Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you cleanse of Bad Vibes? Part 2.

Hey, Thanks for the comments! I've just made a follow up post here cos I have quite a few things to say in relation to the post and comments yesterday...

MAN what a day...James, I think you're right - there IS something weird in the air...well at least my past day or two was just so...intense and unusual! It was totally hectic today and then I even came back to 25 emails...which is highly unusual for me!

The weirdest coincidence was that I incidentally met a good friend who also had my exact same Bad Vibes experience from yesterday happen to her Today (a.ka. Tall Poppy Syndrome)- it seems to be such a disease afflicting the people in this country for some reason...and the same reason why so many I know have gone overseas for better opportunities in their career and most importantly to not be "held back"!

Just on the note of Moon effects though...I don't know if I necessarily associate the moon with "bad" vibes per se but I do notice that people can go a little crazy when it's a full moon- I know I am susceptible...There is a long running joke that I turn into a werewolf if I'm shone on by a full moon at midnight LOL- I do often get restless and crazy kind of like when you get caught up in the elements of strange weather. It seems especially heightened when there is an eclipse.

Shan, I think also for us girls when it's "that time of month" our protective aura or whatever is weaker...not that I'm dismissing it as sensitivity over other people's crap that would have affected me regardless, but you do get more affected by negative vibes at these times which reminds me of *** other "cleansing" strategies I irresponsibly left off my list..

HELPFUL PRODUCTS-no I don't get paid to spruik...(wouldn't mind though ;)

***Rescue Remedy!! I need to go get some- I know many people who SWEAR by this stuff (a couple of drops under the tongue) in times of acute stress/trauma!

Also, I really like ***Dr Hauschka's Moor Lavender Body Oil...Lavender is very calming and soothing and Peat Moss is a very protective shield for the body especially against Electromagnetic Radiation etc so great before flying and great if you're sensitive to being sandwiched between so many transmissions towers and people who can't survive without their portable wireless electronic devices like I am! Or if you have a "weak etheric body"...

Healingstones, Thanks for the Vetiver tip! I've looked it up and it has very impressive energetics even by TCM standards! I think when you do alot of energy work and get bogged down by all your patients' baggage/sickness, even just washing your hands and face helps..I also think spraying the room with some clearing, cleansing and positive essential oils (I like eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, orange and bergamot oils for this purpose) help. I can't remember what Vetiver smells like but I think it is related to something else...petitgrain...?

Asianmommy, yes I was debating whether to put ***"chat with a good friend" on the long as you pick the right good friend...some, like the one today had a great comforting vibe like a warm snug blanket on a cold day...some, just stress me out more!LOL

And finally, like the children's wards in certain hospitals actually do...***Turn on your Himalayan salt lamp! Their gentle pink ray is very comforting :) When they get warm they also emit negative ions...benefits of which you can read about in depth here.

p.s I instinctively got drawn to 2 bonafide Australian desert rocks I picked up in the middle of nowhere from my box of rocks to place under my pillow before bed...I never noticed them before actually-usually I will go for polished bought any case I had Remarkable sleep for once!

The two rocks don't look impressive or identifiable but they have a very special feel and energy about them and I have no idea what kind of rocks they are...I actually suspect they might be meteorite fragments!!!(honestly...they are kind of out of this world a humble kind of way.)


markymark2099 said...

Hallo, playing poker again this Friday :P

Shannanigans said...

Perhaps your bad vibes were caused by this
I really hope the html works.

Larns said...

thanks for the advice regarding accupuncture-I've only ever had it on my back for back pain and it worked really well...never thought of it for my depression, many thanks will give it a go :)

Jerry said...

Sounds like your readers might want to have a USA source for Salt Lamps. There are a lot of spurious claims about their health attributes being made by sellers here in the States and we wish people would just enjoy the natural wonder of Mother Nature's art. Anyway feel free to send any US inquiries over to Salt Lamp Creations. If you want to learn more about how they are mined and carved read about the creation process of a Salt Lamp take a look here

Anonymous said... seems that you should be all cleared up now with all the helpful suggestions :) watched that video...I bet the universe is even bigger than that. Think about it...does it really end? What's at the end of the universe? I don't think it can end. Ok...I smell rubber burning from my

I hope you are feeling better...I am sending some reiki to you too ;)

Shannanigans said...

One more thought about the universe..
My economics/religion teacher once told me of the theory that the universe is like those old video games where when your character runs out one end of the screen and comes out the other. So if you go so far into it you will end up where you started. It makes my brain hurt.