Monday, March 16, 2009

Are. You. GAME?

okay so obviously I'm not going to be able to buckle down until I completely vent this restlessness and allow myself to indulge one last aberration before the week gets underway...this blog post :)

So...I Love Games! I LOOOOVE FUN!!! I love a bit of...Adventure... a bit of Cheek I sent Good Sports Shan and Steve "Zhen's Hardcore Challenge- a Lethal dose of Asian-Australian..."

Basically it was a challenge of gastronomy representative of my unique cultural blend. I sent them 3 very foreign edible items with very strong flavours to consume representing Malaysia, China and Australia.

SOOOOO FUNNY! In the end it was the Australian component that got them...Vegemite!!! LOL...

Foreigners...Vegemite gets them everytime :-D! (Steve is to be highly commended though- I think he was tough enough to finish the entire blister pack.... straight!!!) I am anticipating Revenge.

I'm Game...Bring it on!!! :-)

LOL some of us ;) obviously lead boring lives...


Shannanigans said...

Round Two...You are lucky that poutine doesn't ship well!

Don't worry...I will go easy on you :)

mscherrylane said...

Fair's fair...keep it Vegan please: I HATE cheese! I think I got out my restlessness now and can go back to being a Nerd- would I survive without them?! Thanks Matey :)