped regardless when S suddenly became incredibly exhausted and was unable to sleep when I did for no other apparent reason. In any case I am glad to know she doesn't mind because we both have the same high mindset to the concept of Friendship.

Strangely, feeling somewhat a fish out of water in the city in terms of having spiritual friends physically around...I feel very blessed to have some great friendships in odd places. It is quite bizarre how random strangers you have never met can actually be so generous with their hearts and minds :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Newsflash: The Girl...SLEEPS!

Last night was the first I actually slept and awoke when the sun had risen for the first time since Last Thursday night!!! I don't ever remember having gone so long without being able to sleep-it's incredibly disorientating.

Sometimes, when you are completely drained...sucked dry, you need a bit of helping hand from someone with good energy reserves and spiritual clout - you know someone in God's inner circle with a huge army of angels in their "arsenal"? Suddenly, your prayers are a lot more immediately effective...

In any case not sure if it was the prayers or the unorthodox therapeutic approach of late night swearing that M engaged me in for his own amusement but it was FREAKING AWESOME to actually be able to sleep even if I still feel like I'm burning up and insides feeling icky from the potent brew.

With actual rest, I might actually be able to study for my huge exam Monday yet! THANKS MATEY and a certain Bishop del Portillo...

In other news due to being so completely exhausted I managed to lock myself out AGAIN(I'm starting to wonder if this is a birthday thing since James seems to have done this just as frequently in recent times too ;), this time with absolutely nothing on me...so I had to ask for help from a passing neighbour in the block to call for a spare key after he ascertained that no he could not climb into my apartment without risking serious injury(his idea not mine). So I ended up meeting my first authentic Chilean from Chile...and get this his name was Marx! (yes after Karl Marx) but actually he reminded me more of Groucho Marx LOL...

In another bit of good news...my easter break is looking good. A practitioner from the town I want to move to has agreed to take me in for some of my practicum and killing two birds with one stone I get a nice break out of the city too! In true out of city style she even said I could stay at her place for that time even though I'm a totally random stranger...how nice and hospitable is that!!! So refreshing these non city folk- brought a big huge smile to my face :) Something I really needed to restore my faith in other people and general society lately...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have you, would you, will you...

See(n) a psychic?!

I don't know what the deal is but most people seem to be obsessed with knowing their future. This is probably the 4th time the issue has popped up in a year due to friends seeing or wanting to see one.

So in the latest instance, a friend was telling me about her latest encounter with a psychic...who was not a fake.

She was also wanting me to ask something and/or wondering if she could ask the psychic on my behalf to satisfy her curiosity? LOL I guess I should be flattered someone is interested in my future at all LOL

In any case I'm firmly anti seeing psychics to learn about my future- I'd rather create my future without bias...however it did occur to me that it could be useful to ask about my Past...there are so many things from my strange life experience to date that I am yet to understand and do often find myself wondering..Why? Or, What does it all MEAN?!

Hmmm...we'll see...right now on the cards is lots of STUDY and still attempting to get any sleep :p


Hmmm 4am awake, so, not great...but at least I sort of slept for 4 hours which is the best I've managed since Friday!!! (My good friends dutifully inform me that I look like total crap LOL- at least I take comfort in them knowing that I'm really not exaggerating how horribly shitty I feel physically!) Oh well...maybe it's just that case of "it can only get worse before it gets better" or "the most rewarding things in life are the ones we have to struggle hardest to attain".

In any case, MAI-E-STA-TE...what does it mean?

A Latin word, it means majesty, nobility...I liked this word as soon as I first put my eyes to it which was when I was about 14 or 15...because to me it immediately struck me as the closest word to "integrity" without being a derivative.

In any case I realise Integrity is the one thing I seem to be searching for a lot these days...in the majority of society, it is highly, highly lacking. As an old soul I've always had a fairly liberal live and let live type attitude, but one area where I find myself intolerant is when people act dishonorably -by all standard perception- and I am aware that someone will get hurt out of this...it offends my sense of justice and also activates my sense of compassion for the victim...many times I am aware of this potentiality before it eventuates so that is when I am more compelled to proactively offer my 2c...

But at the end of the day,young souls are in this world for a good time- heck- for the most part they are not even aware of any wrongdoing, so how can you hold wrongdoing against people who completely lack the same level of Awareness- that would be like resenting a baby for being selfish!

