Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rebel with a Purpose ;)

This quote from Claude Bernard beautifully summarises while I'll always be Anti-Establishment...

"It has often been said, that in order to discover things, one must be ignorant. It is better to know nothing than to have certain fixed ideas in one's mind, which are based on theories which one constantly tries to confirm. A discovery is usually an unexpected connection, which is not included in some theory. A discovery is rarely logical and often goes against the conceptions than in fashion."

My love of FREEDOM above all, extends to freedom of thought... The "Establishment" is too closed-minded, rigid, my view, all the true geniuses who made the most amazing discoveries and contributions to world knowledge (Da Vinci etc)...share a certain eccentricity, unlimited imagination and belief in possibility...the kinds of people who Establishment like to shove in the classification of 'sheer insanity'...

Cheers to Anti-Establishment...Some of us recognise who the True Geniuses really are!! *lol ;)


miruspeg said...

I always thought I was a 'rebel without a cause' but as I get older I now realise I am a 'rebel with a purpose'.
Excellent post Macs. Totally agree with your anti-establishment words. My hero Dr Martin Luther King stood up against the establishment as well.
Cheers indeed to Anti-Establishment!

Shannanigans said...

Right on! I am a non conformist and am always fighting the system, whether it is small injustices at work, or big ones that affect the world.