Thursday, October 22, 2009

I miss Nerds...

I discovered this guilty indulgence- reality tv show BEAUTY AND THE GEEK...absolutely hysterical!!!

Honestly, I gotta admit, it made me realise I really miss the company of sweet Hardcore Nerds and Geeks...

Unless you infiltrate a full on science research lab, I have no idea where you can find them in a general population. I guess like me probably at home staring at their laptops and downloading more fascinating information, lol, or else playing computer games. Unfortunately in my line of work people are too cool...they don't have that social awkwardness and effervescent passion for some really obscure nerdy interest like Hardcore Nerds and Geeks do...boring!

I noticed that more than anything what I am wanting most in other people is a high level of that kind of academic nerdy intelligence I've grown up with...a real challenge to find these days...students currently seem to be more into booze, partying and working to fund materially lavish lifestyles.

I also think people these days are ultra concerned with superficies and do everything to hide any signs of inner Nerdiness...I wish people would just embrace their Nerdiness! ^^ After all, people like me find Nerds so endearing...

In this city, they seem to be a dying breed though :P


Franko Gnedo said...

Yes I agree they do seem to be increasingly rare. If you have an IT branch you might find one or maybe a Star Trek group.

I really liked the way you described nerds and nerdiness :)

HappyOrganist said...

oh, I don't think it's a dying breed - I think they're all (like you said) just inside somewhere (up next to their computers).

They can't be that hard to find, though.
Go to a college library or something. or lab.
yeah - actually that's a great idea.

Although, a lot of 'em might be at home (already owning their own computers).

oh, I know. Go join a gaming group. (some of 'em are nerds. Maybe a lot of them are).