Eh it can be trying, being an old soul living in a young soul world. In any case I realise a lot of my "unique" experience of life is due to being a Life Path Number 11- one of the Master numbers - our experience of the world seems to be half in the physical plane and half in the spiritual plane-hence why we often need grounding, and also why I am incredibly idealistic! LOL...along with 22, 33...we are pretty rare- I think I've only met 4 others in my life and I think its full effect only really kicks in with a bit of maturity...

okay I might try to "sleep" again :p

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Once you start you just can't stop!

I'm not talking about Pringles...I'm talking about *blog reading* actually LOL

I do miss reading about all your fascinating lives but unfortunately it's having to take a backseat especially for the next 2 weeks where my body is totally snowed under fighting the sickness that is no longer being suppressed/masked by tonic herbs in the goal to be completely healed. I knew that this treatment was somewhat revolutionary but I have to admit that it really packed a punch that I was not quite prepared for!

Hence...in survival mode...having not been able to sleep since Friday is really starting to take it's toll and being able to study let alone concentrate is really, really challenging. Being so tired but being unable to sleep is really some kind of Hell on Earth. I can't take sleeping aids either lest it interfere with my treatment...so when I get a bit desperate I will intervene with a needle or two which means maybe 2 hours of rest but no restful sleep. So really functioning on minimalism and basics...such as now, currently cooking 15 minute backpacker pasta :p

If there's one thing I'd ask for before having to be born here again is to have completely great health for my entire lifetime...otherwise, when it drags out as it has with multiple events, it kind of makes everything suck...

Fingers crossed that this time the sucker's in the bag!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brushes with Fame...

*phew! What an interesting psychological insight the last few days has been.

Having been acquainted with a "VIP" has been one seriously interesting experience...really quite astounding in many respects...now I understand what they mean when someone has "X factor"...this guy had it all: good looks, brains, great disposition, reputation...

although I was somewhat aware of this, I only stayed "wowed" for about 2 seconds: at the end of the day- maybe cos I'm an old soul- I don't stay "wowed" for long....at the end of the day we are all people- some are endowed with more gifts than others but generally we all balance out- we are good at some things and bad at some things, some of us have luck in the looks department, some with a kind heart and humanitarian nature, some in the brains department....in any case maybe I am quick to see past exterior surfaces to the immaterial...the only thing that can really wow me is when I come across really white souls in human beings....as they are so rare they immediately jump out at me on a psychic level and I confuse them with having seen "angels".

In any case, despite knowing I was in the midst of some kind of Genius Casanova, it still didn't fail to really surprise me when I witnessed the tangible effect this guy had on the average female...amazing...if only I could bottle that for sale I'd be a freaking zillionaire!!!

And on a personal level it was also thoroughly disappointing as well because usually very reliable women in my life were suddenly reduced to a pile of flirtatious, gushing (and even jealous)mush...I think today I never felt more invisible...In any case, that hurt....for some strange reason it is very hard for a male to hurt me, but with girlfriends, I am incredibly sensitive to rejection. I guess that is typical for me...my life has always been so back to front...my mindset and behaviour is absolutely nothing like two X chromosomes, which is probably why guys have always made for the more natural, easy friends with little conscientious effort on my part, and if anything, females are the foreign un-understandable species that strike fear in my heart!

So much for girl friends. If there's anything I've learnt is that they're not the most reliable species once someone with a Y chromosome gets in the picture. Of course that could be gender stereotyping but it just doesn't happen that much with guys in my case for whatever reason...maybe guys still feel a need to be nice and polite to me cos I'm a girl?

Whatever, I'll take whatever decency I can get. I'm still holding out for my standard of friend, while still being able to retain my carefree and responsible singledom. Although I have to admit, the kind of high maintenance 100% loyalty friendship I am used to and so am always on a quest for (which typically is a standard that the majority of people only give to partners), my relationship abstinence undertaking while I study can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge....Good friends that aren't partners who reciprocate equally large efforts are so, so rare.

Perhaps it is a bleak outlook like my old soul friend said..."you are born alone, you die alone. Don't expect too much from anybody. The only person you can rely on is yourself". By the same token, I have also learned valuable lessons in establishing barriers and not giving so much of myself.

