Saturday, October 3, 2009

I think I'm turning into a rabbit...and other things.

In my ideal world I would have all the time and money in the world to cater to my every foodie whim day in day out...oh and I'd have a 24-7 supermarket and deli on hand attached to my home ;)

So, since all the schoolies have gone crazy with vegetarianism and veganism I've definitely gotten on the bandwagon and severely increased my veggie intake which has been really really good...the only problem is when you eat say 1/2kilo or more of a variety of veggies each day that is a lot of painstaking constant shopping for fresh produce...

I think when feasible I definitely need to plant an organic veggie patch cos this is not cheap eating so many organic veggies and having to buy them!

In "other things" has it ever occurred to you everybody in the world seems to look the same? It's kinda freaking me out!!!

I had as much of a "sanity day" to myself as I'm gonna get just to R&R today so it's been good...oh, just to recap on a good day of eating...

loose leaf green tea with organic goji berries
thai fish cakes with green bean and salad...
honey and mustard kettle chips
Le petit ecolier 45% dark chocolate biscuits
orange juice
organic pizza base with cheese swiss browns and shredded sweet potato (wow these high end pre-prepared products are quite impressive...expensive too but quite worth it!)
Red papaya
More salad...we're talking carrots, lettuce, sprouted mung beans, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa

and we'll see if I can get off my ass to bake more organic banana cake...after I watch a movie :)

oh wait, i still have black sticky rice and thai custard I should finish :)

Long weekends are great...they sure make for Happy Bellies^^!


HappyOrganist said...

sounds expensive.

Yes, everybody does look the same.
I should see if I can find this joke my dad showed me a while back.
Ah, here it is: celebs in utah. It's not quite as funny as I remember it. (I wonder if I somehow saw a different slide-show the first time around.)

koala brains said...

You're making me hungry!!!

Have you noticed the more veggies you eat, the tastier they become?