Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breathing through your pain.

LOL, today it occurred to me that this was a good dress rehearsal if ever I happen to have a natural labour. The breathing through your pain thing- focusing and concentrating all your qi into one part of your body and breathing through your abdomen.

I still can't feel my nose properly yet. That's how much anaesthetic I got drugged with.

The past 48 hours or so have been unbelievable all consuming pain and believe me I have had some bad pain like the time my leg got operated on down to the bone with only a topical anaesthetic....

A journey into the pain body is a whole other world...I guess it's cos it forces you into that all elusive "presence"- in any case now coming out the other end I feel incredibly detached from the normal world, like nothing else matters. So in a way it's good I can just chill out and take a much needed breather and leave the wordly worries and deadlines for another day.

And I noticed something...if you're going to have pain, TEETH pain, specifically trigeminal nerve pain has got to be one of the WORST kinds of pains to bear. This is cause it is searing and comes and such a way even constant pain is easier to handle cos at least when it is that all consuming you can just "go into it" almost like a meditation and just breathe...when it comes and goes like a wave the relativity of pain and no pain = PAIN!

So to cut a long story short...the nerve in my tooth got killed today. And I think I feel better for it. Fingers crossed x.


Franko Gnedo said...

I can relate to your pain. My pain is from a broken color. There is both the constant pain and the occasional sudden extreme pain. But tooth nerve pain oohhhh :(

But I think we often think this is the worst pain I've had. Like this is the worst hangover I've had :)

I hope you read my blog and find it interesting.

miruspeg said...

Shannon is going to FREAK out when she read this!!!
Sounds like you have been to hell and back poor bugger!

That's why I hate going to the dentist, they hurt you in the mouth and the hip pocket.

Hope you NEVER have to go through so much pain ever again.


mscherrylane said...

Shan and Pegs,

Don't misinterpret the benefits- the DENTIST SAVED MY LIFE!!! The pain was excruciating- how it came in burning waves reminds me of how a fire sweeps over and cinders an entire scrub...enough to make a grown man tear up!

Now that THE DENTIST killed my nerve...thank god I can breathe, eat, sleep, think straight again. Having not been able to sleep/do anything since Tuesday night I was really getting a bit delirious there...

miruspeg said...

OK this time the dentist is the good guy! :)

Evil Shannanigans said...


And Im getting gassed for a routine cleaning. I guess you have bigger balls than me :)