Friday, March 6, 2009

Favourite selection of random foreign words and phrases.

Do-e-tush-mush-te a.ka. "don't touch my moustache" in Japanese LOL just kidding! it means "pleased to meet you" :) edit: sorry i am blatantly disseminating falsehoods due to crap memory...I think it actually means "You're welcome"...yes that's right!

Largom! it's a very Swedish expression which approximately translates to "just the right amount"...and is used in very certain contexts...basically it seems to my Australian psyche that the Swedish expect waiters to be mind readers...but the Swedish think this expression makes perfect sense!

Yao Yao Pi Gu - "Wiggle your butt" in Mandarin - my dear niece taught me this one :)

Felix Nata Hodie! literally, "Lucky Birth Today" in Latin a.k.a Happy Birthday!

Awas Anjing! "Beware Of The Dog" Malay.

Schadenfreude...German...Meaning here.

Bula! That's "Hi" in Fijian :)

Feel free to enlighten me with any of your favourites that spring to mind :)


Shannanigans said...

Oh I have TONS of Canadianisms!!!

Double Double: Coffee, 2 cream, 2 sugars

tuque: a knitted winter hat, often with a pompon on the crown

poutine (pronounced poo-tin): a dish of french fries topped with cheese curds and covered with hot gravy

Forty Pounder: A 40 ounce bottle of alcohol

Gotch/Gitch: Mens underwear

hoser: a stereotype and a mild insult

Pogie: Unemployment Insurance

Rippers: Strippers

Skid: a reference to people who appear down and out with raggedy clothing

Shinny: Street hockey

Canuck: A Canadian

Keener: A suck up/brown noser

Click: A kilometre

Gorby- derogatory term for tourists

mscherrylane said...

I love it. Look forward to more time to properly ingest this list and feed it back to you LOL!

I look forward to one day being a "Gorby"...Love Ya!!