Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notes to Self and Other Random Musings...

Just documenting this snapshot in time...cos if Grannies don't write down EVERYTHING now they already forgot! Or week the picture may look very different already, hahaha ADD girl!

#I Love Wakame. Must Remember to eat it more often...considering it takes 12 hours pre-soaking...need to plan in advance!

# Resolve to:
-STOP GETTING CAUGHT OUT IN JAMMIES. LOL old people and friendly tradies have this annoying habit of calling by too early in the morning without prior warning...
-Need to get more limber again by getting back into yoga....I think the cold turned my body into a tree...trunk!
-Let go of remnant perfectionistic & overly anti-social loner tendencies...

#Chuffed about:
-Acquiring my very first ladder...LOL! The whole tradie vibe is totally rubbing off on me and I love how much and how quickly I'm learning by being a fly on the wall...picking up some "handy" tips and feeling slightly less book-nerdish and slightly more useful/self-sufficient=very satisfying!

-The Big Oversize Wooden Spoon and Fork my mum gave me from our childhood home...I place them towering over the dining demarcate the most important area of the house lol...due to sheer size...they are definitely "statement" items...this girl loves to EAT! :D

#Current Food in production inventory:
-carrots, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, lemons, radishes, garlic, spring onion, coriander, dill, spinach, red and green lettuce, rocket, mint
ASPIRE TO ADD: passionfruit, beans, sweet potato leaves, zucchini, squash, basil, parsley, bak choy, silverbeet, celery, cucumber...did I miss anything?!! Growing one's on food is suddenly a very much needed lesson in PATIENCE...

-People who always take and never give, psyllids, negative, dishonest & lack self-esteem people with victim mentalities, people whose beliefs sway according to popular opinion, polyester, bills, chemical aerosols.

#Loving: Children of God with the Spirit, Easy going good natured understanding humanitarian people, people over the age of 40, Earthing, Nature, my Sanctuary, Birds that sunbake & nest in my front yard, my space, my freedom, my leather soled and handmade shoes :)

#Challenging my tolerance: Stinky boys completely unaware of their whiff that insist on sitting next to you even though there are available nearby adjacent seats.

#Admiration&Respect: People that make an honest collar manual labourers and people that can survive practically in the world and don't need to resort to unethical practices to succeed in their jobs or make money...particularly those able to be completely self sufficient...hence my continual fascination ;)

#Dreaming of: living on an acreage with pet chickens that lay fresh eggs...and doing the whole self-sustainable thing...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lounge Lizard

The sun is finally spreading its warm rays out and about more frequently and with much greater intensity...Thus I have turned into a bit of a lounge lizard...baking in the sun trying to recuperate enough energy lost during the cold of night to move.

I'm not sure if a lizard or a slug is more appropriate...I guess before the sun came out I've felt like a SLUG for the most of winter...or even a's been so cold dark and damp!

Today I felt great satisfaction with being able to HARVEST the fresh fruits of my labours!!! Who can ever eat second rate produce from supermarkets ever again...

Apart from that I REALLY like OLD people. They are just so understanding, wise, calm, stable, reliable...only downside is they wake up WAAAAY too early.

I got a really exciting idea yesterday...but couldn't keep it to myself so blabbed it to my birthday twin...She gave me the A-okay. Actually surprisingly, my mother actually approves too...if it happens you will slowly see it creep into the's really very DRASTIC especially knowing me...

But anyway I like to keep some things *secret* cos everyone else keeps them from me! :P That was for you...V-Z! :p

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not cut out to be a....

So this is kinda interesting...I did something pretty unusual today. I woke up tired of wearing out the leather soles of my pretty Handmade Brazilian found enough drive to go about making my own leather houseslippers! So I finally got around to tackling that difficult task of ...with mere thread&needle, leather scrap, a pair of scissors, and a pair of pliers...

So I finally have a right shoe. *Phew! Who knew shoemaking could be so tiring...I am friggin exhausted...and my head actually HURTS from all that concentration and my body aches from all that physical labour. I think that one slipper took almost 5 hours...and that was as a rough prototype quality experimenting from scratch, lol I don't even know how to sew...hence with sheer bravado I was half way to attempt to cut a paper pattern first but then I just thought eh stuff it...that is the way I I made it up along the way...not very fact I am so ADD-like that I had no discipline or interest to sew neatly or was too boring so I stitched "creatively" and cut as I pleased(cos I always NEED to add my own individualised creative license it actually turned out...reasonably functional and okay looking...kinda like a dark brown Birkenstock slipper! And the best part is it's ALL leather!

