Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Most Important Advice for Empaths

Whatever you do, be very careful of the company you keep...Be very selective in who you choose to associate with and don't just befriend every troubled person that needs an ear...

and don't make yourself obligated by saying "but nobody else will be there for them"cos ultimately your responsibility is first to yourself and other adults are not your exclusive moral responsibility (unless they are your child or animal is the way I see it.)

You need to be this way in order to protect yourself from getting drained.

If you do choose to befriend someone whose troubles you will inevitably take on being an Empath, make sure that they are indeed worth the sacrifice...and that they have your back at all costs and are true reciprocators as well, otherwise you will just end up feeling used and bitter. Alternatively, learn to not expect anything in return.

I have never known any True Empaths in real life apart from my mum but I noticed energy still gets sapped regardless when S suddenly became incredibly exhausted and was unable to sleep when I did for no other apparent reason. In any case I am glad to know she doesn't mind because we both have the same high mindset to the concept of Friendship.

Strangely, feeling somewhat a fish out of water in the city in terms of having spiritual friends physically around...I feel very blessed to have some great friendships in odd places. It is quite bizarre how random strangers you have never met can actually be so generous with their hearts and minds :)


Shannanigans said...

Definitely weird how tired I got and how I wasnt sleeping..I ALWAYS sleep all the time. That is one area that is never a problem for me. But feel free to suck my energy anytime :)

markymark2099 said...

Saw George at mutual friend's place. Wants to be a guinea pig for you. Give him a call or email to arrange a time!

Pamela Glasner said...

Hello - I just came across your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading some of the things you’ve written. Empathy is a subject which has been near and dear to my heart for nearly two years now. A novice of sorts, but learning more every day. I’d like to hang out for a while, read some more of your posts, get to know your their views and reactions and ways of dealing with different aspects of this amazing phenomenon. Hope that’s OK.

My sincere thanks,,
Pamela Glasner
Manchester, CT, USA

You are cordially invited to visit me at

Anonymous said...

I learned pretty early on in my training as a reflexologist (which was really the start of my healing practice) that I was an empath. I would take on people's symptoms and feel exhausted. But apart from protecting yourself energetically (which I'm sure you know about) I was shown a technique by a fellow healer. She said that you say to yourself "Does this headache/tummy trouble etc etc belong to me? If not then I respectfully ask it to leave my aura." It works!! Although you have to remember to do it (sounds obvious but I sometimes forget)!

mscherrylane said...

LOL remember I said I had an old soul friend who is a 9- well she's a 9(day) but actually an 11 life path like me!!! and she too could only sleep 4-5 hours the past few nights- LOL...It can suck being an Empath!

HS I will try it...also I need to get some Vetiver...

Anonymous said...

Quite right, listen to your aunty HS!! ;0)

miruspeg said...

Great post old soul you!

Wise beyond your years.


Pamela Glasner said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog and thanks for the compliment! I would love to welcome your friend who is an aspiring fantasy writer. If you can let me know who she is I can keep an eye out for her.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make sure I let you know: I love the music which plays when I access your site. It is so soothing - nice to hear, particularly at the end of a harrowing day.

mscherrylane said...

Thanks music taste is very diverse and a little eclectic for some but very dear to my heart. You can visit her at: Cheers :)

Pamela Glasner said...

Just wanted to let you know about the latest post on my blog: - "The Lodestarre: Finding Emmaus"

In "Continuing the Creation of a Dark Historic Fantasy About Empaths" I let Katherine, one of the two principal characters, share her private thoughts and feelings about being Empathic. Katherine is an interesting mix of integrity, normality, inner strength and insecurity, as are we all.

Thought you might find it of value.

Pamela Glasner said...


Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Yes, He does answer my prayers, doesn't He? And it sure has been a relatively smooth ride, hasn't it? That's why I'm so convinced it's Him at work. What else could it be?

Regardless, I am so grateful and awed at the whole thing, I hardly know whether to laugh or cry - so I've been doing a bit of both.