Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss PIGGY!!!

Yup, this is Me!

Tonight I stuffed my belly so full I couldn't even arch my back even a little bit for a stretch as it was stretching my front fibres too much for comfort *LOL*.

Lately, not sure why but the food obsessiveness is not just in me...seem to have been talking diet therapy a lot lately and even M is taking up a cool diet and even more amazing...taking to the KITCHEN to cook himself EVEN THOUGH HE HAS A MAID!!! Well Done. It's about time 30yr old men became more able to look after themselves...LOL

Next time you're in town I expect that TINOLA to be mastered! I will even let you use my kitchen!!!!

It's still wet, cold and raining....Good weather for DVDs^^...I saw this amazing farming tale based on a true story...Bryce Courtenay's I was up till after 4am watching it!!!

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