Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down By The River

Here are some rare candid pics taken down by the river near the farm. I like these because they are a rare capture of me at my most natural "in my element"...within nature, "hanging" with the boys, being anti-social and bonding with Horace :)

Unfortunately still haven't had time to look into resolving the annoying blurry factor- those thinking to purchase a Canon 450D Be Warned!!! Great clarity on preview screen but once you upload...yikes!! Be prepared to have to Photoshop if you want nice clear pics!! I think it's probably just a calibration problem with my batch but still....a terrible experience!

The weather has really cooled lately - that or these herbs are making me able to feel cold! In any case I like it :)

On another note, I don't know WHERE I HAVE BEEN for awhile. I just sat down and wrote my list of priorities and bar the last week or so I realise all the things I have been putting all my time and effort into...they don't even feature make it into my succinct list!! *sheesh* I highly recommend writing a priorities list to refer to so you don't end up spending so much of your life off track!!!


Shannanigans said...

Looks as if it could be a shot from anywhere near Thunder Bay. Especially with the grey sky and everyone wearing sweatshirts and jackets!
Stop hiding your face too!

Ribbon said...

Great photos. Beautfiul River.
Nice Blog!

Best wishes Ribbon :-)

mscherrylane said...

Yeah...can you tell that there are no Australian Australians...except for me they're all Northern Hemisphere people! You are so lucky to live in something like THAT!

p.s face hiding in public is my thing :) I don't know but ever since I heard that the aborigines regard photo taking as sucking some of your soul I HATE photos...Come visit me and I won't hide...every photo looks different!