Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notes to Self and Other Random Musings...

Just documenting this snapshot in time...cos if Grannies don't write down EVERYTHING now they already forgot! Or week the picture may look very different already, hahaha ADD girl!

#I Love Wakame. Must Remember to eat it more often...considering it takes 12 hours pre-soaking...need to plan in advance!

# Resolve to:
-STOP GETTING CAUGHT OUT IN JAMMIES. LOL old people and friendly tradies have this annoying habit of calling by too early in the morning without prior warning...
-Need to get more limber again by getting back into yoga....I think the cold turned my body into a tree...trunk!
-Let go of remnant perfectionistic & overly anti-social loner tendencies...

#Chuffed about:
-Acquiring my very first ladder...LOL! The whole tradie vibe is totally rubbing off on me and I love how much and how quickly I'm learning by being a fly on the wall...picking up some "handy" tips and feeling slightly less book-nerdish and slightly more useful/self-sufficient=very satisfying!

-The Big Oversize Wooden Spoon and Fork my mum gave me from our childhood home...I place them towering over the dining demarcate the most important area of the house lol...due to sheer size...they are definitely "statement" items...this girl loves to EAT! :D

#Current Food in production inventory:
-carrots, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, lemons, radishes, garlic, spring onion, coriander, dill, spinach, red and green lettuce, rocket, mint
ASPIRE TO ADD: passionfruit, beans, sweet potato leaves, zucchini, squash, basil, parsley, bak choy, silverbeet, celery, cucumber...did I miss anything?!! Growing one's on food is suddenly a very much needed lesson in PATIENCE...

-People who always take and never give, psyllids, negative, dishonest & lack self-esteem people with victim mentalities, people whose beliefs sway according to popular opinion, polyester, bills, chemical aerosols.

#Loving: Children of God with the Spirit, Easy going good natured understanding humanitarian people, people over the age of 40, Earthing, Nature, my Sanctuary, Birds that sunbake & nest in my front yard, my space, my freedom, my leather soled and handmade shoes :)

#Challenging my tolerance: Stinky boys completely unaware of their whiff that insist on sitting next to you even though there are available nearby adjacent seats.

#Admiration&Respect: People that make an honest collar manual labourers and people that can survive practically in the world and don't need to resort to unethical practices to succeed in their jobs or make money...particularly those able to be completely self sufficient...hence my continual fascination ;)

#Dreaming of: living on an acreage with pet chickens that lay fresh eggs...and doing the whole self-sustainable thing...


JJ Beazley said...

Interesting, but I think you should exercise more circumspection where farmers are concerned. Apart from all the other things I could list, I haven't met one yet who was anywhere close to self-sufficiency - or even had any interest in the concept. You must have noticed that agriculture has given way to agri-business.

Franko Gnedo said...

your dream sounds very cool. Just add not far from a beach with waves and i think you would have my dream covered as well!

A tip about growing your vegies is to grow more than you need so that snails and other bugs can have some as well without causing you a problem. When you find snails in your vegie garden just pick them and move them far away.

Another tip related to growing more than you need is to let some plants go to seed. Then next season you will find many new vegeies poping up with out you planting them. They then choose their own right time to sprout and it feels even more natural to have vegeies growing like wild flowers in your garden :)

I recommend chickens they make such cool relaxing sounds and it makes me feel happy watching them scratch around and expore.

Zz... said...

OK FG well I'm in the right area just need to find someone that knows how to do green thumb stuff & look after an acreage and animals! So tempting to get two pet chickens...but not confident that I would be able to look after them...last thing I want to deal with is bloody chicken attacked by local wildlife...still traumatised from the time my aunty lopped the head off one in asia and I heard it running around without a head...and then found several bowls of "blood jelly" when I opened the fridge... asians are sooo barbaric, lol...

I'm going it tough with pots at the moment...need gardening lessons one on one today i peeked at a was pale yellow...apparently they like light soils...need a lot of internet research right now :P I was chuffed to find a worm in my box of