Saturday, October 31, 2009

I want a Mini Snoopy!

Is this the cutey-est dog you have ever seen or WHAT?


p.s SHAU BAI means "little white"- apparently it is an incredibly generic asian dog's name...

p.p.s Not sure how easy it is to get this breed "coton de tulear" esp down here...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is my new favourite German word...

To recap though, my very favourite German word is Schadenfreude. But that is old news.

So I have found a new favourite German word...Verliebtheit!!!

Beautiful, isn't it?!

Still never as beautiful as the French or Spanish language though....*sigh.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's called...BOHO, y'know?!

So, after that horrible sleep deprivation due to all that design play last night I wasn't in any kind of mood to really care for a conscious existence...

So my girlfriend says to me this afternoon:

"What's with the HAIR?!!!"

To which I replied:

"What's WITH the hair?"


LOL, I think I am so sick of how superficial, vacuous and shallow and APPEARANCE obsessed people in this city are...for sure it started with me being lazy and unkempt and can't be bothered but NOW, it's more kind of like...maybe I do it just to be subversive!!!

In any case, I had the gall to rock up to one of the wankiest clubs in this city in jeans and shoes that technically yeah, a little messy unsymmetrical pony tail with lots of fly away strands everywhere at, that's NOTHING!

Oh My Gosh...Really!

It's 1:49am. And I have an exam tomorrow. But I have been too busy to sleep...playing at my latest FAD....SO FUN!!! Best discovery since the Mr Squiggle Drawing Tool...

I will publish some of my patterns, when I shouldn't be sleeping, or studying :P

Love from, WannaBEE artist! x

Monday, October 26, 2009


In all honesty I'm kinda babied out- my other sis just got preggers. Between my siblings and my two cousins this will be the NINTH baby to pop out averaging at least 1 every 6 months! Hmmm....I think it's just a bit there such thing as "too much of a good thing"?

My grandmaly brain is already going into convulsions trying to remember all their names and keep track of birthdays!

I am feeling terrified about Christmas...8 babies under the age of 5 in one room.

I think we should start our own family creche.

Meanwhile, Zhen slips out and does a runner...far far away! Babies mean RESPONSIBILITY, TIED DOWN, LIFE LONG BURDENS....arghhhh!

Truly Terrifying Stuff!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carpe Diem!

Say what you wanna say,
Do what you wanna do...
Cos Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal!

Love from, Miss "I missed the boat" x

Shared astrology.

It is so funny when you are constantly in touch with someone who shares your astrology...

you typically have the same kinds of is very fun to have someone to share similar life experiences with.

For twin is so quiet...I was exactly the same at her age...I was as quiet as a mouse up until the age of 16...then I squeaked a little on occasion but only found my full blown voice and subsequently started spewing verbal diarrhoea cascades to make up for lost time possibly around the age of 24...and haven't looked back since!

Part of me thinks I should go back a little cos if anything, I think it would be wiser to keep my mouth SHUT more!

And she also seems to have been affected by the "beauty-full" astrology transit...and yes, she too is a complete and utter social retard LOL!

lol coincidences and their consequences are such fun to have someone to share and laugh about with...cos everybody else just looks at you and raises an eyebrow... :p

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I was cutting up some meat today...and I just suddenly felt thoroughly disgusted...I think eventually I am headed for a life of vegetarianism...but I think it'll have to be gradual...I think I will at least get to a stage I will stop cooking meat and only eat it outside just to not be a pain in the ass for other people to accommodate me, and also not to offend the asian-ness in my family...asians love their meat!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty-Full Astrology

LOL, I thought I noticed more attention than normal these last 2 days or so...but I thought perhaps it was all in my head. But today two people I actually know complimented me on appearance. The weird part is that being my usual dero self in tshirt, jeans and flip flops, stinking of therapeutic weed and with ungroomed hat hair, I wasn't exactly sure as to how I could attribute this seemingly new found "attractiveness"...

The funniest "explanation"?

Apparently Venus has just gone into being a Scorpio, my horoscope says I will be at my peak attractiveness, LOL!

Considering I have had such minimal sleep since Tuesday night due to dental agony PLUS got overdosed with anaesthetic and pain killers and have been clasping an ice pack to my one inflamed cheek much of the day to stave off any more drug induced blurry consciousness....between the two crazy alternatives...I really have to go with the nonsensical astrology explanation....

Just imagine, if anaesthetic overdose and pain killers really did make one more aesthetically what a boon to the pharmaceutical industry!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I miss Nerds...

I discovered this guilty indulgence- reality tv show BEAUTY AND THE GEEK...absolutely hysterical!!!

Honestly, I gotta admit, it made me realise I really miss the company of sweet Hardcore Nerds and Geeks...