So anyway...I'm just waiting for a day I have enough energy to have finished a pair...after that I think I'm throwing in the towel...I'm not cut out to be a shoemaker!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Little Bubble

One good friend is better than a mass of crap ones...thus Miss Piggy and Kermit, Smurf and Smurfette, Cowboy and CitySlicker. Not lacking problematic issues by ANY MEANS but all the chosen cheer and good humour ping pong reverberates and amplifies nicely :D For that I am thankful. In an era of such negativity and negative people, it's good that some people can still laugh and smile.

On some trivial random notes...cos I love my signature random trivial musings:

after having not touched a Tim Tam in a significant period...I can honestly say that just one makes me feel like my mouth and teeth are rotting a thousand times over-eeek!

The other thing that I found disagreeable today was finding my hedges all TOTALLED by some icky little systemic bug that makes ugly bulbous infectious looking pustules all over the leaves...what a dilemma to CHEMICALLY SPRAY OR NOT TO SPRAY and let nature be nature? yuck yuck yuck.

One thing that is making me sadistically giggle somewhat is how much single men and single women seem to despise and detest and treat each other badly as a whole...I just find it so ironic that for the most part the two want to be so much together yet can't help but be poles and poles apart like magnetic repulsion. I am glad to not be part of the scene...

I'm finding myself wondering, wanting to know more about Rudolf Steiner...I must remember to borrow a book to read more about his life...

Another thought today was that LIFE would YOU complete this sentence?

For me it goes like this...LIFE IS....ONE NEVER ENDING TO-DO LIST!!! I think the only way to make peace with the unfinishable is to just be happy to say aim to cross five things off the list that is constantly dynamically burgeoning with new things each day...cos otherwise...there just never IS enough time! I was calculating the hours I clock up attempting to keep my house in check and i was thinking sheesh....even being a so-so "housewife" is a seriously full time job!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dirty Pretty Things

I really liked this movie. I think it's good for idealists to see these kinds of "reality" movies...cos in lucky progressive countries we often forget what SOME people are having to go through. I'm so sick of really heavy negative people though....even lucky countries are full of broken people with heaps of issues. Maybe it's escapist or maybe I've indulged too much of it already, but I 'm tired of these kinds of I happily avoid them...maybe I do prefer the people who save you the hassle and at least act cheerful no matter what!

I especially liked the opening instrumentals and the credits song...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Constitutes a REAL Christian anyway?

This is the big thought niggling me lately. I look around at people that call themselves Christians, people that attend church...they often don't always meet what I think constitutes a Christian. Most modern Christians I think are "pick and choose" Christians. Most fallen Christians are people that believe if God is omnipotent why did he let them suffer? Therefore he must not exist or he doesn't care about me so I don't care for him is what I often hear. I am so tired of these people who blame all their misfortunes on God without realising that suffering is an inherent part of human existence. Partly though I can't understand how people have such a shallow understanding of God...or maybe it is because Knowing God requires having a real relationship and not just being sent to Sunday school?

The Norwegian terrorist is identified as "Christian" but how can acts of murder be called Christian?

There is so much hypocrisy. Then all the factionism. No wonder there is so much disillusionment with Christianity these days. I understand why if you say you are a Christian alot of the time people's eyes narrow and look at you distrustfully. I think in this modern world...alot of people are messed up and Christians aren't immune.

It IS nice though those very rare few times you meet REAL Christians...I don't know if it's something that can necessarily be "defined" in these modern ages's rather more perhaps like an energy that people radiate...that of the Holy Spirit...but then apparently not every Christian has the Holy Spirit permanently indwelling in them either...does that make them not a real Christian? I don't's all very confusing.

I happened across a passage in the bible describing the end mentioned "famine and earthquakes"...seems like we're in the midst of them then...

Friday, July 22, 2011

People often wonder...

Why I'm Single...

So I had a think about it and this was the best I could come up with...

1. I'm FUSSY and don't want to settle for substandard, want an EQUAL or preferably someone more admirable.

2. I'm attracted to just about NOBODY in this country.

3. I've always been far removed from the rest of society so don't meet many people.

4. I don't feel I need any more COMPLICATION to my life.

5. I kinda like my personal space and time....and not good with others cramping my style...

6. I already met the Twin Flame! :)

So if those are not good reasons I don't know what are...