Life is one big school of hard knocks. But an irrepressibly beautiful journey full of delicious twists and surprises where miracles and wishes can come true too :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grandma's in bed by 7pm...again!

So...it's all been happening!!!! Exciting times and lots of....stuff! Highlights would be meeting a TCM super genius from overseas who I believe is the Godsend who holds the key to restoring me back to complete normal health :-DD

Thursday, (a rare whole day off) was spent gallivanting around the city playing tourist guide...for 12 hours straight!

Friday, clinics and an impromptu and awesome Yum Cha with my teacher and many classmates- LOL 14 people around a table chopsticks flying in our one hour break- crazy! I can only imagine how it will be in China next year...

Phew! No wonder I'm so tired and spent today entirely passed out and ineffectual...much like the week before last...geez someone is such a Grandma :p Apart from that, Blasts from the Pasts continue to trickle in strangely...Busy and full but Life is Good :)

Coming up to two Big exams so tonight skipped out on *fun stuff* to dutifully CRAM...been so busy...House is actually devoid of food :( Probably should try and do some grocery shopping sometime-empty fruit bowl is such a sad sight :( but honestly been so exhausted I didn't feel much like eating anyway...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gift or Burden?

My 'blessed' friend and I were talking...another whose lot in life seems to be tending wounded birds, that or we both seem to have attracted more than our fair share of troubled souls into our life throughout our life, people who only seem to stick around for as long as we're needed and then very obviously disappear when they can fly again. My friend said it's good as it shows that we're the kind of compassionate people others feel they can open up to and talk to about things they can't confide in anybody else...

I was reading Nova Holistic Journal and read about an Irish woman very much in touch with angels called Lorna Byrne. This part of her interview resonated with me:

"In absorbing the pain of others"... it's a role she's happy to accept because "in doing that role I know people are suffering less and that means an awful lot to me"..."I suppose God has allowed me to feel people's emotions and to take some of that to help them cope."

Unfortunately I'm not such a noble white entity...sometimes I really mind...it's such a Thankless Burden!! I think people in our position really deserve some kind of "source" we can tap into to replenish and consolidate our own life energy so we don't get drained and overly affected. I asked my friend how she managed to not get personally weighed down from absorbing others troubles and in terms of her own issues too where how does she "unload"? And the answer seemed so obvious...she talks to God!

But not being as naive a creature as I, she also admitted that she's always been aware of the need to "protect" herself and has managed to achieve this by always keeping a "distance" and "a barrier" from other people...she admits this means she's never been close to anybody....ever.

What a strange idea...perhaps this is the way to go...I guess this whole issue lies in that grey area which I am still learning to grow into. Sometimes I wish all that existed is white= good and bad=black(metaphorically speaking) and that everybody else could distinguish these two shades as easily as some of us can...

Are. You. GAME?

okay so obviously I'm not going to be able to buckle down until I completely vent this restlessness and allow myself to indulge one last aberration before the week gets underway...this blog post :)

So...I Love Games! I LOOOOVE FUN!!! I love a bit of...Adventure...

So...in a bit of Cheek I sent Good Sports Shan and Steve "Zhen's Hardcore Challenge- a Lethal dose of Asian-Australian..."

Basically it was a challenge of gastronomy representative of my unique cultural blend. I sent them 3 very foreign edible items with very strong flavours to consume representing Malaysia, China and Australia.

SOOOOO FUNNY! In the end it was the Australian component that got them...Vegemite!!! LOL...

Foreigners...Vegemite gets them everytime :-D! (Steve is to be highly commended though- I think he was tough enough to finish the entire blister pack.... straight!!!)

okay....now I am anticipating Revenge.

I'm Game...Bring it on!!! :-)

LOL some of us ;) obviously lead boring lives...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Comforting Thought...

My Dearest friend S always has a refreshing spin on things...Today it was:

"Ever get the feeling that we're normal and the rest of the world is crazy?"


lol, I guess I could afford to flex my perception...maybe being a minority doesn't necessarily imply that we're the weirdos!

Apart from that...I forgot to report on the outcome of my friend going to town on my hair...I think carefully styled I could pass as a bonafide Wii Avatar :) Luckily I don't own girly accessories cos she so wanted to stick a bow on me Hello Kitty style! In any case I'm loving short hair again...the only reason why I grew it long was cos a ponytail is convenient in summer and I look more my real age with longer hair...now I look 18 again...albeit like a very tired world weary one. Apparently the way to tell how old an asian really is is by the eyes...