Unless you infiltrate a full on science research lab, I have no idea where you can find them in a general population. I guess like me probably at home staring at their laptops and downloading more fascinating information, lol, or else playing computer games. Unfortunately in my line of work people are too cool...they don't have that social awkwardness and effervescent passion for some really obscure nerdy interest like Hardcore Nerds and Geeks do...boring!

I noticed that more than anything what I am wanting most in other people is a high level of that kind of academic nerdy intelligence I've grown up with...a real challenge to find these days...students currently seem to be more into booze, partying and working to fund materially lavish lifestyles.

I also think people these days are ultra concerned with superficies and do everything to hide any signs of inner Nerdiness...I wish people would just embrace their Nerdiness! ^^ After all, people like me find Nerds so endearing...

In this city, they seem to be a dying breed though :P

Breathing through your pain.

LOL, today it occurred to me that this was a good dress rehearsal if ever I happen to have a natural labour. The breathing through your pain thing- focusing and concentrating all your qi into one part of your body and breathing through your abdomen.

I still can't feel my nose properly yet. That's how much anaesthetic I got drugged with.

The past 48 hours or so have been unbelievable all consuming pain and believe me I have had some bad pain like the time my leg got operated on down to the bone with only a topical anaesthetic....

A journey into the pain body is a whole other world...I guess it's cos it forces you into that all elusive "presence"- in any case now coming out the other end I feel incredibly detached from the normal world, like nothing else matters. So in a way it's good I can just chill out and take a much needed breather and leave the wordly worries and deadlines for another day.

And I noticed something...if you're going to have pain, TEETH pain, specifically trigeminal nerve pain has got to be one of the WORST kinds of pains to bear. This is cause it is searing and comes and such a way even constant pain is easier to handle cos at least when it is that all consuming you can just "go into it" almost like a meditation and just breathe...when it comes and goes like a wave the relativity of pain and no pain = PAIN!

So to cut a long story short...the nerve in my tooth got killed today. And I think I feel better for it. Fingers crossed x.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

People are...


So, it's that time of the year when everybody is stressed out.

It's interesting to notice how people vary in their ways of dealing...reasonable nice people like my birthday twin and I we keep it to ourselves...other, unreasonable people not only can't contain themselves but they direct it and lump it on others :p

Thank goodness I have someone with which to ride out the storm...

it is so TIRING when nobody in the world understands you.

We were cracking up over lunch reviewing the past week cos, I not being the most assertive person almost lost it yesterday when one of the rule nazis wouldn't let me satiate my basic needing FOOD cos I was getting so dizzy I was going to pass, I am really laid back but if you get in the way of my basic out- I'm just something waiting to implode...I don't get what's up with some people- they are so control freak rule nazis- they won't let you go eat, go pee...etc etc...

what the HELL is wrong with people?!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Time for a bit of a Shakeup.

I think some things are going to change around here (well not in internet space obviously)...but my's gotten a bit staid...and the holidays are coming...which means a bit of leewayto have one ;)

I'm kind of excited :)

p.s How weird I know 11 people currently in NYC- what's with that??! It's like if I went there I would know more people than I do in my own hometown! Maybe there's a case to defect hemispheres...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Close For Comfort

Maybe this is just our weird thing. My birthday twin made an interesting observation(interesting cos probably nobody else agrees but me)...that after a while if you know people too long, they get too comfortable with you, and end up telling you too much, things that were TMI(Too Much Information) and you didn't want or need to know in the first place...

I guess that's why we like to keep most people at arm's length...

It's just more comfortable that way.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a social retard, and other stories...

It struck me recently when we were talking about emotional intelligence in psych class, that I have none...and that this is typical of people who are highly intelligent in other ways...

In any case I was thinking back to before I became so busy that books governed my life...was I that much of a social retard? I'm not sure. Hence I was wondering if emotional intelligence is fluid...somehow I think that the more interaction you get the higher your EQ.

Somehow me thinks that spending all my time sticking my head in a book the past couple of years has vastly dimished my EQ...although to be honest I don't think it was ever so high to start with...I think high EQ favours extroverts or rather, people who aren't super introverts...

On another note- in a bit of an "Adventure" for me...I happened to see some pretty good looking fresh deboned ling fillets...not that I really eat fish or have ever cooked it but I guess I was feeling adventurous to try something new that day...

anycase I was shocked when two small pieces cost $16-sheesh! I am so glad I'm not a big fan of seafood...I had no idea how to cook fish so I asked my friend the daughter of a restauranteur-she had no idea except that she preferred steamed fish to fried fish...So I opted to bung the fish in my steamer- but how to flavour it??

I had to guess- So I put a little soy, a little sesame oil, a little chinese wine, some garlic, some chilli and some coriander and some salt...all in all- not bad for first time fish cooking!

I felt a bit guilty though...I didn't eat fish for the longest time from about the age of 4-22 (cos I was convinced "fish are my friends, not my food!") But now I realise it is very good for health especially for someone of my constitution...

