Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have you, would you, will you...

See(n) a psychic?!

I don't know what the deal is but most people seem to be obsessed with knowing their future. This is probably the 4th time the issue has popped up in a year due to friends seeing or wanting to see one.

So in the latest instance, a friend was telling me about her latest encounter with a psychic...who was not a fake.

She was also wanting me to ask something and/or wondering if she could ask the psychic on my behalf to satisfy her curiosity? LOL I guess I should be flattered someone is interested in my future at all LOL

In any case I'm firmly anti seeing psychics to learn about my future- I'd rather create my future without bias...however it did occur to me that it could be useful to ask about my Past...there are so many things from my strange life experience to date that I am yet to understand and do often find myself wondering..Why? Or, What does it all MEAN?!

Hmmm...we'll see...right now on the cards is lots of STUDY and still attempting to get any sleep :p


Ariad said...

I know where you're coming from. I'm so much more into considering the past...and don't you glean your future from your past? You kind of know where you are going or what you want to create.

I like psychics in the true sence of the word..people that have timely warnings about the future...but the rest...leaves nothing to the imagination!

Anonymous said...

I have seen "psychics" or I should say clairvoyants. She mostly told me things that happened in my past lives and somethings about the future (but not enough to alter my future). I thought it was interesting but not worth the $100. I think if we mediate we can easily go back and find things out on our own (but many believe that don't have psychic ability).We do. It's a matter of getting away from the ego and going in deep...for many it's a bit intimidating.

Dina said...

I'm with you on that. I don't want to know my future--unless it's a warning that could actually save me.

I think what I like to know is insights into what's happening currently.

Shannanigans said...

Since you asked me in an email I will reply to you there what I think about the whole psychic phenomenon.

But I think finding out about your past is a great way to learn about yourself and why you are the way you are

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting idea to ask to look at your past... to maybe get a different perspetive on it? I went through a phase of going to psychics (and feeling ripped off) - also I was naughty cos I would read the cards for myself (upside down!)

Anonymous said...

Do you love the Earth?