I am still incredibly exhausted from the past week...I don't know how I'm supposed to get the bare minimum of study done-arghhhh!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rebel with a Purpose ;)

This quote from Claude Bernard beautifully summarises while I'll always be Anti-Establishment...

"It has often been said, that in order to discover things, one must be ignorant. It is better to know nothing than to have certain fixed ideas in one's mind, which are based on theories which one constantly tries to confirm. A discovery is usually an unexpected connection, which is not included in some theory. A discovery is rarely logical and often goes against the conceptions than in fashion."

My love of FREEDOM above all, extends to freedom of thought... The "Establishment" is too closed-minded, rigid, unyielding...in my view, all the true geniuses who made the most amazing discoveries and contributions to world knowledge (Da Vinci etc)...share a certain eccentricity, unlimited imagination and belief in possibility...the kinds of people who Establishment like to shove in the classification of 'sheer insanity'...

Cheers to Anti-Establishment...Some of us recognise who the True Geniuses really are!! *lol ;)

Grandma's in bed by 7pm...

So she even totally skipped DINNER(!!!)

When this food loving belly goes willfully neglected then you know Tired is an understatement!

*lol...will catch up with blogging world and top up here with more fascinating verbal diarrhoea when I recover more energy...*yawn*


Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet Dero-ness and the Awakening of a New Era

Got home. Crashed out on the couch for 3 hours straight...exhausted. Sheesh!No more crazy poker nights or nada for me...definitely can't afford to do this during semester...totally screws with my whole study routine!

In any case since no seeing patients today I indulged in being particularly 'dero'...a great throwback to the peak of my university days-Take One- as a carefree 18 year old...so much has changed yet some things are really just the same too as evidenced by the pic :)
Comfy Jeans, Comfy Hoodie, trademark assortment of wrist bands, and daggy 20 year old bona fide Malaysian "go out to throw the rubbish" slippers! Comfy, Comfy Comfy! Love it :-D
I have to admit that in the desire to have more professional and age credibility these days I'm not as dero as I enjoy being...most of the time LOL
Besides that I'm really enjoying this 'New Era'...at its fundamental core is acknowledging, accepting and being receptive to my own intuition as well as living according to my natural instincts, wants and needs. There is no longer a living according to what others need from me or being confined by social and cultural norms, neither am I constantly having this head vs gut war raging inside me. I'm no longer ignoring or dismissing insights that just "come to me" as irrational or any less valid than the insights I get from typically more "trustworthy" and factual sources...Which has resulted in this new sense of Stress-free Ease which I guess is ultimately what you feel when you're "in balance" and burden free! :-D
And the very strong message I am hearing from my angels is "You are entering the best time of your life...Live it wisely." No kidding, I have squandered way too much of my life already...
Other stuff...
>Sunday met up with P briefly and some of his friends...a bonafide Swede living here who was happy to endow me with more cool Swedish words :) and 2 other Aussie Malaysian Chinese girls which was pretty cool to "exchange notes"...strangely I just never seem to meet any of my own kind...
>I got in trouble again by the Chinese doc for regressing back to eating heaty foods...spicy food, alcohol...needless to say...BANNED. Hmmm, I can foresee how hard it's going to be to enforce discipline with patients of my own...I'm not exactly a shining example...reason to pull up socks I guess so I don't look like a hypocrite!
>I'm going to let my friend "go to town" with scissors on my hair cos she wants practice....should be interesting ;). It's not like she's studying haircutting or anything...oh well, it'll grow back...LOL Reminds me of the time (when I was 18) that I got so sick of my hair I just started enthusiastically with the scissors despite not knowing how...and ended up with this very peculiar missing chunk LOL...my friend had to drive over and spent 1 hour salvaging my misdirected boredom...I figure if there are any mishaps this time, at least I'm in the city...it should be easy to find someone to rectify it soon enough LOL
Have a good week everybody...I really am going to try and stick my head in the books!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It seems that my life has all started falling into place this week and I can see the picture on the jigsaw emerging...in any case the way some of this happened, I can't help but think I have some pretty Kick-Ass angels helping me out!!!