But I think I'll go back to veggies tomorrow...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is why I fail at sushi...

I try and pack too much into it! :P

Apart from sushi, "implosion" seems to be the theme of the month...and at the moment it's centred on my brain- arghhhh!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...

or actually not sometimes...always - just yesterday my friend asked "do you ever stop thinking?"

I guess it could be taken as a compliment though especially to the rationalists ;)

In any case, sometimes I wonder who the hell are the random people who are compelled to repeatedly visit my little blog here...

Really, I'm curious to know who you are...there are a couple of repeat visits I notice every now and again from mysterious locations that I can attribute to absolutely nobody I know.

Even people I know aren't interested enough to check into my blog let alone random introverted people...really, don't be shy- say HI! I really need to find more reasons to LIKE people and if you are strange enough to keep visiting, well that's interesting and weird and intriguing enough for me ;)

Fair's fair- you know all about me, I want to know all about YOU. Yes, You. Say Hello...I need some inspiration here...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Help! Born into the wrong generation...

Where can I find some oldies to save my sanity? Please....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gee I hate this weather.

I think since last saturday night I've gotten drenched and frozen in the wind every night. So yesterday I went out into the wet actually prepared: rugged up in full blown alpine jacket and golf umbrella...what an ass! didn't even rain!!!

In any case it's been really bad for the productivity levels- today so far all I've done is procrastinate on the net, feed myself(packet tofu marinated in soy honey and garlic-delicious, with steamed organic cauliflower and broccoli), do laundry and watch a french film "il y a longtemps que je t'aime" (very good I might add)!

This is crap, cos I have so much to do but I keep putting it off until the very last moment instead of sensibly getting things done while I can's like once born a lazy pig it's like pig gets stuck inside forever!

And in any case when it's so cold I go into "bear" mode -the only things evidently worth doing are sleeping and eating.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ze World is My Oyster :)

I woke up feeling very excited about life...all the possibilities- possibilities you can only have when you have leeway to exercise a great amount of personal autonomy and freedom :)

In any case I got excited when I heard about the chance to experience life in a different part of the world, a very different part of the world, and where I could still be plying my trade...

In any case like everyone else I have no idea what the future holds but all the possibilities right now seem very exciting...and really quite diverse...only time will tell, I guess!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In times of stress, Let her eat Cake!

Since Friday my consumption has been quite admirable...

Friday: mango layered sponge cake with cream
Saturday: organic banana cake
Sunday: designer cupcakes - one belgian chocolate one coconut
Monday: organic banana cake
Tuesday: apricot jam, hazelnut and cream cake
Wednesday: purple taro cake with sago pearls
Thursday: organic banana cake.

hmmm did i miss any??

Z sure loves her cake. ^^

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Law of Unattraction

WOW. I think I should get some kind of prize for this latest discovery!!!

I noticed the more you dislike something or don't want it, it's like you seem to attract it in bucketloads!!!

What do you think- do you believe in the Law of Attraction or the Law of Unattraction?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I think I'm turning into a rabbit...and other things.

In my ideal world I would have all the time and money in the world to cater to my every foodie whim day in day out...oh and I'd have a 24-7 supermarket and deli on hand attached to my home ;)

So, since all the schoolies have gone crazy with vegetarianism and veganism I've definitely gotten on the bandwagon and severely increased my veggie intake which has been really really good...the only problem is when you eat say 1/2kilo or more of a variety of veggies each day that is a lot of painstaking constant shopping for fresh produce...

I think when feasible I definitely need to plant an organic veggie patch cos this is not cheap eating so many organic veggies and having to buy them!

In "other things" has it ever occurred to you everybody in the world seems to look the same? It's kinda freaking me out!!!

I had as much of a "sanity day" to myself as I'm gonna get just to R&R today so it's been good...oh, just to recap on a good day of eating...

loose leaf green tea with organic goji berries
thai fish cakes with green bean and salad...
honey and mustard kettle chips
Le petit ecolier 45% dark chocolate biscuits
orange juice
organic pizza base with cheese swiss browns and shredded sweet potato (wow these high end pre-prepared products are quite impressive...expensive too but quite worth it!)
Red papaya
More salad...we're talking carrots, lettuce, sprouted mung beans, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa

and we'll see if I can get off my ass to bake more organic banana cake...after I watch a movie :)

oh wait, i still have black sticky rice and thai custard I should finish :)

Long weekends are great...they sure make for Happy Bellies^^!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Student Life is Hard

And so it comes to that time of the year(again) when my home resembles a vast cacophony of papers and books strewn EVERYWHERE.

A nightmare for the neat freaks...and not ideal...but hey, I'm kind of used to it by now. No point cleaning cos that's the way it's gotta be for "peak" season of the next 1.5 months.

It's to be considered doing well that I'm eating home cooked food and managing to do the laundry...