And apart from that maybe when you are close to God you just don't really feel any "voids" that need to be filled in your life :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I just keep surprising...myself! LOL

No...not like I hide behind a wall scream *peekaboo*, film it, and then watch it and collapse in giggles, LOL!!!

But just in terms of how I keep evolving...and finding out new things about myself that I just would never have guessed maybe even just a few months ago...

Today I saw a really great film WALK ON WATER...combining the best of two strange affinity for German everything & interest in German history, as well as the beautiful holy country of Israel...

I thought the film was a kind of BRIDGE in a way...which perhaps resonates with how I am...

In any case one revelation I had recently is that I feel a special draw to Israel lately which I found surprising...for many years now my Korean friend has been expressing to me her "Heart for Israel & the Middle East"...I never understood! I'm not sure if I have this same "Heart" but I'm definitely feeling a draw and interest for Israel that I have never had before...interested enough to want to visit(if I did fly that is).

Other things that I have found surprisingly in recent times...

I CAN'T STAND. cold. wet and windy. I used to be a hate the heat my old age, it seems I've done a 180....balmy please come soon enough!!!

I actually ENJOY domesticity...I like pottering around the, trying to keep the place nice etc...I actually suddenly got interested in aesthetics...I enjoy expensive things...

Suddenly I see that I could easily BE that Lady of Leisure which I never had any respect for and thought was the lowest kind of low in terms of a future I could see for myself...

It's bizarre it's like a completely new me...who I don't know and am starting to discover...not sure if I like her-I guess I don't have a choice- definitely she's surprising me!!!

BUT. Don't get too excited I'm not giving up my well worn comfy hippie dero self anytime soon!!! That would just be too drastic- Grandma wouldn't be able to deal with such a jarring shock to the system. I guess I'll be the ultimate polarity...harmony in contradiction :)

No wonder Asian Women are in Such High Demand

I mean, could you ASK for a better wife??!

Okay if you live in a cave and missed it, here's why.

Makes me proud to be asian and female. Not to mention she's gorgeous and has serious brains too...

Okay, an aside...maybe this is taking the admiration a bit TOO far...LOL

I was asked recently if I would ever want know me...I'm NOT a fan of them...however I did reply that if I did it would be purely for superficial reasons...Eurasian ones LOOK GOOD and have the best genes etc so smart etc etc... Wendi's are a great example!!! Doesn't mean I'm going to entertain that natural affinity for OLD MEN tho!!!! *LOL*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss PIGGY!!!

Yup, this is Me!

Tonight I stuffed my belly so full I couldn't even arch my back even a little bit for a stretch as it was stretching my front fibres too much for comfort *LOL*.

Lately, not sure why but the food obsessiveness is not just in me...seem to have been talking diet therapy a lot lately and even M is taking up a cool diet and even more amazing...taking to the KITCHEN to cook himself EVEN THOUGH HE HAS A MAID!!! Well Done. It's about time 30yr old men became more able to look after themselves...LOL

Next time you're in town I expect that TINOLA to be mastered! I will even let you use my kitchen!!!!

It's still wet, cold and raining....Good weather for DVDs^^...I saw this amazing farming tale based on a true story...Bryce Courtenay's I was up till after 4am watching it!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


This is my new like? ;)

I coined it when I was describing my birthday twin and made us get off quite a few stops too early to make her walk like is good to move her qi! LOL

But now I have fallen prey myself to Blob-aholism...cos it's SO. DAMN. COLD. Literally I've turned into a blobaholic out of conserve energy. If I don't eat SH*tloads and am not idle I just keep seriously looooosing weight! Cos my body is literally drawing on any fat reserves I manage to stock up JUST to keep warm!

It's completely unbelievable how continously wet and cold and icy windchill this year has been...I was born in a tropical I get older the more and more I feel I belong back in one!

Okay end of whinge. It was an interesting whinge though or at least I presented it interestingly, right? ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

City Hectic

I was in the city three times in almost as many days...I ended up seeing pretty much ALL my friends, not even by plan...

I am still recuperating....tiiiiiired. (Okay okay, part of the reason was cos I overindulged in all the amazing food especially SWEET TREATS available in the city....)