There are also some pretty exciting possibilities I have in the pipeline right now...so fingers crossed they come to fruition...in any case all the more reason to Stay Tuned! LOL

It's so great when you suddenly have such clarity of vision... :)

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Rowdy Night.

LOL I infiltrated my first "Boys Poker Night" and it was actually my first poker game ever as well!

Well I only went to bed at 5am and didn't sleep the night before so I don't have too much compulsion to say too much except...

haha, I didn't actually do too bad at "the game" ;) hehe, BEGINNER'S LUCK you say? Noooooo!

It was one of the most unusual experiences I've ever had...me, 7 men and poker. LOL

I think it was really good to get out of the "usual" and energetically it actually was very positive: moving some of the internal physical "stagnation" that had accumulated within my body.

I also found it really fulfilling on a personal level because many of the conversations I had just reaffirmed a lot of my own self revelations about myself and also that I am Exactly where I want to be, doing What I Want and Being how and Who I Want To Be.

And as a side note, it also reconfirms my awareness that "Age is irrelevant". Totally.

Cheers to Self-Knowing!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This Blog is Boring.

If you really want to see how interesting my life gets...you should visit my alterego's blog all about the fascinating world of Chinese Medicine :)

Have a good weekend Folks!

Favourite selection of random foreign words and phrases.

Do-e-tush-mush-te a.ka. "don't touch my moustache" in Japanese LOL just kidding! it means "pleased to meet you" :) edit: sorry i am blatantly disseminating falsehoods due to crap memory...I think it actually means "You're welcome"...yes that's right!

Largom! it's a very Swedish expression which approximately translates to "just the right amount"...and is used in very certain contexts...basically it seems to my Australian psyche that the Swedish expect waiters to be mind readers...but the Swedish think this expression makes perfect sense!

Yao Yao Pi Gu - "Wiggle your butt" in Mandarin - my dear niece taught me this one :)

Felix Nata Hodie! literally, "Lucky Birth Today" in Latin a.k.a Happy Birthday!

Awas Anjing! "Beware Of The Dog"...in Malay.

Schadenfreude...German...Meaning here.

Bula! That's "Hi" in Fijian :)

Feel free to enlighten me with any of your favourites that spring to mind :)

A Personal Lesson.

When you're highly idealistic, it's very easy to get bitterly disappointed easily....again and again and again. Got chatting with some mates...They tell me:

Apparently I give too much of myself. And I don't have to be that way. It's unnecessary. And that I can afford to be more selfish...which should preserve my sanity better. It's those damn Boundaries again...something that keeps eluding me! Hmm...something to learn. I think if you give and give and give you can just get sucked dry...

Often I find myself walking through the streets and I feel so far removed from the physical world-really quite 'otherworldly'- and that is a lot due to the overwhelming Baseness that surrounds me...*sigh*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you cleanse of Bad Vibes? Part 2.

Hey, Thanks for the comments! I've just made a follow up post here cos I have quite a few things to say in relation to the post and comments yesterday...

MAN what a day...James, I think you're right - there IS something weird in the air...well at least my past day or two was just so...intense and unusual! It was totally hectic today and then I even came back to 25 emails...which is highly unusual for me!

The weirdest coincidence was that I incidentally met a good friend who also had my exact same Bad Vibes experience from yesterday happen to her Today (a.ka. Tall Poppy Syndrome)- it seems to be such a disease afflicting the people in this country for some reason...and the same reason why so many I know have gone overseas for better opportunities in their career and most importantly to not be "held back"!

Just on the note of Moon effects though...I don't know if I necessarily associate the moon with "bad" vibes per se but I do notice that people can go a little crazy when it's a full moon- I know I am susceptible...There is a long running joke that I turn into a werewolf if I'm shone on by a full moon at midnight LOL- I do often get restless and crazy kind of like when you get caught up in the elements of strange weather. It seems especially heightened when there is an eclipse.

Shan, I think also for us girls when it's "that time of month" our protective aura or whatever is weaker...not that I'm dismissing it as sensitivity over other people's crap that would have affected me regardless, but you do get more affected by negative vibes at these times which reminds me of *** other "cleansing" strategies I irresponsibly left off my list..

HELPFUL PRODUCTS-no I don't get paid to spruik...(wouldn't mind though ;)

***Rescue Remedy!! I need to go get some- I know many people who SWEAR by this stuff (a couple of drops under the tongue) in times of acute stress/trauma!

