Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miscellaneous Tuesday

Had a great afternoon in the clinic but ended up smelling offensively like a Pothead version of the Dero I already am ;) It was so fascinating to see people so unaware of their own bodies and totally in denial that traumatic events in their life had some causative effect in their symptomatic manifestation LOL - men are usually the culprits for this- too "tough" to acknowledge their emotions LOL

Also met up with a cool international visitor :) Geez I loooooove people from overseas...if only I could have one every week like I have for the past two- Life would be Sweet! In any case it was so nice to have a real person I could just talk about everything with that I just have an "understanding" with...really made my day being able to do that! :)

Kind of exciting...met a fellow astrology head in one of my classmates-he has actually studied some asian variation of it all properly and has charged professionally for his services...I gave him my birth details and he's going to reveal all tomorrow (ooh how exciting!) Basically I am curious to know about temperament, compatibility...but I'm a bit anxious about him telling me anything predictive...in any case I am curious to see how it correlates with western...I was telling my friend briefly about her character based on her birthdate numerology and she said a Korean had told her exactly the same thing albeit using a different system- hence my curiosity to investigate the two was piqued!

On another note- I got a little harrassed again when it inadvertently came out that I got to hang out with "Mr X Factor" for a day- sheesh! A little sick of the protracted obsession...expecting 2 more days of this then Get over it Ladies!!! I did realise though that I would make an AWESOME friend for a famous person...even though there could be good money made to divulge and trade confidential information I am so loyal and too ethical...any famous person is lucky to have me as their friend...not that anybody's offering :p LOL
And finally in "Miscellaneous Tuesday" I have a special real life picture for my Animal Loving Matey Shannanigans. Here is an echidna my aunt and uncle found under their car on their regional acreage. He didn't get bowled over by the car actually- his snout is bleeding from digging in the bitumen!!! In case I'm amazed his spikes didn't pop their car tyres!!! (BTW if you ever come visit I will throw in a free trip to their property where echidnas and koalas and snakes and wallabies do roam free-whether you see these shy creatures or not is another story though! For plant heads...yeah their garden is pretty cool too ;)


Shannanigans said...

What's a Dero again?
And that picture is CUTE CUTE CUTE!
You should see me when Steve is driving...He has to swerve to avoid all sorts of critters. He keeps saying I am going to get us killed one day...I definitely cant wait to visit and see all that for myself

Anonymous said...

That's one cool critter! BTW...is that you in the pics below? Looks like a fun day.

mscherrylane said...

Shan, A Dero is like a Bum, a Hobo...my friend called me this once after he realised he has a grooming routine and I don't, and then it kind of stuck LOL Yeah so many local men here are so disgustingly metrosexual and vain.

hmm I highly recommend you two don't go driving at night here then...you really can get killed- if you bump into a kangaroo the impact is so great your car would be totalled. Swerving is really not a good idea...koalas and kangaroos here are actually deliberately culled anyway...my weakness is wombats- I don't want to hit any wombats!!

Caroline- yeah that is my most favourite manifestation...the "Essential Zhen"...no different from my 12 year old self LOL