I think maybe I am so used to the slow life now that is all I am good for? Good thing I'm in a retirement village, I guess! LOL

p.s i finally harvested my all of 3 organic radishes lol...very unimpressive small looking bulbs but WOW WHAT FLAVOUR. CRISPY CRUNCHY....I'm a total "Grow your own" convert!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm an Old Man SNOB...Totally.

I met my friend's new boyfriend tonight...age 3-4. I think I couldn't hide my distinct lack of "impressed"...cos what instinctively comes to mind almost always when faced with men under 40 is..."C-H-I-L-D".

I don't like being a's just become my immediate gut instant reaction. Sadly, even some men and even some women in their forties are like children...really, you can't judge someone by their number....I just have not met a mature, easy to respect YOUNGER than forty something male for a very. long. time.

I lucked in and saw three good friends today and was in touch with just about all for whatever reason today. It was fun to see my 8 years younger b'day twin- yikes she is exactly turning into me...however even I don't remember being SO OLD etc at her age...tis a real worry!

p.s I'm turning into a full blown latest project is...MAKING MY OWN SHOES! *wow*...coooool. and the girl doesn't even know how to sew...hi-lar-i-ous! should be fun :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Green Thumb

I finally have one...well, how hard is it to grow RADISHES?

lol...I can't wait for the weather to warm up and to establish my very own VEGGIE patch :D

Today I took advantage of the great weather and spent the whole day in the sun and fresh clean air...I consolidated my edible far this includes...herbs dill, basil, coriander...carrots, radishes, spring onions, garlic chives, lettuce and a hopeful, pumpkin, celery and spinach?

Oh and I have to wait 2 years for my lemon tree to fruit.

Other ideas in the pipeline are passionfruit, beans, peas and tomatoes and maybe even strawberries...but let's not get too carried away just yet.

Okay now I'm going all out homebody (cos it's FUN) and spend all my spare time in home improvements. Today I climbed a ladder for a handy purpose for the first time ever and I felt a very satisfying sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT. I think one thing with this tradie handyman dense area is that the vibe is CONTAGIOUS!!! I'm such a WannaBe....I know.

A very contented one....ahhh who said it?

My Home is a Sanctuary ^^!

p.s I just got one layer more fussy high maintenance and unaffordable...LOL...apart from only eating organics and using natural chemical free products, this has now extended to I am phasing out synthetic fibres...WOW how crazy is it that NATURAL FIBRES cost a BOMB! I got all 100% wool things the other day- even 50% off the dent was rather hefty. Now my latest challenge is non synthetic shoes...just about all soles are once you want leather soles...that's talking HIGH END fashion...yikes. I think my ex husband may have known deep down I would end up this way...I've always even inadvertently&ignorantly, always had VERY EXPENSIVE taste, innately. I will no longer deny I am a HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRL! LOL

Lucky I don't buy or wear makeup friend owns a car worth of that crap in her bedroom-NO JOKE.

p.p.s it did also occur to me lately I better not so flagrantly talk to VEGANS, or I might be asking for it!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Christian family

I remember as an outsider I used to look upon this behaviour as "exclusivist" I'm on the other side I realise there is a real need for every Christian to have one. I'm not sure why not everyone can see God or has a God awareness. Maybe it is that thing that people throw around that "receiving a calling" business, as faith is definitely a gift which seems to only be given to a chosen group, or maybe it is only given to people that knocked. Maybe this atmosphere for the year can be explained by that thought that whatever you find yourself doing on the first day of a New Year, that's what characterizes the entire year to come...

On January 1 I was at a nunnery for the first time....amongst a whole bunch of pure uncorrupted spirit...blessed by the Grace of God. These are the only people I feel drawn to lately-cos other people just don't "get it"... so I'm happier in the company of the animals and the plants and the Earth...

Lately most people feel like draining buzz...I guess the losing touch with normal society least that is something that has always been fairly familiar, lol...

I'm Hungry...

for what exactly, I don't know. This I don't know business seems to be the name of the game recently...Or maybe it is not so much I don't know as I have NO IDEA. But whatever the case for all that stillness on the top of the ocean I feel that big things are stirring at the depths...

If you had to ask me to describe or even give you a clue as to WHAT, like I said, I DON'T KNOW!!!

p.s Maybe I made a new friend today -she's 57. I think my other friend is 55. And my other friend is 42. I'm still not cracking that elusive within 10 year goal...oops, I guess I need a smack.