Also, I really like ***Dr Hauschka's Moor Lavender Body Oil...Lavender is very calming and soothing and Peat Moss is a very protective shield for the body especially against Electromagnetic Radiation etc so great before flying and great if you're sensitive to being sandwiched between so many transmissions towers and people who can't survive without their portable wireless electronic devices like I am! Or if you have a "weak etheric body"...

Healingstones, Thanks for the Vetiver tip! I've looked it up and it has very impressive energetics even by TCM standards! I think when you do alot of energy work and get bogged down by all your patients' baggage/sickness, even just washing your hands and face helps..I also think spraying the room with some clearing, cleansing and positive essential oils (I like eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, orange and bergamot oils for this purpose) help. I can't remember what Vetiver smells like but I think it is related to something else...petitgrain...?

Asianmommy, yes I was debating whether to put ***"chat with a good friend" on the list...as long as you pick the right good friend...some, like the one today had a great comforting vibe like a warm snug blanket on a cold day...some, just stress me out more!LOL

And finally, like the children's wards in certain hospitals actually do...***Turn on your Himalayan salt lamp! Their gentle pink ray is very comforting :) When they get warm they also emit negative ions...benefits of which you can read about in depth here.

p.s I instinctively got drawn to 2 bonafide Australian desert rocks I picked up in the middle of nowhere from my box of rocks to place under my pillow before bed...I never noticed them before actually-usually I will go for polished bought tumblestones...in any case I had Remarkable sleep for once!

The two rocks don't look impressive or identifiable but they have a very special feel and energy about them and I have no idea what kind of rocks they are...I actually suspect they might be meteorite fragments!!!(honestly...they are kind of out of this world looking...in a humble kind of way.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How do you "cleanse" of Bad Vibes?

Found myself totally drained and downed by "Bad Vibes" today. Hence ended up compiling this list of my favourite "cleansing" strategies...

1. Go swim in the ocean-if not possible at least walk barefoot on the sand through the waves along the beach.

Should 1. not be possible then

2. Take a seasalt or epsom salt bath with some relaxing essential oils such as lavender...

3. Walk barefoot on grass.

4. Listen to cleansing music such as Lisa Gerrard, opera or classical-very loud.

5. Gong a tibetan singing bowl for a long time.

6. Handle appropriate rocks/crystals!

7. Write it out.

8. SLEEP-tomorrow is always a New Day!

9. Do Yoga, Qi Gong/Breathwork or Meditate.

Today was especially urgent so I ended up implementing nos 2,4,5 and 7 and intend to round up with 6 and 8 :p

p.s to get the gist of some of the problem I endured today go read this super post by Shannanigans, and whatever you do do not miss THIS VIDEO!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Maybe all you really need are Good Blog Friends...

LOL, this extremely HONEST post by Caroline caused possibly the most sensation I've ever witnessed throughout her blogging existence...the responses were equally as compelling reading...
they made for a great "restore faith in your fellow human beings" moment :-D

...well, for me, at least! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


How do you know this photo is real? With the 1600 ISOs (as above) let alone manipulation possible with the digital age, it's not always easy to tell...
The way you you know that this photo is real...
It's the imperfection...the variations on the underside of the leaf...
Life is like the leaf. Even if you feel it is perfect, this is always temporary cos sooner or later reality kicks in and you realise literal 'perfection' cannot be sustained over time. The only way to really be able to be Happy is to not make yourself slave to inflexible expectations and Nazi- like Perfectionism(believe me, I'm a reformed Perfectionist).
Happiness is about maintaining an equilibrium: we constantly need to adjust and adapt to maintain the scales.
I was talking engagement rings with my friend the other day...Diamonds come in different grades- it is actually possible to get diamonds that under the microscope are categorised as "Flawless". I remember having one offered to me. I turned it down...cos to me, instinctively it represented something unrealistic and unattainable by a human. Humans always come with flaws...
That's one random tangent for the day...the other has arisen out of real time to myself to reflect on my life to date... it's my new list of personal laws:
1. Exercise Tolerance especially with those things that especially irk me (in your face extroverts and girrrrls being the main two LOL I'm not going to bother trying too hard anymore to understand either...maybe next incarnation?)
2. Set and keep Boundaries.
3. Purge the Past.
4. Look after ME....first!